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PhotoShop CS6 to create a frozen ice sculpture hand special effects making tutorial

Tutorials teach you to use Photoshop CS6 to create a frozen ice sculpture hand effects, want to learn the students to get up and learn! Tutorial Effect Chart: Original: Open the footage I gave you first, click Path 1 in the path panel and show the path in the screen Load the selection in the path, copy the image in the selection to four n

Teaches you how to use Photoshop cs5 or CS6 for iPad. You can change the background at will, create GIF files, provide HD tutorials, and create original images.

From scratch to the original iPad, this work also referred to some online tutorials The images required in this tutorial are provided in a package and uploaded to csdn. : Http:// What will happen after this tutorial is completed? By the way, you can use Photoshop to create GIF images and teach you shortcut keys and skills. PS after completion (this is not for the time being, because i

Photoshop CS6 paint on the paper Halo ink text effects

copy our raster text layer and compress it with the free transform tool. You can also add some particles around the particle brushset text. Use a halo brush to add some halo effects around the text. To embellish the steps, add the following optional color adjustments to all previous layers: If you are using Photoshop CS6, you can also flatten the image, copy the background layer, an

PS CS6 making GIF animation series tutorials

Teacher Liu in the design of related industries for many years, has a wealth of actual combat and teaching experience, this painstaking introduction of the focus on GIF tutorial, with more than 50 effects and GIF-related PS function. This set of tutorials for GIF enthusiasts, QQ expression production, dynamic signature file, website ads, logos, MMS, Taobao decoration and so on. Have not understand, want to

18 PS text special effects tutorials and ps text special effects that help you improve typographical skills

18 PS text special effects tutorials and ps text special effects that help you improve typographical skills The Photoshop text special effects tutorial is of great help for basic learning and advanced typographical thinking. In this article, you will find a set of latest text effec

Use CSS3 to create 50 excellent animation effects tutorials and css350 animation tutorials

Use CSS3 to create 50 excellent animation effects tutorials and css350 animation tutorials CSS3 brings us amazing new features, and the most interesting is CSS animation. We recommend these 50 CSS animation sets for you to use JavaScript Functions to make the animation more vivid. To preview the animation effects of th

Photoshop uses action to create motion effects tutorials

To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis to share the use of action to create dynamic effects of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Use action to make very beautiful dynamic effects Version requires Photoshop CS3 above, take Photoshop CS6 for example, find the PS installation directory as follows: "X:adobe Photoshop cs6localeszh_cnsupp

Tutorials on 25 CSS3 gradient and animation Effects

With the release of the latest CSS3 gradient and animation functions, Web developers have more options in the development process. In fact, there are already some alternative technologies to make website construction easy, efficient, and fast. However, the gradient feature provided by CSS3 has significant advantages, especially for novice website administrators. This gives them a better experience, not just website design or development personnel. In the CSS3 animation tutorial collected in this

20 jquery supercool visual effects building tutorials recommended

Web DevelopmentProgramWe all like the cool visual effects constructed by jquery. In this article, we will select a set of jquery effect tutorials. You will learn how to develop super-cool visual effect effects through these tutorials. Based on these tutorials, you can build

40 awesome jQuery animation effects tutorials

Since its appearance, jQuery has caused a sensation in the web field. Now it has become one of the best solutions for Web Animation. JQuery provides excellent cross-browser support and is lightweight and easy to use. Now, jQuery has demonstrated its powerful functions in defining and Controlling Small Web animations. Unless the latest CSS3 has been fully developed and supported by mainstream browsers, jQuery will continue its current popularity. It will continue to play an important role in the

30 amazing Photoshop text effects tutorials

I believe that anyone interested in design will have a certain understanding of the effect of using Photoshop to make 3D texts. The design based on texts can be as beautiful as it is. Today, this article recommends 30 very good Photoshop text special effects tutorials. Follow these tutorials to learn how to make beautiful text

Flash MX 2004 Instance making video tutorials: Turning effects (II.)

