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Internet access Architecture Based on ADSL

. There are two ways to support Ethernet users at the ADSL-NT end: one is to load PPP over Ethernet (for example, the local L2TP tunneling method ). The other is to close the PPP (and ATM) on the ADSL-NT end. The two methods are discussed below.(1) local L2TP TunnelSince PPP is designed for serial connections, it requires new ideas and technologies to work on Ethernet. A technology that extends PPP to Ether

Typical Fault solution for eliminating ADSL bandwidth

cannot be activated. Sometimes the line is activated but cannot be maintained, and the phone number matching the ADSL line is normal. Fault analysis: the ADSL Broadband Modem cannot be activated after power-back, or it cannot be activated for a long time. This proves that the quality of the ADSL line is faulty. Because the A

ADSL line extender: an effective means to eliminate IPTV bandwidth bottlenecks

user's APRU value. Ii. Bandwidth bottleneck of IPTV applications IPTV can use existing copper resources to transmit interactive TV programs. At present, most broadband users in China use ADSL as the access method. However, using the ADSL Access Mode to watch IPTV faces the following two challenges: 1. distance problem: the user line ring resistance suitable for activating

ADSL modulation and business load

order to suppress impulse noise better, ADSL not only uses Reed Solomon forward error-correcting code, but also uses additional grating coding technology. In terms of performance, DMT is an ideal ADSL modulation, which has the highest signal-to-noise ratio, strong anti-noise ability, high transmission rate and far transmission distance.Three, ADSL carries on the

Telecom ADSL Technology Dictionary _ Networking Tutorials

PPP access process. Enternet (Enternet100 Enternet500) The PPPoE software developed by the United States Efficient Network provides ADSL PPPoE protocol to complete virtual dial-up Internet work WinPoET The US windriver development of PPPoE software, provides ADSL PPPoE protocol to complete the virtual dial-up Internet work. Raspppoe German personal development of the PPPoE software, provides

ADSL FAQ and Fault

1. ADSL FAQ Classic Fault ADSL is running on the original telephone line of a high-speed broadband Internet access, it has the advantages of saving investment, fast Internet, simple installation and so on. At present, many local area networks, especially Internet cafes, use this method. Of course, the Internet in this way the fault is also more, the following for everyone to talk about

Broadband ADSL cat link light is not bright/data light/act light is not bright and so on solution Kam Set Introduction

When you suddenly not on the net, what will you do, you may check whether the router is normal, enter the router access address such as, you can log on to the success of the router can confirm that there is no problem. And when you find that the icon in the lower right corner of the desktop turns gray, the X-state, you need to check the interface is good. When checking the cat interface, you need to pay attention to a place that is the cat's indicator light! You may find that the ori

[Networking Guide] comparison of PLC and ADSL Broadband Access methods

the egress bandwidth, making the user's network speed unstable. Advantages of ADSL: ADSL Internet access is the most widely used broadband access method in the world. It has mature technologies, high transmission rates, and stable lines. ADSL uses an existing pair of telephone copper wires to load and reuse devices on the original telephone lines. It makes full

ADSL is also wireless: Teach you how to set up wireless ADSL cat safely

With the promotion of ISPs such as China Telecom, wireless ADSL cat is widely used in many households, SOHO and office users. Wireless ADSL cats are increasingly exposed to security factors while facilitating the establishment of users' networks. This is because many users have adopted the default factory wireless ADSL cat security settings, these settings allow

Win7 how to set ADSL dial-up Internet ADSL bandwidth connection how to create

Start the-> Control Panel -> Dot network and the Internet, under the Network and Internet dialog box, point Network and shared center . Put this picture away. expand this picture In the network and Sharing Center dialog box, the first option to set the new connection or network at the point of the Update network settings prompt character. Put this picture away. expand this picture

Route sharing, recommended for ADSL Modem (1)

this case, you need to upgrade the modem software before using the built-in routing function. (1) Figure 1 1. Key parameters:According to the instructions provided by the merchants, enabling the adsl modem routing function is not difficult, but there are several key data that need to be well grasped. 1), VPI (Virtual Path Identifier), VCI (Virtual Channel Identifier ). VCI and VPI are the marks for

Steps for connecting to the ADSL ora 10 ADSL Network

Many systems support dial-up Internet access through ADSL. Here we will introduce the ADSL ora 10 ADSL Network connection settings. Here we will introduce two methods. You can refer to how to operate them. Fedora 10 ADSL Network Connection Method 1: Find the network settings option in the system, create an xDSL instanc

Introduction to ADSL principles and composition

local program-controlled switch.* Service-provided telephone lines: currently, the ADSL service uses a common analog telephone line to provide services that support both voice and data. Some customers once asked if the ISDN line can be converted into an ADSL line. In fact, ISDN provides digital transmission, and ADSL must rely on analog lines.* Voice and data se

China Telecom ADSL technical dictionary

access processes, such as authorization, authentication, IP Address allocation, and billing. Enternet 300 (Enternet100 Enternet500) PPPoE software developed by Efficient Network in the United States, which provides the PPPoE protocol for ADSL to complete virtual dial-up Internet access WinPoET PPPoE software developed by WindRiver in the United States provides the PPPoE protocol for ADSL to complete vi

What do you mean, ADSL modem? What is the role of ADSL modem?

What does the ADSL modem mean? often have netizens to consult this problem, ADSL modem is a modem, commonly known as "cat", users of ADSL broadband after (telephone line internet), must use ADSL modem this equipment, can normal internet.   Why do you use ADSL Modem?   

ZTE D@tall ADSL Access System

ZTE D@tall ADSL Access system relies on the existing common telephone copper twisted pair to provide sufficient bandwidth capacity, not only support narrowband voice service, but also support video on demand, conference television, online browsing, E-commerce and other broadband data services, greatly improve the utilization of traditional networks, Create exciting business opportunities for operators and service providers.D@tall adsl6110/8210 Digital

Modem and ADSL dial-up Internet access

. It is called an asymmetric digital user line loop because of asymmetry between upstream and downstream bandwidth. It uses the frequency division multiplexing technology to divide common telephone lines into three relatively independent channels: telephone, uplink and downlink, thus avoiding mutual interference. Even if you use a phone call to access the Internet, the Internet access rate and communication quality will not decrease. Generally, ADSL c

The application of ADSL network to drive ADSL related technology

ADSL is not a new technology, but it has been in the recent period of rejuvenation of youth, not only in the international market has been more widely used, but also by the attention of domestic operators, began to scale the network and put into commercial. China Telecom, China Unicom, Chinese railcom and so on have invested funds to build ADSL networks in varying degrees. At the same time, the relevant DSL

FAQs about ADSL bandwidth usage

Asyuncrical Digital Subscriber Loop Asymmetric Digital user line loop (ADSL) is a member of the XDSL family and is hailed as "express on modern information highway" by Western countries ". Because of its high downlink speed, high frequency bandwidth, and excellent performance, it is favored by many users and has become another new and faster and more efficient access method after modem and ISDN, it is also the most widely used access method in China.

Guide to configuring ADSL Wireless route sharing

Windows 98, click Start> Run next time, enter the "winipcfg" command in the run column, and then click OK. In Windows/XP, click "Start> Run" on the computer, enter the "cmd" command in "open", and press Enter, in the Command Prompt window that appears, enter "ipconfig/all" and press Enter. You can see that the gateway address of the broadband wireless cat is enabled by default when the DHCP server is enabled for the broadband wireless cat ). On the WEB configuration page of the broadband wirele

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