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The Origin and advantages of Drupal

1. Drupal origin: What Should Drupal be translated? I think it is better to translate it into water drops.Drupal is actually the English pronunciation of druppel in Dutch, and druppel is drop in Dutch, which is the meaning of water drops. It was an

Drupal's cache technology application-let your website Fly

I often hear from people on forums and QQ groups that Drupal is very slow. in the initial state, it cannot carry much data and concurrency, and the performance is very poor. However, we can find that many major websites are also developed using

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Symfony2?

Welcome to the discussion. Welcome to the discussion. Reply content: improves the abstraction level of the code. Compared with the simple PHP language that directly exposes underlying concepts, Symfony provides a set of concepts and tools to solve

N-tier architecture and tips

This is a file translated from codeproject's previous article about the n-tier architecture. I feel that it is well written, especially a basic concept. It is very thorough and translated for sharing. Source:

Be an attitude programmer-talk about the level of language and framework

As an attitude programmer-the purpose of writing this article is to tell you some correct ideas and avoid detours for novice Cainiao. This article aims to break the traditional concept of "correctness", which is the first and the second. Otherwise,

[Reprinted] 15 of the best free open-source e-commerce transaction platforms

There are many free and open-source e-commerce platforms outside China. I have selected 15 of the best free and open-source e-commerce transaction platforms, hoping to find a way out for the majority of sellers, earn more money! Each one has

Experts talk about the future of ASP. NET and PHP

Comparing the two development tools alone makes no sense. Because the two have their own strengths in their own development fields, it is like comparing Java with. NET, each having its own advantages. The main purpose of this article is to compare

About Node. js: 5 points for PHP developers

I recently started to deal with Node. js. Previously I used PHP development, especially Drupal. I found it easy to transfer to Node. js and the process was pleasant! But I also need to learn to think from different angles. Below I list five Node. js

How can a beginner in PHP learn how to use the development framework? is there any case?

As a beginner in php, how should I learn a development framework? where should I start? how can I learn faster and more systematically? As a beginner in php, how should I learn a development framework? where should I start? how can I learn faster

PHP Novice How to learn to use the development framework, there are cases?

As a novice php how to learn a development framework, where to start, how to learn faster, more systematic learning? Reply content:Thinkphp get started fast, the function is relatively complete! online tutorials are plentiful. After reading to learn

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