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Based on HTML5 SVG's cool text explosion effects,

Based on HTML5 SVG's cool text explosion effects, This is a cool text explosion effect made using html5 svg, css3, and js. This text effect uses the SVG path attribute to cut the text path into many small pieces, and then uses css3 and js to make the cool effect of text explosion splitting when the mouse slides over th

No as in flash to achieve three kinds of explosion effects

13th frame of a new key frame, to the As:stop (), 1th frame, 9th frame, 12th frame, respectively, as shown in the figure 10,11,12: Figure 10 Figure 11Figure 12 Go back to the edit area of the component Yp1, create a new layer, then 1,3,6,10 the layer to insert four key, and then drag the component yp4 into these frames, the number can be mastered, after the release to see how the effect, if satisfied, as shown in Figure 13: Figure 13 In this way, the second

Photoshop alternative method for making nuclear bomb explosion special effects-PS tutorial

The process of using PHOTOSHOP to make explosion and flame effects is always a little complicated. today I will teach my friends how to use an alternative method to create a nuclear bomb explosion effect that combines these two people ......... First look at the final effect: Subtitle 1. create a new document. Here I use a 800*600 pixel document size. you can als

jquery with three switching effects of the focus map plugin-luara.js plugin

1. IntroductionLuara.js Focus Map Plug-in, used to set the focus slide plug-in, the example list of the three most commonly used effects, fade, slide up, left, you can set the time interval of the switch.2. Plug-in calling code snippet3. Attribute explanationWidth: Slide widthHeight: Slide heightInterval: time to switch picturesDeriction: Toggle Type4. DemoDemo Address: with three switching

Smoke.js is a realistic smoke-effect JS plugin based on HTML5 canvas. With this JS plugin, you can easily create a variety of smoke effects on the page.

Smoke.js is a JavaScript alternative to a browser default warning system, and if you want a standardized JavaScript warning window across browsers and platforms, Smoke.js is what you want.Smoke.js is a lightweight and flexible JavaScript plugin that is used to replace the original alert. It is completely composed of HTML and CSS3, so you can personalize it by adding your own style. Requirements: CSS3 Support Compatibility: Most browsers,

jquery animation Effects Plugin

From the jquery API documentation, you can learn about the functions of jquery custom animations. Animate (properties [, duration] [, easing] [, complete]) has four parameters:Properties: A set of style properties and their values that are included as animated and final valuesDuration (optional): Animation execution time, whose value can be a string of one of three predetermined speeds ("slow", "normal", or "fast") or a millisecond value that represents the duration of the animation (for example

jquery Plugin for cross-browser CSS3 transitions effects

Tram.js is a jquery plugin that enables cross-browser CSS3 transitions effects. Tram.js is designed to improve the performance and flexibility of CSS3 transition and define them through jquery. Tram.js provides powerful APIs for auto-stopping, sequencing, and cross-browser functions.When the jquery plugin is first loaded, it uses feature detection to determine wh

15 Outstanding jQuery Image Special effects plugin recommended _jquery

your site level jquery plugin recommended 30 best jquery Lightbox Effect plugin Web developers Essential 20 Super jquery plug-ins 12 a great learning jquery site recommendation International sources: Best and New Jquery Image effects Source of compilation: Dream Sky focus on front-end development technology share web design resources

15 Best JQuery flip-flop effects plugin

This article brings you 15 very useful jquery plug-ins that implement a book-like effect that you can easily integrate into your Web application to enhance the user experience.1. BookblockBookblock can create any content (like, text) as a page-turn effect with a page-turn navigation that can be used to create components such as booklets.Read more/Demo2. ImbookflipThe plugin allows you to load the ebook in an IFRAME or page, and can be set to start whe

JQuery Wheel Ring Menu Plugin 5 effects Demo

Cool menu-jquery Wheel Ring Menu Plugin 5 effects DemoOnline previewInstance Code   JQuery Wheel Ring Menu Plugin 5 effects Demo

jquery drag-and-drop plugin for drag sorting effects

:0 0 1px 2px;Padding-left:10px;Line-height:40px;font-size:14px;Color:#333;text-decoration:None;}. Menu A:hover{Background-color:#eee;}. menu. Cur{Color:#000;Background-color:#fff!important;}. Thead{width:728px;Height:90px;margin:0 Auto;Border-bottom:40px Solid Transparent;}style> Divclass= "Menu"> aclass= "cur"href= "Index.html">1. Horizontal Drag and dropa> ahref= "index2.html">2, vertical drag and dropa> ahref= "index3.html">3, multi-line drag and dropa> ahref= "index4.html">4. S

