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IGS Viewer/IGS File Viewer

A long time ago, I made a little thing for the mentor to use for RE, which will convert the vertex cloud and the IG file. I have learned about the formats of the IG file. I have never liked exclusive sharing, so I will share it with you. I did not expect many people to pay attention to it. Thank you very much for your mutual learning. By chance, I found that there is now a free

Open a large text file tool (a text file larger than 1 GB) -- large Text File Viewer 5.2-Features

Large Text File Viewer 5.2-Features Features| Screenshots | download Have you ever felt frustrated when you just want to look at the content of a large text file but it takes forever for notepad or word to open it? This program was designed for viewing large (> 1 GB) text files. It uses little memory and is able to open a gigabyte

5 of the best Linux free log file viewer __linux

Carly Jacobson wrote that the server log is a log file created and updated by a server. A common example is the access log generated by Apache (open source Web server software), which provides a history of Web page requests. However, Apache does not just collect access information, it also collects information about error logs, and collects ID file processes, script records, and read and write logs. A serve

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Official retail version + Chinese file download _ Common Tools

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended v10.0 (Final) Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 software, the essential tool for professional vide o editing, would be available to intel-based Mac and Windows platforms this summer, but to can download a free preview of The software now. Remaining closely engaged with the video community has helped us continue to develop better. Workflow solutions. Download the free preview version below

The Visio viewer cannot open the sealing file from IE.

Problem description: In the XP system where Visio Viewer 2003 is installed, double-click the. Sealing file to jump out of IE and select allow active running. A Red Cross is displayed and cannot be opened. Cause: Microsoft's kb973525 caused Solution: 1. Retain Visio Viewer 2003 to uninstall the system patch kb9735252. Install the following system patches to uninst

Adobe Photoshop CS3 official retail edition + Chinese File Download

Adobe Photoshop CS3 extended v10.0 (final)Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 software, the essential tool for professional video editing, will be available for intel-based MAC and Windows platforms this summer, but you can download a free preview of the software now. remaining closely engaged with the video community has helped us continue to develop better workflow solutions. download the free preview version below.

Android_04_html Source File Viewer

Android_04_html Source File Viewer MainActivity. java Package com.itheima.html viewer; import java. io. inputStream; import httpURLConnection; import malformedURLException; import URL; import com.itheima.html viewer. utils. utils; import android. OS. bundle; import android. OS. handler; i

How to troubleshoot MindManager cannot create Mindjet Viewer file problems

In view of some previous user feedback MindManager export PDF (Mindjet Viewer) file prompts: "MindManager cannot create Mindjet Viewer file," for the following analysis and summary of possible situations, Help the user resolve the issue of failed export PDF. (If you don't know how to export, you can refer to how to use

"Play to. Net mf–03" Remote File Viewer

Although the. Net Micro Framework already supports file systems (FAT16/FAT32), but is not directly accessible remotely, in a sense, storage media that cannot interact with the PC is somewhat tasteless. When I was doing sideshow related development, in order to copy files to the file system, realize the Usbmassstorage function, the device when the USB drive to use, but this is equal to exclusive USB port, an

Adobe Audition 3.0 (build 7283) Session File

#! /Usr/bin/perl # # # Adobe Audition 3.0 (build 7283) Session File Handling Buffer Overflow PoC # # # Vendor: Adobe Systems Inc. # Product web page: # Affected version: 3.0 (build 7238) # # Summary: Recording, mixing, editing, and mastering-Adobe®Audition®3 software is # All-in-

ArcGIS viewer for Flex (edit configuration file)

Overview of editing configuration files: For the browser of the Flex application ArcGIS, You can edit the configuration and customize the xml configuration file. These XML files (. XML extension) has a simple structure of XML tags and attributes. They can use Notepad for editing, textpad, or any XML editor program. There are two configuration file types: Browser configuration

[Vc6] image file format data viewer

necessary to understand the file format to be processed, so that the prototype of this tool appears in my mind, and then I will create it first. TheSource codeDownload link: Http:// [Reference :] For the treelist control, search for treelist on the codeproject website. Because I have made a lot of modifications and improvements to the original control, if you need this control, I suggest u

WinXP system opens XPS file with XPS Viewer implementation

Many WinXP users will be exposed to XPS documents, and you know that XPS documents can be opened directly under Vista or WIN7, through a software XPS VIewer, but there is no way under WinXP, so you want to open the XPS file under WinXP, We also need to use this software. After the download installation is complete, we open the XPS Viewer, click on the running

File Information Viewer

#-*-Coding: cp936 -*- '''File information viewer, which displays the file path, size, creation date, last modification date, and last access date ''' Gcurrentdir ='' From tkinter import * Import OS Root = TK () Label (root, text = 'file operation demo'). Grid (ROW = 0, column = 0, columnspan = 3) Label (root, text = '

Linux File Viewer command:cat, TAC, more, less, tail, head

modified time of the file//or--time=mtime or--time=modify only change the change time-T: Set the timestamp of the file (month and day), use//or with a, m to use the specified date time instead of the current time.-D: Use the specified date time instead of the current time.Each file has three timestamps:Atime: The last time the

Android HTML source File Viewer

Project Source Download Https:// HTML Source File Viewer Send a GET request URL url = url (path); HttpURLConnection conn = (httpurlconnection) url.openconnection (); Conn.setrequestmethod (); Conn.setconnecttimeout (); Conn.setreadtimeout (); (Conn.getresponsecode () = =) { } Ge

Embedded Autodesk Express Viewer for viewing the dwf File

You can download the free dwfviewer from the autodesk website. After installing the dwfviewer, you can view its help file, which contains "embed Autodesk DWF Viewer in HTML files". The details are as follows:Classid = "clsid: A662DA7E-CCB7-4743-B71A-D817F6D575DF"CODEBASE = "" width = "800" height = "600" border = "1">

HTML5 Add Mobile Touch Web version PDF file Viewer Plugin Tutorial

I. Methods of UseSecond, HTML structureThird, initialize the plug-inYou can also add some colorful tabs bookmarks to the PDF page.$ (function () {$ ("#myPDF"). PDF ({Source: "Demo.pdf",tabs:[{title: "Tab 1", Page:2, Color: "Orange"},{title: "Tab 2", Page:3, Color: "Green"},{title: "Tab 3", Page:5, Color: "Blue"},]});});Keymob Mobile Advertising Platform is a professional mobile application advertising management tools, the use of keymob can be smoothly through the application market audit, but a

SQL Server log File viewer prompt timeout connection

started with the following SQL statement:SELECT * FROM Msdb.dbo.sysjobhistorywhere step_id=0 and job_id= (select job_id from msdb.dbo.sysjobs where [name]= ' Job name ')and run_dateBecause I added a step_id query condition, so the first time cleaning did not clean up, the actual amount of data is still very large, because only delete a state of the2, to delete:Delete from Msdb.dbo.sysjobhistorywhere job_id= (select job_id from msdb.dbo.sysjobs where [name]= ' Job name ')and run_dateBecause my j

The "Class file viewer" of the Eclipse Jad Decompile cannot handle the given input error resolution

Plugin download, installation and configuration in Eclipse can refer to my other article: MyEclipse anti-compile class fileThe following highlights how to use Jad to decompile1. In the DOS window, to the directory where class is located, run >jad Db.class directly, and the Db.jad file will be generated in that directory. Run >jad-sjava Db.class, the file will be generated in this directory2. Using t

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