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Agile development ecosystem Series II: Agile ecosystem-Planning and Tracking I (cross-functional teams-joint estimation-per Hitachi conference-peer pressure)

This is the second article in the agile ecosystem series (One, Two, Three, Four, Five ). If there are still some factors that cannot be controlled by the Team in demand management that lead to implementation difficulties, there is no problem in the planning and tracking process? In fact, I have seen the entire group with the authority of Leadership (many of which are simply unable to handle the issue), but

User story-driven Agile Development (Planning chapter)

User story-driven Agile Development (Planning chapter)Reproduced from near Agile development: HTTP://WWW.JINHUSNS.COM/PRODUCTS/CURRICULUM/?TYPE=XCJAgile development is now not new, we have heard from various channels of different teams to implement agile fruit, listen to feel very beautiful, come home to find that it i

Reading Notes: Agile estimation and planning

I recently read agile estimation and planning. This book is of great practical significance for agile development, Provides many practical operations and tool sets. The following is the core of this book: 12 guiding principles for agile estimation and planning" 1. inv

Agile planning tools in Visual Studio team System 2010

This article is based on a pre-release version of Visual Studio team System (VSTS) 2010. All information is subject to change. This article describes the following: Product and Iteration Planning Product Backlog Workbook Capacity Planning and reporting Iteration Backlog Workbook This article uses the following techniques: VSTS 2010, VSTS Process for Agile

Product Management Series II of agile development: Product Version Planning

This is the second article in the agile development product management series. (Preface and set up iteration goals, product version planning, product user group planning, new product R D, prediction meetings, product servant, product owner team, and product line management) This article is an old article, formerly known as "no change during iteration" and

Planning, testing and refactoring of agile development

ObjectiveThis series is a reading note from Robert C. Martin's agile Development Book, which outlines some of the basic principles of agile development, which are presented separately for the more important aspects of planning, testing, and refactoring.First, the plan  1. Initial explorationAt the start of the project, developers and customers should try to ident

Rookie Scrum Agile Practice Series (iii) planning of organizational---Functional architecture of user stories

Using Scrum Agile Project management method for product development, when the large-scale product development, user stories are more, it is necessary to take certain methods to organize and manage user stories, so that the management of their categories, organized only clear. Often we use "functional architecture" to classify the user stories in a hierarchical hierarchy.First, the planning levelFollowing th

Agile development practices 2: planning and design (large R & D team, learning team, 139 team, mentoring system, design review, predicate statement, joint estimation, and playing card estimation)

aspects in the design and planning phases. -------------------------- Technology: Lightweight Design If you want to assign a task to an "Uneasy person", there are two ways to ensure the success: the master gives the design to the apprentice, however, it is difficult to grasp the details of the "design document". When I write less, I cannot do it. When I write more, I have made a lot of content, and I am redundant, however, it takes a lot of time for

"No changes during iteration" and agile development product version Planning

Author: Chen Yong Source: No changes during iteration? Support school said: Yes. If it changes frequently, how can we develop it. The opposition said: No, agile development cannot come up to confirm the demand. What is needed is to gradually understand the demand in development. How can it remain unchanged. This problem is only available at the development level. Let's look at this issue from the perspective of Product Version

[Best practices] In the agile scrum software development model, how do we start a sprint planning meeting?

In the agile development framework of scrum, the most important part is the Sprint plan meeting. If the meeting fails, the whole sprint will make the scrum team suffer and it is difficult to complete the initial sprint goal. After several attempts, we finally found our own model. These methods and principles are the best for us. Based on our own knowledge and our own project scenarios, we may not try them out for other teams.---

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