Share carefully selected 23 stunning jquery image effects plugin _jquery

Download source code Circular Content Circular picture Conveyor effect, is also a more commonly used picture effects one. Online Demo Download source code Vertical Sliding accordion This is a vertical picture accordion toggle effect, very exquisite. Online Demo Download source code Thumbnail Proximity A very peculiar kind of picture effects, with thum

jquery Plugin-Magnifier effects

-$ (Obj.floatbox). Height ()/2;if(left) { left=0; } Else if(Left> ($ (obj.smallbox). Width ()-$ (obj.floatbox). Width ())) { Left=$ (Obj.smallbox). Width ()-$ (obj.floatbox). width (); } if(top) {Top=0; } Else if(Top> ($ (obj.smallbox). Height ()-$ (obj.floatbox). Height ())) {Top=$ (obj.smallbox). Height ()-$ (obj.floatbox). Height (); } $ (Obj.floatbox). CSS (' Left ', left+ ' px '); $ (obj.floatbox). CSS (' Top ', top+ ' px '); //enlarge the position of a larg

jquery Plugin Slicebox implement 3D animation picture Carousel Switch Special effects _jquery

Beautiful jquery 3D animated picture carousel Switch Effect plugin jquery.slicebox.js, based on jquery, plug-ins using CSS 3D animation effect, support event callback call, support parameter customization configuration, such as: speed:600 switch speed, Autoplay:true whether the automatic playback, in the browser compatibility, the browser needs to support CSS3 transform deformation properties, unsupported will not see 3D special

jquery Plugin SKIPPR implementation Focus Slide effects

The most effective focus chart of the history of the slide jquery plugin skippr, lightweight plug-ins, responsive layout plug-ins, powerful parameter customization configuration, can customize the switching speed, switching mode, whether to display the left and right arrows, whether AutoPlay, automatic playback interval, such as configuration parameters, call Plug-ins are also very easy to use, call the way below: 1. Load jquery and Plug-ins

jquery mimics human typing effects plugin Typetype

Typetype is a simulation of human typing effect of the jquery plug-in, Typetype very light, file less than 2k,gzipped compressed only 578 bytes, but the imitation of the effect is very lifelike, a word of the Dayton and back to delete the effect, so that people are amazed not only, Like a friend of the study, below to see how it is used:Introducing Core Files1 src= "Http://">Script >2type= "Text/javascript" src = "Jquery.typetype.js" > Script >Write H

JQuery Wheel Ring Menu Plugin 5 effects Demo

Cool menu-jquery Wheel Ring Menu Plugin 5 effects DemoOnline previewInstance Code 1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829303132333435 class="container">class="header">class="menu">class="active"href="index.html">Demo 1"index2.html">Demo 2"index3.html">Demo 3"index4.html">Demo 4"index5.html">Demo 5class="main">"#wheel"class="wheel-button">class="customicon-plus">class="pointer">Cli

jquery Custom Beautiful drop-down box plugin 8 effects Demo

The original dropdown box is not good to see here is recommended a jquery custom beautiful drop-down box plugin 8 effects DemoOnline previewInstance Code  jquery Custom Beautiful drop-down box plugin 8 effects Demo

jquery cool Insert and move element animation effects Plugin

Magic move is a great feature of the jquery cool insert and move element animation effect plugin. This plugin can insert other elements in a very smooth manner before the specified element, and automatically moves down to the first position of the next line when the rightmost element is out of the container.Online Demo:

jquery plugin for placeholder effects across browsers

')), ' Font-family ': $ (_this). CSS (' font-family ')), ' Font-weight ': $ (_this). CSS (' font-weight ')), ' Padding-left ':p arseint ($ (_this). CSS (' padding-left ')) + 2 + ' px ', ' Line-height ': _this.nodename.tolowercase () = = ' textarea '? $ (_this). CSS (' Line-weight '): $ (_this). Outerheight () + ' px ', ' Padding-top

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