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Photoshop use layer mask to quickly dig ice

To the users of Photoshop software for detailed analysis of the use of the layer mask to quickly dig ice. Tutorial Sharing: The original artwork is as follows: 1, CTRL + A Select the whole picture, CTRL + C copy, Ctrl + V paste to get layer 1, and then click on the "background"

Photoshop Advanced Layer Tips Step by step

, before reading this article, I hope you have a preliminary understanding of Photoshop layer. Beginners understand may have a certain degree of difficulty, but as long as mastered the basic concepts, reading this tutorial will not have a problem.       one, layer masks and vector masks Layer base, the key to the

Photoshop Deep Resolution Mask Tutorial

For the users of Photoshop software, please share the in-depth parsing mask tutorial in detail. Tutorial Sharing: PS Four core technology is what? channels, masks, paths, selections But many people's understanding of them is still in the initial stage, and do not have a thorough understanding of their specific role, Before the tutorial, I went through a lot of

Adobe Photoshop cc new important feature showcase

Recent news has revealed that Adobe will officially release the Creative Cloud series on June 17, including Photoshop CC, InDesign cc, Illustrator cc, Dreamweaver cc, Premiere Pro CC and other series Design desktop products. One of the most interesting nature of all is Photoshop cc, and let's take a look at the new features and new features that are now known to

Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 patch Chinese Version

feathers: [CTRL] + [alt] + [d] Photometric: [shift] + [alt] + [y] Copy the current layer: Ctrl + J] Load selected area: [CTRL] + Click to unselect by layer and Path: [CTRL] + [d] Reverse Selection: [CTRL] + [shift] + [I] Photoshop CC 2014 Chinese Version Software Interface Cracking instructions: Install the official original version in trial mode, copy the cra

PS Smart Tutorial 1: Layer Mask animation effect

The tutorial is a few short tutorials, all translated from, with the shortest length of the most useful Photoshop usage and skills, so that readers with the least amount of time to master the most powerful bitmap editing software. One of the PS Smart Tutorials Series: Layer masks and special animation effects A layer

Adobe Photoshop CS3 extended tornado cracking activation-free v1.3

Based on Adobe Photoshop CS3 extended official Simplified Chinese version, has integrated the 10.0.1 official upgrade package, free of activation, no serial number, the disc size is 180 m. Installation instructions: uninstall your original version, and then install it completely. Update description:1. Integrate the official upgrade package 10.0.12. Remove bonjour and other garbage from the original v

A high-profile portrait of Adobe Photoshop Portrait Decoration Techniques (middle)

Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Photoshop CS2 and previous versions of users who can apply the magic wand or lasso tool for the following actions.) With the "Quick selection Tool", the character of the white clothing tape selected, in the selection process, you can press the ALT key to select, press SHIFT to select, these

Adobe. Photoshop. + cracking

visually copying, coloring, and converting images.*) Re-designed workflow, such as product packaging development and image warping.*) The popular file browser is updated to Adobe Bridge, which contains a creation center that provides multi-view browsing and smooth image operations. In Adobe Bridge, you can also access Adobe stock photos.*) The Camera Raw 3.0 wor

Photoshop Advanced Layer Tips (next)

option for the Shape tool, which restricts the selected shape and the second is the preset shape selection. (Figure 40) Another way to define a shape is to copy and paste the path from the Adobe Illustrator. In contrast, illustrator control over vector shapes is more accurate than Photoshop. For example, draw a simple path in illustrator and select and copy it to the Clipboard. Then, in

PhotoshopCS3 Tutorial: layer mask for animation-PS tutorial

made into an animated effect. Most of the edge flash effects can be made in this way. In addition, you can try zooming the pattern into an animation, and the effect is similar. Click here to download the PSD source file for this example. if a warning is displayed that the font is missing, you can use another font instead, which has little impact on the final effect. The most important part of Photoshop animation content is the basic concepts such as

Quickly resolve PS Layer mask problems

The layer mask in PS is a very flexible and useful tool, because it can hide unwanted parts of the image, and when it needs to be displayed again, it can be recovered, not wiped away like an eraser. But when we apply PS layer masks, we often encounter small problems that provide solutions to these problems.  Problem one: The

Photoshop Advanced Layer Tips (first)

, before reading this article, I hope you have a preliminary understanding of Photoshop layer. Beginners understand may have a certain degree of difficulty, but as long as mastered the basic concepts, reading this tutorial will not have a problem. one, layer masks and vector masks Layer base, the key to the applicat

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended tornado crack free version v1.3_ common tools

Based on Adobe Photoshop CS3 extended official Simplified Chinese version of the production, has integrated 10.0.1 official upgrade package, free of activation, free serial number, CD size of 180M. Installation instructions: First uninstall your original version, and then the new installation of this version can be. Update Description:1, integrated 10.0.1 official upgrade package2, remove the original Bon

Photoshop Layer Tips

proportional scaling Hold down the CTRL key and move the mouse to the control point to distort the distortion Hold down the Ctrl+alt+shift key, then put the mouse near the control point, you can do perspective deformation. If the deformation effect is not sufficient, you can perform edit (edit)-transform (-again), which can be performed again with the last deformation operation. (shortcut key for ctrl+shift+t, here I found a trick, and then hold down the ALT key, you can do repeated deformation

Photoshop Layer Tips

Adobe has also provided us with a new, intimate feature-lock layer, we can lock the selected layer, so as not to accidentally destroy the layer, the provision of locking features: transparent edit lock (as in the past to maintain the transparency function is the same), Image editing Lock (cannot fill or color edit the

11 new features of Adobe Photoshop CS2

The ADO Adobe Photoshop CS2 brings a lot of new features: More creative options, more convenient customization of Photoshop according to user habits, and increased productivity-saving file processing, such as batch digital camera RAW format files. Adobe Photoshop 2 can make

Adobe Photoshop CS Simplified Chinese without installation enhanced Version Download 3

image quality due to compression) and other filters. 6. DCE Tools 1.0 (Chinese version): the Chinese version of the west windDCE Tools for Photoshop Plugin is a set of photoshop plug-ins developed by Mediachance, including CCD noise repair and portrait Skin Repair (usually called portrait polishing) smart color restoration, exposure compensation, pillow distortion correction, bucket distortion correction,

Photoshop Layer Tips Sharing

Adobe has provided us with a new, intimate function-Lock the layer, we can lock the selected layer, so as not to accidentally destroy the layer, provide the lock features: transparent edit lock (and the same as in the past to maintain transparent function), image editing Lock ( Layers cannot be filled or color-edited,

Adobe Photoshop CS Interface Introduction

ado| Introduction Adobe photoshop CS (Photoshop 8) finally released in the autumn of 2003! Open this latest version of Photoshop, the original eye image has always been the start of the screen changed to color feathers. A large Welcome screen will appear after startup. This welcome screen has links to tutorials and hel

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