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PS wedding photo processing Photoshop Wedding Film landscaping, effect rendering special tutorials

Triple tutorials for everyone to organize PS wedding photo processing Special Course PS wedding photo processing Photoshop Wedding Film landscaping, effect rendering Special Tutorials: Topic list Photoshop to create a classical green Green exterior Wedding film

Project Management vs Wedding Plan

. Wedding Preparation Plan 1.1. Decide the date, place, ceremony and wedding style of the wedding > 1.2. Determine the wedding budget > 1.3. Draft guest list > 1.4. Call a good friend to discuss the wedding plan > 1.5. Determine the best man, the Maid of Honor >

Photoshop design stylish and beautiful night scenes effect wedding photos effect production tutorial

We will give you a detailed analysis of photoshop software to share with you the tutorials on creating wedding photos with stylish and beautiful night scenes.Tutorial sharing:SOURCE image:Shared image type:The style positioning of many images requires a lot of understanding about the scenes of costumes and items, and when I got the source image (thanks for sharing the original image from South Korea)The first idea is night view! (Basically, this is no

PS to create beautiful wedding photos effect Green Green effect (1/4)

The article provides a PS tutorial to create beautiful wedding photos effect Green Green effect Oh, to tell you how to the ordinary photos PS into a beautiful picture, oh, crap not say more come in to see OH. Final effect

PS Fast to the river grass wedding dress up purple romantic dream effect

strong. This I believe, because I almost have to work free will go to the forum later stroll, do see Talk to the people too little, and most of us are immersed in practice, like the college entrance examination, we all do not utter a sound. How can there be progress without communication? A few days ago, the time moderator gave me a well-meaning and serious criticism, Mention of the Novice PS practice stickers too little, will dampen the enthusiasm of novice students learning. The weight of t

Photoshop Pull wedding photos dream Refreshing effect tutorial

The tutorial uses the Photoshop to pull out the couple wedding photos The dream fresh effect, likes schoolmate may study! Effect Chart: Original: The processing process is as follows: 1, open the original image, copy a layer, execution: images-application image, highlight characters, parameters such as figure, after the addition of the layer mas

Photoshop to create a strong summer beach wedding effect Palette Tutorial

Through the optional color in Photoshop, curve adjustment and other steps to complete a perfect wedding scene couples shine color. Effect Chart: Original: 1, open the original material, create an optional color layer, yellow, green and blue to adjust. The parameters are set as shown below Related tutorials: Photoshop elegant Korean style

Beauty chart Look two steps to create a wedding aesthetic slide effect Tutorial

To show you a picture of the software users to the detailed analysis of the two steps to create a wedding aesthetic slide effect of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: First, start playing slides First, open the folder where the wedding photos are located, by right-clicking the menu to open it, you can go directly to the big Picture Browsing window of t

Photoshop call out the golden yellow sunset style wedding effect tutorial

To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis to share the Golden Sunset style of the wedding effect of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: To do a good film, you need to start with the analysis. No.1 the process of observing a picture: 0: Composition (whether two compositions are required) 1: Observation scene type 2: observing picture Style 3: Costume props 4:

Photoshop gives wedding photos a magical butterfly fairy effect

This tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to synthesize the dream butterfly fairy effect to the wedding photos, the tutorial mainly utilizes the technique of drawing, masking and so on to synthesize the complex image. In order for us to see a clearer operation, the steps may be a little more, as long as patience will be able to learn. Final Effect Diagram:

Photoshop to add sunset effect to Lake wedding photos post-processing tutorials

darkens the color of the lawn a little bit. 22, create curve adjustment layer, the RGB channel adjustment, parameter settings such as Figure 36, to determine after the mask filled with black, with a white brush to wipe out the corners, the effect is shown in Figure 37. This step adds a dark angle to the picture. 23, the background layer to copy a layer, press CTRL + Shift +] Top, the character part of the pull out, copied to t

Photoshop to pull out the exterior wedding photos warm and refreshing effect

This tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to pull out the outdoor wedding film Summer fresh art effect, the overall color of the original picture is more monotonous, no spring or summer that fresh and refined feeling, we deal with very beautiful small fresh effect, like friends to learn together. Case comparison: Left original slice, right

Photoshop Wedding Beauty Soft yellow color effect

First to the character of the skin, and then use the application of the image palette, and finally to lab mode to pull out the yellow effect Original artwork from color: I do the effect diagram: Operation Steps: 1. Copy the background layer and fix the brush to modify the skin stain. 2. Copy Layer 1 3. The image command is used to process the

Photoshop makes a dream wedding photo effect

Photoshop makes a dream wedding photo effect Effect Chart: The picture presents the wedding dress to match, the scene field cloth choice, the light and shadow control, the lens application are very good, but the digital division's later technology decides, the photograph must give the person's revealing a

ISEE to create the late wedding effect of the popular photo studio

Today again tutorial everyone a new effect: Wedding photos post-processing effect, very simple. It's only five steps! Everyone get ready for the material, come with me ... Effect Chart: Original Production steps: 1. Open the picture, click iSEE Right Tool "Portrait Beauty"-"grinding skin era

The fuzzy effect of PS on the actual situation before and after wedding

looks too fake, will make the effect become ugly, so choose the lens blur, create more like the lens produced by the Blur effect. This can avoid the complex background of the photos affect the overall effect of the photo, you can let the focus of the photo focused on the characters, in addition to the use of large aperture

Photoshop creates high-end court wedding photos HDR Effect Palette Tutorial

However, I use the method is more alternative, is entirely a set of ideas, we can judge on their own right and wrong. This time I'm talking about using a film to simulate the HDR effect with a later adjustment, rather than using photographic techniques to make HDR photos. The first thing to know is not all the film is suitable for the HDR effect, the first film of course is a shot of the right photo (expo

The night effect of the beautiful wedding dress in Photoshop

the night effect of the beautiful wedding dress in Photoshop Adjustment and analysis of buildings: In general, make a picture of the building, we will sharpen the very strong contrast, think that such a picture effect stereo, good texture. In fact, many colors and effects as long as good-looking can not be too concerned about, art form different, like is good w

How to use PS to make romantic wedding photo effect

How to use PS to make romantic wedding photo effect, a lot of friends will be asked me, well, below we also do not say more to see the use of PS to make a beautiful wedding romantic photo effect Oh. 1, open the material picture, create the channel mixer adjustment layer, the parameter set the

Photoshop Palette Tutorial: To the outdoor wedding pieces of light yellow green adjustment effect

The introduction uses the Photoshop to give the exterior wedding photograph to bring up the yellowish green effect, mainly uses the curve, the hue saturation, the optional color, the color balance, the photo filter to complete. Effect Chart: Original film: 1: Hue Saturation (edit: full picture; saturation: +18) 2: Photo Fil

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