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Adobe Acrobat 9.0 "PDFMaker cannot find a print driver for Adobe PDF Printer" solution _adobe

" appears when you change Office documents. "Problem Solving" To search for answers online, there are generally two solutions to start printer services or modify the PATH environment variables. Perhaps the original author of both approaches did solve the problem, but neither of my systems can be solved. It suddenly occurred to me that when I installed the HP printer, I could not find the file I needed, because I used the deep and compact operating system, and the system streamlined some of the f

Adobe Acrobat 9.0 "the printer maker cannot find the print driver for Adobe PDF printer" solution

installed, the pop-up dialog box "the printer maker cannot find the print driver of Adobe PDF printer" appears.[Problem Solving]There are two solutions to search for answers online: Start the printer service or modify the PATH environment variable. Maybe the original authors of these two methods solve the problem, but none of them can be solved in my system. Then I suddenly remembered that when I installed the HP printer, I could not find the require

Solution to "Adobe Reader invalid plugin detected. Adobe Reader will quit"

updated a dictionary last night, and this morning AdobeReader cannot work anymore ?...... Well ......, It seems that the problem has been found! Try it first! Copy yodaodict. API to a backup, and then "Force Delete" it from the plug_ins folder "...... Open Adobe Reader and try again. Ten seconds have passed, 20 seconds have passed, and thirty seconds have passed ...... Okay ...... One minute passed. It's okay !...... A long time has passed ...... Sti

Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015 opens a crash solution in Win10 (the same method applies to other Adobe products)

startup. The problem is that with AMD explicit Kashuying has been locked into an integrated graphics driver only with integrated Intel. So the workaround is to rename the application and launch it, it may make me have to go to the AMD application settings in the AMD Control center just set up the renamed application High-performance value again crashes ..... Are you doing ...? You can do the same with after effects and media Encoder The above method is the best

Solution to Adobe Flash cs5 installation error (exit code: 7 error: Unable to get root from inchildpath)

It may be because the green Chinese cracked version of Flash cs5 has been installed. Although it is uninstalled, other information may remain in the registry. As a result, the English version of Adobe Flash cs5 is always displayed "InstallProgramIt is detected that the computer may be restarted due to suspension .... And so on, After clicking ignore, the system prompts you to install Adobe Flash cs5 in the

Google Chrome prompts Adobe Flash Player to expire the perfect solution

The recent use of Google Chrome prompted Adobe Flash Player has expired, browsing the Web page when some of the flash elements are not normal display, on the internet to try to find a lot of methods, can not be solved, and finally, tested effective methods are as follows:One: Download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player plugin: (note, the corresponding system)Address:

Computer to open AI prompts Adobe Illustrator has stopped working solution

Ai, Adobe Illustrator, is a vector drawing tool, widely used in printing and publishing, professional illustration, multimedia image processing and Web page production. However, a user reflected in the computer to open the AI, pop-up prompts: "Adobe illustrator has stopped working." If you encounter the above problems, you can consider the method in this article to solve. 1, right click on the

Adobe Flash Player blocked solution due to expiration

The recent use of Google Chrome always prompts Adobe Flash Player to be blocked due to expiration, which is a headache, basically is to open a webpage will pop up a hint, the following is a workaround.The interface of the problem:Workaround: Enter Chrome://plugins in the Chrome Web page input box. Find the plugin for Adobe Flash Player in the list of detailed plugins: Disable the low version of Flash and re

Solution to Adobe PDF virtual printing failure on IE9 webpage

Title: Solution to failed. pdf virtual printing for webpages in IE91pic quora = A picture tells you right or wrong/truth/answer. There is only one picture when the IE9 webpage encounters Adobe PDF Printer, most of the friends who use the default settings make an error in the notepad file: www.2cto.comBest Answer:Cancel the checkbox that only relies on the system font; do not use the document font===========

Solution to failure to use Kingsoft Mac in Adobe Reader x

Generally, I do not like reading English books because E is not good,ProgramClerk,CodeThey are all in English and cannot be used without English. What's more, many professional books are in English. Today, I read professional books in English versions and Use Adobe Reader, but I can't use Kingsoft, just a hundred times of Google. Now let's work out the solution to help more people who are not good at Engli

[Collection] solution to the problem that PNG images cannot be displayed after Adobe cs4 is uninstalled

Yesterday, my colleague woodpecker found a strange problem: on the internet, pictures of PNG cannot be displayed, and converting images into. jpg images. gif can be used again. It is normal for me to use images locally. Apparently it was a computer problem. After two days of hard work, he finally found the cause. Reason: uninstall some adobe cs4 components, such as PS cs4 and AI cs4; Solution: 1. run reg

The solution to Adobe Flash Player being installed is not the latest version.

We recommend that you install the debug version for Flash Player. Otherwise, you do not know where the problem is. As follows: Http:// When installing Flash Player 10, you will find a solution that prompts "the Adobe Flash Player you are trying to install is not the latest version: Execute regedit and find the following location: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/s

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