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Drupal as an enterprise web framework

Http://   I was recently asked to take a look at the Google appengine, as a possible host for a web app. one major drawback for me is that it's currently limited to only running

Drupal Common development Tools (ii)--drupal for Firebug

There are many development tools for Drupal, and Drupal for Firebug is also an important Drupal development tool in addition to the Devel modules mentioned in the Drupal Common development tools (a)--devel module.Please note that Drupal for Firebug

Common concepts of Drupal community documentation

Last Updated November 4, 2015. Created on April 1, 2005. Edit Mgosur,mrchone,[email protected],dcdenison. Log on to edit this page. The article discusses some general concepts that will be useful when you start exploring Drupal. For these concepts,

Detailed tutorial on using Drupal7 with Varnish and integrating the drupal module

Varnish is a high-performance open-source HTTP accelerator that is relatively complex to use, especially when used with drupal. Now let's record the detailed settings for Drupal7 with Varnish. tutorial preparation environment first install a brand

Build a Aicache Drupal test environment

one. The establishment of LAMP Environment   To run the Drupal system, first you need to have a platform to run PHP and Mysql database, the most common is the combination of linux+apache+mysql+php, this information on the internet there are many,

[Drupal] Notes on some common theme Functions

Drupal is an excellent open-source CMS. Its topic template customization function is also very powerful. Yesterday, I wrote functions commonly used in joomla templates. Of course, Drupal is indispensable. When developing modules, you don't have to

Using multiple templates [Drupal CMS]

This is the third article in the series of packpub Drupal theming articles from their new book Drupal 6 themes-Using multiple templates in Drupal 6. Most advanced sites built today employ multiple page templates. In this section, we will look at the

Detailed tutorial on using Drupal7 with Varnish and integrating the drupal module

Prepare the environmentFirst, install a brand new Drupal. We recommend that you use drush to install Drupal quickly.First, create a database and remember the user and password.### Enter mysqlMysql-uroot-pCreate database 'mydb' character set utf8

Drupal system Cache practices

Drupal Tutorial: Application of Cache in drupalDrupal itself executes php code in multiple layers, which results in a large amount of time for it to output content. Cache is a key technology that maximizes drupal performance. Before deciding on the

Drupal simplified Chinese language pack installation tutorial, drupal installation tutorial _ PHP Tutorial

Drupal simplified Chinese language pack installation tutorial, drupal installation tutorial. Drupal simplified Chinese language pack installation tutorial, drupal installation tutorial: localize. drupal. orgtranslatedownloads, download the latest

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