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Required certificate specifications for the custom debug KeyStore of Eclipse ADT

The recent launch of the In-app billing IAB built-in billing API for Google Play found that a more annoying problem was that the application had to be formally signed while testing, and that the default Eclipse ADT Debug run was using a temporary generated debug certificate. The default is C:\Users\XXX\. Android\debug. KeyStore. So every time you debug built-in billing you have to use ADT's export signed ap

Certificate Resolution (II): Windows R2 Certificate Services installation and Advanced Configuration

650) this.width=650; "height=" 276 "title=" clip_image001 "style=" border:0px; "alt=" clip_image001 "src=" http:/ "border=" 0 "/>Based on the principle of application isolation, it is recommended that Certificate Services be deployed in a standalone Windows Server R2 virtual machine. Certificate servers can be highly available, and because

Download and installation tutorials for Android Studio (from ADT to AS)

The previous use of Android development tools (ADT), later said that Google did not support ADT, and then has been considering whether to replace their computer with Android Studio (AS), From ADT to as this process oneself feel the software installation really hurt, Dragon boat Festival The second day and the third day

Complete installation tutorial for Android + eclipse + ADT

external Folder removed, for example, the USB driver file zip extracted is the folder: usb_driver_r03-windows, copy all the files and put them in the USB driver. Otherwise, it cannot be read;After the installation is complete, add E: \ Android-SDK-Windows \ tools to the environment variable path (because I installed it on the elastic drive). Be sure to add it correctly, there is a semicolon between two paths;Then install

Windows installation Android Development environment Eclipse+sdk+adt

Preparation conditionsOperating system: Win7 64-bitRequired resources: JDK, Eclipse, SDK, ADTStep Introduction:First step: Download and install the latest version of the JDKStep two: Download and install eclipseStep three: Download the installation SDKFourth step: Installing the ADT Tools componentHere is a detailed description of the installation processFirst st

Certificate development and certificate publishing application and Installation Steps

a certificate. It is not required to publish a certificate .) Create an app ID and create a new app ID on the app IDs navigation page of the Developer Center. the program identifier defined in plist corresponds. If only one * is entered here, info. we recommend that you use *. Then go to the provisioning menu in the Developer Center and create a new provisioning on the Development page. Select the

Android ADT installation tips common error handling

Follow the installation method of the general tutorial books, except that: first open eclipse, and then click Help/install new software, as shown in: Click the "add" button in the install interface that appears. Enter any name in the Name field and enter the ADT: the location field, as shown in the following figure: The "Duplicate location (repeated address)" e

Android SDK and Eclipse ADT offline installation tutorial

Android SDK and Eclipse ADT offline installation tutorial Because google is restricted, the download speed is still slow after the wall is turned over, which makes people very crash. So here we will share with you the offline installation of android SDK and eclipse ADT.Make sure that the java sdk is installed and ready before

Build an Android development environment drawings + Simulator installation (Jdk+eclipse+sdk+adt)

-There are many ways to build an Android development environment, such as Jdk+eclipse+sdk+adt or jdk+eclipse+ bundled Androidsdk or Android Studio.Google decided to focus on building Android Studio compiler tools. Google terminated at the end of last year to support its eclipse including plug-in ADT. (Android Studio will be a trend).This article will be used only as a note, since you have been using Word, N

Two solutions to ADT installation failure in Eclipse [Android Development Tooling], adttooling

Two solutions to ADT installation failure in Eclipse [Android Development Tooling], adttoolingCause Recently, I want to build an Android development environment in Windows 7. Although I have Android Studio, I am still used to Eclipse. As we all know, it is impossible for Eclipse to directly install the ADT (Android Develepment Tooling) plug-in. Here are two solut

Ubuntu 14.04 Jdk+adt BUNDLE+NDK Installation

1. Installing the JDKTar or GUI decompression jdk-8u25-linux-i586.tar.gzEdit/etc/environment FileClasspath= "/home/zhouwei/jdk1.8.0_25/lib:."Java_home= "/home/zhouwei/jdk1.8.0_25"Path added:/home/zhouwei/jdk1.8.0_25/bin2. Installing ADT Bundle for LinuxUnzip or GUI decompression Adt-bundle-linux-x86-20140702.zipCreate a/usr/share/applications/eclipse.desktop file[Desktop Entry]version=1.0Type=applicationNam

Pre-project installation software and login interface (ECLIPSE+JDK+SDK+ADT)

good, so patiently wait! After the download is done.3. (Install SDK) Open Eclipse, click menu Window->preferences, enter the following screen  My is already installed, so there are many, just installed without, click Browse, enter the location of your SDK installation can, click Apply, then click OK.4. Install ADT, open Eclipse, and on the menu bar choose Help->install New Software The following interface

Two workarounds for Eclipse installation ADT failure [Android Development tooling]

protected]@ reason, more trouble, download the installation files directly to install is the most direct, as to how to download the installed files, you can use your VPN or goagent to download, if you are not convenient, Then you can also ask your friends to help you download and then send the file to you, the file is not very large, about 98MB. Go directly to this page to download installing the Eclipse Plugin, the specific file is: Https://dl.googl

Installation and configuration of the Jdk+eclipse+android_sdk+adt of the Android environment

for Android Development plug-in ADT (Android Development Tools) "If the network connection is not clear, see the end of this article": First Run Eclipse.exe, select menu Help-install New Software ... Open the following window: Click Add...,name to enter (according to their own custom) Android adt,location to fill out the following URL: follows: OK, Pendi

Eclipse-adt Installation Failure Experience

Today, I downloaded an eclipse, the result of ADT installation is not successful, the online tried a lot of methods, and finally failed. Finally follow the advice of colleagues, directly use Adt-bundle. This environment is basically well-configured. are a lot of resources inside. And the download speed is very fast. The version

Eclipse + ADT Offline installation

eclipse4.5 + adt23.0.4 offline installation. because some of Google's sites are blocked, it is not possible to download and install ADT online. So you can only download the ADT package manually, and then eclipse installs it offline. 1. Download Eclipse 2. Download adt23.0.4

iOS Development certificate and Enterprise certificate related file application installation and how to use it

This article mainly describes the following: Application for an iOS development certificate, Application of the Enterprise certificate, The creation of AppID, Provision profile generation, Develop a binding for device devices, And the relationship between each certificate file, Finally, use these certificates to publish the method

Android development tools (ADT) plugin for eclipse Installation

The eclipse version used is:Eclipse-java-indigo-SR2-win32 Click "help"-"install new software ..." Input:Http:// Click "finish" to download and install "ADT plugin ". ++ + If the following problem occurs during download and installation: 1 Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.2 ... ... Install"WST server adapters",

Fiddler Grab packet HTTPS configuration hint creation of the root certificate is not successful certificate installation unsuccessful

When using fiddler to grab packets, we sometimes need to catch the HTTPS protocol packet, this need to configure the switch on monitoring HTTPS toFirst Find Tools-->optionsIn the pop-up menu, select the HTTPS option, tick capture HTTPSAfter you configure OK, you will usually be prompted to install the certificate, click Install, and then restart Fiddler.But sometimes there is no window to install the certificate

Eclipse-jee-luna installation ADT-23.0.6 problems, and solutions

Just install ADT-23.0.6, then configure the SDK path (latest version android-22), and then create a new Android Project;The following error occurs for the layout interface, which prevents the layout interface from being displayed:Java.Lang.NullPointerExceptionExceptionDetails are loggedInch Window > Show View > Error LogTheFollowing classes couldNotBe instantiated:-Android.Support.V7.Internal.App.Windowdecoractionbar (Open Class, Show Error Log)-Andro

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