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Web Development-Agile web development with Rails (third edition) PDF

: Network Disk DownloadThis is the first book on the Ruby on Rails.The main contents of the book are divided into two parts. In the Build Application section, readers will see an example of a complete online book purchase site. During the presentation, the author truly reproduces a complete iterative development process, giving the reader a firsthand experience of the various problems encountered in real-world application

Agile Web Development with Rails Translator (17)

Agile Web Development with Rails Translator (17) Chapter Nineth Task D: Settlement! So far, we have built a basic product management system, we implement a catalog and have a nice shopping cart. Now we need to get the buyer to actually buy something in the shopping cart. Before proceeding, let us implement the settlement function first. We are not going to go

Web development agility-Application of rails for agile web development, version 2nd chapter 6th error: Undefined method 'scaffold' for admincontroller: c

I recently learned how to develop agile Web applications-applying rails for agile web development, version 2nd. When I implemented depot in chapter 1 Create the "goods maintenance" application, Class admincontroller Scaffold: Product End Then Depot> Ruby script/Server An error occurs when I enter localhost: 3000/

Agile Web Development with Rails Translator (18)

Agile Web Development with Rails Translator (18) The only interesting thing here is the code associated with the selection list. We have already assumed that the list of valid payment options is a property of the order model-it will be an array of an array in the model file. The first element of each sub-array is made into a string that is displayed as an option

Agile Web Development with Rails Translator (15)

Agile Web Development with Rails Translator (15) Organize your shopping cart Before we finish this work and show the customer, let's tidy up the shopping cart display page. Instead of simply dumping this product, let's add some formatting. At the same time, we can add some continuous shopping connections so that we don't have to press the back button only. Whe

Agile Web Development with Rails translations (18)

Agile Web Development with Rails translations (18) Here, the only interesting thing is the code associated with the select list. We have assumed that the list of valid payment options is an attribute of order model-it will be an array of an array in the model file. The first element of each sub array is a string that is displayed as an option selected, and the s

Agile Web Development with Rails Translator (16)

Agile Web Development with Rails Translator (16) 8.5 cycle C3: Complete shopping cart Let's start processing the empty shopping cart connection on the shopping cart display. We know we have to implement a Empty_cart () method within the store "controller". Let's delegate its responsibilities to the cart class. April 17, 2006 Update def Empty_cart find_cart.emp

Agile development, English is agile, I understand the agile

The theoretical knowledge I don't see much, no very accurate concept, I think no matter which development method has its own theoretical basis, and the corresponding method steps, such as waterfall model, incremental model, iterative model, agile method, etc. And because the project is different, such as whether it is a new project, two development projects, or m

User story-driven agile development –2. Create Backlog_ Agile Development

The first "User Story driven Agile development –1" in this series. "To share with you the process of using user stories to help teams create requirements, in this article, let's look at how to use these user stories and feature points to form product backlog." The product backlog is a tool used in agile development to

Agile development Prajna agile Series 3: What is agile (below) (no living, no living, no empty execution, illegal, not illegal)

This is the third article in the agile development series. (One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine) After breaking the law enforcement, it is easy to fall into the empty hold, that is, there is no absolutely best method, so there is no need to pursue, willing to the status quo. It is very difficult to balance null and there is, this is the content of this article. Method and empty There has

On the idea of gradually practicing agile development-agile development

Because of the organization of a new research and development team, and probably the team will be young people mainly, fresh graduates especially large. I think it's a good time to try out a new development model, but of course it needs a smooth transition. First of all, we do not have the experience of agile development

Ruby on Rails development from scratch series of tutorials (with Ruby ebook download)

Keywords: Ruby on Rails, instantrails, windows, getting started, tutorial I always wanted to try Ruby on Rails, but I was not familiar with Apache and MySQL, and I was not confident in setting up the rails environment. So I never started. After learning about instantrails, finally, we set up the Ruby on Rails

Performance Management of agile development: Preface and "whether Agile Development assesses individuals" (Performance Evaluation)

This is the first article in Agile development performance management. (One, two, three, four, five, six, and seven) "Agile development performance management" is a pseudo proposition, because agile development itself does not wan

View self-similarity of agile development from continuous delivery (heartbeat of Agile Development)

Author: Chen Yong Source: Self-similarity refers to the similarity between a part of a thing and its larger part or even the whole. From a big perspective, Agile Development attaches importance to customer value and advocates continuous delivery. However, in general, the product owner often has a very good sense of customer value, while the first-line developers pay more attention t

Agile Software Development Declaration-Manifesto for Agile Software Development

Agile development, no one will, no No documentation, fast activation, and users can change anything they say? The following is a joke, said Daniel of wangwu village- I recently switched to a job and earned 40 thousands or 50 thousands yuan after work. I took the drawing and saw it. Isn't it just a chimney? We are Agile teams. What documents do we need? Start

Agile development One Thousand and One question Series 25: What is the fundamental foundation of agile development?

This is the first article in The One Thousand and One Q A series of agile development. (Here, I would like to ask, one, two, three, and the General Directory of the question)Q: What is the fundamental foundation of agile development? What is the essence of Agile Software

Ruby on rails development from scratch (windows) (1)-use InstantRails to quickly build a Ruby On Rails Development Environment

I have always been very interested in Ruby on Rails. I want to see something that has been praised by many people, but I have been working on windows development, it is still a headache to build the development environment of Ruby on Rails, Which is why Ruby on rails has not

Enable Agile tools to play an effective role in agile development

Agile Software Development is no longer a term, but understanding is always biased. The first article in the Agile Manifesto, "individuals and interactions over processes and tools", was misread as "having communication, everything is resolved", and therefore spending a lot of effort to reorganize teamwork, but to belittle the tools (technology). In fact, the mea

Agile Development Scrum Literacy Chapter _ Agile Development

In order not to fall behind, I also began to learn scrum, today mainly on my recent reading of the relevant information, according to their own understanding, in their own words to describe the various aspects of scrum, the main purpose is two, one is to carry out the summary of knowledge, Another is that a lot of learning information on the Internet so that beginners are not easy to understand; So I decided to write a literacy blog, while also trying to share with the garden friends, hope to he

Agile Development _ Agile development

Waterfall development and agile development are the two most representative development models; Waterfall Development: Characteristics: 1. Emphasis on the document, the previous phase of the output is the next phase of input, the document is the only information at all

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