Tutorials | video Tutorials   Section 5th: turn the book Effect two (1)   Course Objectives: Learn the example of book page turning effect.   Main points: introduce two animation effects of making flash books. Watch Tutorials: [ Full screen view ]  (Flash Player 7.0 or later must be installed, [ official Download ] )

Cocos Basic Tutorials (8) Particle effects

::getinstance ()getwinsize (); _emitter-Setposvar (Point::zero); //Life of particles_emitter->setlife (0.5); _emitter->setlifevar (0); //Spin of particles_emitter->setstartspin (0); _emitter->setstartspinvar (0); _emitter->setendspin (0); _emitter->setendspinvar (0); //Color of particlescolor4f StartColor (0.0f,0.8f,0.9f,1.0f); _emitter-Setstartcolor (StartColor); color4f Startcolorvar (0,0,0,1.0f); _emitter-Setstartcolorvar (Startcolorvar); color4f EndColor (1.0f,1.0f,1.0f,0.1f); _emitter-Seten

50 Awesome animation effects tutorials with CSS3

Style crawling text (pure html+css)42.CSS3 Instant Stickers43.CSS3 Snowflake44. Another fish eye effect45.CSS3 per-frame animationThe first CSS3 per-frame animation instance requires you to continue using the mouse to click on the picture, when playing to the last frame it will automatically play the first frame, so loop, but the first instance can only be implemented in Firefox and opera. The second CSS3 per-frame animation instance requires you to use the mouse to move on the picture, is stil

10 fresh css3 text effects and web typographical tutorials recommended

One of the major changes in css3 is the Web typographical technology. Now we can achieve rich text style effects without using any JavaScript or images. This article collects 10 practical css3 text effects and web typographical tutorials. I hope you will like them.1. Create Attractive Web Typography with CSS3 and Lettering. jsIn this tutorial, we will learn how t

Share 70 + free jquery image slider effects plug-ins and tutorials, 70 jquery

Share 70 + free jquery image slider effects plug-ins and tutorials, 70 jquery The jQuery Slider plug-in is generally composed of a Slider and a sliding button. There are also some pause and continue buttons. Generally, Slider plug-in can be divided into two types according to the display mode: horizontal sliding and vertical sliding. Of course there are many specific special

Examples of jquery animated effects tutorials

Animations$(‘.classname‘).each(function(){$(this).css("position","relative").animate({opacity: 0,top: $(window).height() - $(this).height() - $(this).position().top},‘slow‘,function(){ $(this).hide(); })});8. Custom Scatter animations$(‘.classname‘).each(function(){var position = $(this).position();$(this).css({position: ‘absolute‘,top:,left:position.left}).animate({opacity: ‘hide‘,width: $(this).width()*5,height: $(this).height()*5top: - ($(this).height() * 5 / 2),lef

Ajax series tutorials, from reading, modifying, adding, to cool Delete effects! -Web development/Ajax

webpage.Address: 5: ajax data display ModificationAbstract: In the previous article, we talked about how to use ajax to add data to a database. Today, we want to take a course to modify Database Data Using ajax and display new content on the customer's webpage immediately. of course, there will be no page refresh during the modification process!Learning and demo address: 6: Ajax data addition and Deletio

12 jQuery slide plug-ins and slide effects tutorials

JQuery is simple and flexible to use, and there are also many mature plug-ins to choose from, it can help you add some very good results in the project. Slide and slide effects are one of the common content display methods. This is a great way to present a series of projects in a limited web space. This article will share with you 12 excellent jQuery slide plug-ins and slide tutorials. An HTML5 Slideshow w/

Fireworks MX 2004 Special effects Word Series Tutorials

Tutorials | special effects Start the first step: Select font: 04b-08 font size: 125, filled as follows: Step Two: Select Effect/Halo and Shadow/inner glow ... The parameters are set as follows: Step three: Select Effects/bevel and Emboss/inner bevel ... The parameters are set as follows: Step Fourth: Select effect/adjust Color/curve ........ The par

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