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Download the new version of admob google-play-services_lib and admob demo, admob

Download the new version of admob google-play-services_lib and admob demo, admob Recently the company's APP to upgrade admob, found that admob does not provide a separate JAR package, but to use the google-play-services_lib library to solve, but when the potholes

Run your PhoneGap build application with AdMob

With the recent PhoneGap build changes, we can now use all the plugins listed in, as well as plugins on the This means that we have now entered AdMob plugins, which will allow us to integrate AdMob with the PhoneGap build application.AdMob will allow ads to appear on users ' mobile apps, show them and earn revenue – how AdS

Live Wallpaper Set to add AdMob ads

use OpenGL es in a dynamic wallpaper, refer to this article: one or two things about using OpenGL es in Android. Join AdMob Ads Above all is nonsense, I want to say this time the topic is how to add AdMob advertisement in the Wallpaper setting interface, the thing that completes very much, always want to mean, add an advertisement is impossible thing. Unlike the general activity, it is not possible to j

How to embed AdMob ads into your HTML5 iOS game using the PHONEGAP program

If you don't have an AdMob account, sign up for an AdMob account first.Click on the "Monetize new app" button.If it is a new application that you still want to publish, select the "Add your app manually" tab, name your app, select Platform–ios in this case, and then click "Add App" to select the ad form, like you showed how to create an interstitial ad, Give it a name and save it, and the process is the sam

Developer: Summary of AdMob's personal experience

Advertisement quality on his website. 4. Payment Rules AdMob directly uses PayPal or check. Generally, if you are not in the miguo, PayPal is the first choice (check requires a certain amount of service fees). The payment cycle is similar to that of Google Adsense, payment for the previous month, for example, in early, just received the advertising revenue for the first month, and the revenue for the sec

Start AdMob advertising profit model detailed tutorial

It took a whole day to study how to make money by adding AdMob ads to Android applications. There are also some tutorials on the Internet, but they are not detailed enough and you have to spend time exploring them. In order to allow later users to start AdMob advertising to make money faster, write a detailed tutorial for your reference. ExampleSource code download address:Download source codeOf course, I h

AdMob advertising profit model detailed tutorial

I saw a detailed tutorial on AdMob's advertising profit model on the Internet. It feels good. Hey, I moved it for your reference. Before that, you don't need any account. The only thing you need is a valid email address. As long as you follow the steps below, you can make money by inserting the AdMob advertisement into your own program! First, you must register an AdMob account.

Add Google Admob-1/2 to iOS platform (7 from Unity3D Development)

Add Google Admob-1/2 to iOS platform (7 from Unity3D Development) The call to iOS by Unity is still very simple. In the free time of the night, unity loads Google Admob on the IOS platform. You can check it out. I. First write the iOS code of Admob.Please go to to download iOS Admob SDK and register app id. If you are not familiar with t

Add Google Admob and iosadmob to the iOS platform

Add Google Admob and iosadmob to the iOS platform Monkey original, reprinted. Reprinted Please note:Reposted from Cocos2D Development Thank you! Original article address:Http:// /? P = 567 The call to iOS by Unity is still very simple. In the free time of the night, unity loads Google Admob on the IOS platform. You can check it out. I. First write the iOS code of Ad

Android Google AdMob AD Access sample

Android Google AdMob AD Access sample[TOC] First of all, please rest assured that, although Google search and other services have been Qiang, but advertising services can be used at home, is really a celebration AH ~ ~ ~ Poof! In fact, this article is only a record of my access to AdMob process, more specific in fact, the official Google to more detailed (map and video and GitHub demo sample, e

AdMob's Android App Add (Unity,eclipse can)

1. Register your AdMob account number and get the ID website. 2. Download Admob sdk 3. Import the Eclipse AdMob jar. 4. I use the 4.3.1 version, which requires SDK3.2 version of the file of the target =android-13, if not change the configuration in

Unity3d Android app embedded in AdMob ads bar

Original address: like the using a simple Android JAR files inside a Unity Android project are not such a simple thing to do. I finally managed to get the ADMOB working in an existing Unity Android game. For this example I is using Unity for Windows version 3.5.2 and the latest Android plugin for Eclipse.PrerequisitesI assume that there is a working installation of Eclipse with

Google AdMob ads Android all 1

First, login to Google AdMob website:, registered account.1. Click Sign up for AdMob account2, enter the Google Account registration page, because to create an AdMob account, you must first have a Google accountIf you already have a Google words, you can directly log in, if not, to regis

iOS Dev adds AdMob ads to your APP-introduction and programming Tips

ObjectiveWhile advertising in the app is a low-level commercial way of making money, for individual developers or small team developers, it's easy to make a free gadget (with a chestnut) and add some ads to it, and if you use more people, you can bring some decent income. The user did not pay, got the convenience, the developer also got the return:)I personally chose the AdMob platform to serve ads in the app based on money considerations and trust in

iOS platform add Google ADMOB-2/2 (Unity3d Development VIII)

Monkey Original, welcome reprint. Reprint Please specify: reproduced from COCOS2D Development network –, thank you!Original address: the previous article, I wrote the interface implementation of iOS AdMob. So what we're going to do now is call iOS AdMob in unity and show it.First, to achieve unity in the external interface, internal responsibility to call the i

AdMob AD Usage Process

First, registered Keymob aggregation platform: registered Keymob (;Embed Keymob SDK: Upload your app name to Keymob aggregation, get keymob SDK Key, download Keymob SDK (Android or iOS), embed the SDK into your app as described in the Keymob aggregation platform documentation;Iii. Sign up for AdMob ads: Sign up for AdMob ads to get your AdMob

Unity: Display AdMob banner in an existing Android game scene

about how to display AdMob banners on an existing Android project site, using a simple Android jar file in an Android project doesn't seem like a simple thing. I finally managed to get AdMob to unify the Android game at the current job. For this example, I used the unified Windows version 3.5.2 and the latest eclipse for Android plugin.PrerequisiteI assume you have an eclipse plugin that works on your PC to

Mixed Use of IAD and AdMob

When IAD and AdMob are mixed, AdMob is used when the IAD cannot be received. Once the IAD is received, the AdMob is closed. This enables AdMob in countries that do not support IAD. The country does not need to be judged. The judgment method has three main items:1. Request Both IAD and AdMob2. If you receive an iad, tur

Android Development 55:google AD Platform AdMob Access summary

The main channels of app monetization are advertising, value-added services, online trading. Recent projects need to be connected to Google's AdMob ad platform, which is a summary for other developers to refer to.The first step: Download Google Play services Lib via Android SDK manager, how to download, Baidu, to download the other people provideOnce downloaded, reference the LIB project to the test project study to invoke the API for Google Play serv

Add Admob with Cocos2d-x on IOS

Add Admob with Cocos2d-x on IOS(2013-02-27 14:12:00)reproduced Tags:C=blogq=itby=tag "target=" _blank "style=" text-decoration:none; Color:rgb (62,115,160); White-space:nowrap ">it 1. Download AdMob, setup your account2. Add AdMob to Xcode project. You need:-Add LIBGOOGLEADMOBADS.A to bundle libraries-Create a group and add

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