agile methodology and scrum framework

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Agile Development Methodology-scrum

, and put them into the next sprint's product requirements;Here are some of the scenario diagrams used in the scrum development process:is an example of a Product Backlog.Is the daily standing meeting, the participants can stand at random posture, task Kanban to ensure that everyone see, when everyone after the speech, to go to the task version before the update their Burndown chart.The task view contains incomplete, in-progress, completed work, assum

Creation and explanation of agile individuals scrum MEETING

[51cto paper] In agile practice, scrum is a framework for running projects. It is based on Agile principles and values. For strictly managed project teams, scrum meetings are also conducted at the same time every day. Through daily scrum

Agile/scrum Mode development based on Visual Studio 2010

(the MSF Agile) template since its release in 2005, the Agile process template before release 2008 is based on the MSF (Microsoft Solution Framework) This framework is a summary of Microsoft's best practices for its own research and development team, and it does not fit well with many of the

A picture to show you how Agile development scrum

Recently, our company is fully committed to the agile development of scrum, the sense of efficiency is greatly improved, so simply share under agile development scrum.00. Agile Scrum Manifesto:One, the focus of a pictureThe figure

Agile Software Development Model scrum Handouts

a lightweight software development method. It is an agile development framework and an incremental and iterative development process. In this framework, the entire development cycle includes several small down generation cycles. Each small down generation cycle is called a sprint. The recommended length of each sprint is 2 to 4 weeks. In layman's terms, we have

Scrum framework for the basic series of scrum entry

The scrum framework for the basic series of Scrum basics 3 replies.Scrum framework for the basic series of scrum entryPeople who have read a few scrum books must be able to very familiar the s

Scrum Agile Development

Using agile to develop one months of events, the basic development model is similar to the one I encountered in this article, briefly copy here ...Http:// for code farm work: Scrum 206ca28b5c8cd05143fe9d065e27ff73scene=1srcid=0127uzwbu

Agile development scrum from management perspective

Zicheng Every time we look at agile development, scrum is from a technical perspective. Today we try to look at this issue from a management perspective. Scrum Scrum has become the most influential software development process in recent years. From the Forrester Survey Report on Ag

"Scrum Agile Project Management"

mode based on factual feedback, which is more efficient than the front-end predictive decision-making method. Although scrum is only a framework for agile development, ignoring the details of coding, more attention to the implementation of the process, but also embodies the above 5 core principles. Scrum focuses on

Step by Step Agile development: 5. 4 Types of Scrum conferences

sprint, the scrum team gathers together to open a sprint review meeting to review how the team is doing in terms of processes, relationships, and tools. The team identifies which ones are doing well, what is not, and identify potential improvements to make plans for future improvements. All scrum meetings are time-limited, and the recommended duration for a sprint retrospective is one hours per week in the

--scrum Agile Development

, continuous integration, daily stand-up meetings, co-ownership of code, system metaphors, and more. Scrum scrum is an Agile development framework that consists of a development process, several roles, and a set of prescriptive implementation methods. In scrum, product requi

Agile scrum practice camp, free registration (Shanghai January 23, Beijing January 30)

Welcome to join this eventInfoq Chinese site,Jakobson China Co., Ltd.AndMicrosoft China LtdThe "agile scrum practice camp" jointly held. Methodology is gaining more and more attention and practice in software development. If you are interested in using scrum and Visual Studio 2010, do not miss this activity. Referenc

Agile thinking-methodology in Architecture Design (7) combined use mode

We have discussed four process models for agile architecture design. In this chapter, we will summarize these four process models, the relationships between the four persons and the Agile Methodology characteristics embodied in the model are discussed. Through the description in this chapter, you can have a better understanding of the previous content. Focus of t

Agile thinking-methodology in Architecture Design (3) source from demand

We said that, unlike heavy-duty methods, which focus on planning, processes, and intermediate products, agile methods focus more on people and communication. People and communication are always the first, and planning, processes, and intermediate products are just a means to ensure communication and achieve goals. This does not mean that the Plan, process, and intermediate product are not important, but they cannot put the cart before the horse.Note:

Step by step agile development: 1. Scrum Overview

Scrum Overview The SCRUM overview is nothing more than agile declaration, agile principles, scrum frameworks and values. Before that, let's take a look at some professional scrum introductions.

Agile thinking: Methodology in Architecture Design (7)-combined use mode

Introduction:We have discussed four process models for agile architecture design. In this chapter, we will summarize these four process models, the relationships between the four persons and the Agile Methodology characteristics embodied in the model are discussed. Through the description in this chapter, you can have a better understanding of the previous conten

Introduction to Software Engineering: A summary of the scrum development framework

As the saying goes, the code of his own writing, 6 months later also is someone else's code ... Review ! Review! Review! The knowledge points involved are as follows: Software Engineering Concepts Agile development Process Scrum First, what is software engineering? Please describe it in a sentence.Software Engineering is a research discipline: it uses an engineering approach (contacting B

Scrum Agile Project Management essentials

:1) Strong technical ability2) Versatile3) Automatically work spontaneously4) team-oriented11, the basic concept:1) The Scrum framework implementation does not have the so-called best concrete practice, only more suitable, more effective practice, the implementation of scrum is not because you are now in my good, but in your next monthThere's no getting better.2)

Another method of agile development-Scrum

Today, the msdn website launchedSolution starter: scrum for Project 2003Http:// Url =/library/en-US/odc_pj2003_ta/html/officepjscrumtoolsolstarter. asp I don't know how many people in XP today know scrum and have personally tried it? The most important thing is how long have you used it.In addition to using custom Excel tables to complete

Evaluate agile and scrum against other software methodologies

In general, choosing a software development approach is more like joining a cult than making a technical decision. Many companies have never even tried to evaluate these methods, but simply blindly adopt the most popular methods, creating a variety of agile methods today. Therefore, we will use some standard metrics including function point, defect removal rate (DRE), quality cost (COQ) and total cost of ownership (TCO) to compare the samples of moder

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