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Php program code for capturing Baidu snapshots, Baidu indexing, and Baidu buzzwords-jerrylsxu

Php program code for capturing Baidu snapshots, Baidu indexing, and Baidu buzzwords-jerrylsxu /*Capture Baidu indexed code*/Function baidu ($ s ){$ Baidu = " Wd = site % 3A ". $ s;$ Site = file_get_contents ($ baidu );// $ Site = iconv ("gb2312", "UTF-8", $ site );Ereg ("find related webpage (. *),", $ site, $ count );$ Count = str_replace ("find related webpage", "", $ count );$ Count = str_replace ("article,", "", $ count )

"POJ11855" buzzwords (suffix array)

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Ultraviolet A 11855-buzzwords (suffix array)

Link to the question: Ultraviolet A 11855-buzzwords For a given string, the number of duplicates with a length greater than 1 (each length is counted as the maximum number of duplicates) is output in ascending order. Solution: suffix array: process the suffix array, enumerate the length of the substring, and segment it by length. #include Ultraviolet A 11855-buzzwords (suffix array)

Agile development, English is agile, I understand the agile

The theoretical knowledge I don't see much, no very accurate concept, I think no matter which development method has its own theoretical basis, and the corresponding method steps, such as waterfall model, incremental model, iterative model, agile method, etc. And because the project is different, such as whether it is a new project, two development projects, or maintenance projects, the method used is not the same, there is no fixed, different compani

Agile development Prajna agile Series 3: What is agile (below) (no living, no living, no empty execution, illegal, not illegal)

This is the third article in the agile development series. (One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine) After breaking the law enforcement, it is easy to fall into the empty hold, that is, there is no absolutely best method, so there is no need to pursue, willing to the status quo. It is very difficult to balance null and there is, this is the content of this article. Method and empty There has been a long history of the unification of la

Agile fluency: Finding agile ways to fit your needs

"In essence, all models are wrong, but some models do work," he said. "This passage comes from George, a statistician from the University of Wisconsin in the United States, and the founder of the university's Center for Quality and productivity improvement." There has always been a saying that James Shore and Diana Larsen together designed an Agile maturity Model (AMM), which introduces a set of agile

User story-driven agile development –2. Create Backlog_ Agile Development

The first "User Story driven Agile development –1" in this series. "To share with you the process of using user stories to help teams create requirements, in this article, let's look at how to use these user stories and feature points to form product backlog." The product backlog is a tool used in agile development to manage the list of requirements, prioritize, form iterations, and organize development/tes

Interpreting agile 2-six traps of agile implementation

As agility becomes more and more mainstream, various agile conferences are held, and one agile book is published one after another. One company is moving forward to agility, which is a hot scene. This reminds me of my feelings when I was reading the report. At that time, I was able to see advertisements for psoriasis and liver disease in prominent places in every newspaper. At first glance, I felt that ther

On the idea of gradually practicing agile development-agile development

Because of the organization of a new research and development team, and probably the team will be young people mainly, fresh graduates especially large. I think it's a good time to try out a new development model, but of course it needs a smooth transition. First of all, we do not have the experience of agile development, and secondly, all the concepts of agile development may not be fully suited to the te

12 Agile principles of agile development

The 4 Agile Manifesto of Agile Development speaks of the values of agile development, which can lead to the following 12 principles , which are the characteristics of agile practices that differ from heavy processes. In the Agile Software Development-principles,patterns,and

Agile Software Development-agile Declaration

Agile Software Development Declaration We are working with hands-on and help others to demonstrate better software development methods. Through this work, we think: Human and Interaction Over Processes and tools Software that can work Over all documents Customer cooperation Over contract negotiation Respond to changes at any time Over plan Although the right item is also valuable, we think the left item is more important. The

Enable Agile tools to play an effective role in agile development

Agile Software Development is no longer a term, but understanding is always biased. The first article in the Agile Manifesto, "individuals and interactions over processes and tools", was misread as "having communication, everything is resolved", and therefore spending a lot of effort to reorganize teamwork, but to belittle the tools (technology). In fact, the meaning of the Declaration is only to emphasize

Agile Testing (6) based on story Agile Basics

Agile basic knowledge----demand management based on story (III.) (3) Daily station meeting The purpose of the station will be three: (1) Known progress Progress is known only from the level of user stories and tasks, and there are only two states of task progress: complete or incomplete (percent complete). (2) A well-known scheme What work will you do before the next meeting? (3) Throwing problems What's blocking your progress? ("No problem

Simple agile tools are more favored by Agile development teams

Implementing agile does not require a certain or recommended use of tools. Ideally, looking at the requirements on the index card, the development can be done through the command line. However, a number of tools have emerged in recent years that have contributed to the successful completion of agile development. Migan and Gaia recently conducted a survey to try to draw on the use of tools by

Performance Management of agile development: Preface and "whether Agile Development assesses individuals" (Performance Evaluation)

This is the first article in Agile development performance management. (One, two, three, four, five, six, and seven) "Agile development performance management" is a pseudo proposition, because agile development itself does not want to involve performance management, which is similar to the combination of "C ++ Performance Management. However, there is a reason wh

Agile development handouts-how to build an agile team

PPT download link: Agile development sharing handout-modified version Page 1: Personal Information I will not introduce myself. My basic information is on the first page of the PPT. On July 15, July 26, that is, last Saturday, I attended a one-day training session on Agile development. We applied for this training because the training is suitable for the audience who wish to

Agile Testing (3) based on story Agile Basics

Story based Agile basic knowledge----story writing Why use story? Software industry for more than 40 years, demand analysis technology has been very mature, but the MRD-driven process is overwhelmed. Since MRD often takes up a lot of time, MRD reviews take up a lot of time, and after coding is done, the pressure is poured into QA, often on the schedule, or the experience is poor, or there are too many bugs, or the project is postponed. Using story,

Agile COACH: How to build an excellent agile team

Agile COACH: How to build an excellent agile team original title: Agile coaching Author: Rachel Davies Liz Sedley Translator: Xu Yi Yuan Dian Ming Press: Tsinghua University Press ISBN: 9787302325734 Release Date: July 2013 Release Date: 16 open pages: 250 versions: 1-1 category: computer more about "agile COACH: intro

Agile Personal mobile apps: How to do agile personal exercises

Agile personal values are happy, efficient, balanced, for each of the values, we have a practice to help people to develop, below I briefly introduce them so that you can choose for their own needs to do which exercises first.650) this.width=650; "src=" "style=" border:0px; "/ >650) this.width=650; "src=" "style=" border:0p

Agile Personal mobile apps: How to do agile personal exercises

Agile personal values are happy, efficient, balanced, for each of the values, we have a practice to help people to develop, below I briefly introduce them so that you can choose for their own needs to do which exercises first.Practice Introduction Balancing Personal PracticeFormerly known as: Agile Life Practice. From the of a 30-day practice on life, you can let yourself th

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