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User story-driven agile development –2. Create Backlog_ Agile Development

The first "User Story driven Agile development –1" in this series. "To share with you the process of using user stories to help teams create requirements, in this article, let's look at how to use these user stories and feature points to form product backlog." The product backlog is a tool used in agile development to manage the list of requirements, prioritize,

User story-driven Agile Development (Planning chapter)

User story-driven Agile Development (Planning chapter)Reproduced from near Agile development: HTTP://WWW.JINHUSNS.COM/PRODUCTS/CURRICULUM/?TYPE=XCJAgile development is now not new, we have heard from various channels of different teams to implement agile fruit, listen to feel very beautiful, come home to find that it i

Agile Testing (6) based on story Agile Basics

Agile basic knowledge----demand management based on story (III.) (3) Daily station meeting The purpose of the station will be three: (1) Known progress Progress is known only from the level of user stories and tasks, and there are only two states of task progress: complete or incomplete (percent complete). (2) A well-known scheme What work will you do before the next meeting? (3) Throwing problems

Agile Testing (3) based on story Agile Basics

Story based Agile basic knowledge----story writing Why use story? Software industry for more than 40 years, demand analysis technology has been very mature, but the MRD-driven process is overwhelmed. Since MRD often takes up a lot of time, MRD reviews take up a lot of time, and after coding is done, the pressure is p

Agile Testing (4) based on story Agile Basics

need to write a good user story card and detailed description; (2) Then, PM will find Rd, QA leader to explain, and review,review people to raise questions and improve their opinions; (3) Then, PM and responsible for specific development of RD, Test QA for explanation and discussion, RD, QA ask questions, questions, PM answers, and modify the detailed description. (4) Finally, after all participants fee

Rookie Scrum Agile Practice Series (ii) User story acceptance

Rookie Scrum Agile Practice Series IndexRookie Scrum Agile Practice Series (i) User story conceptRookie Scrum Agile Practice Series (ii) User Story acceptance (this article)Rookie Scrum Agile Practice Series (iii) organization of

User story-driven agile development –2. Create a backlog

The first article in this series, "User story-driven agile development –1." Planning chapter "To share with you how to use user stories to help teams create requirements, in this article, we look at how to use these user stories and feature points to form a product backlog." A product backlog is a tool that is used in agile development to manage requirements list

Agile Development (iv)-story acceptance test

Then the "estimate story" said, after the completion of the story estimate will start to consider how to carry out the acceptance test, only the acceptance through the story to calculate the development completed.For a story, developers and customers may discuss a lot, the content of the discussion can be recorded in t

Development Management checklists (14)-agile development-story Acceptance Test

Note: The Development Management Checklists-series of articles are transplanted from my iteye blog. The Development Management checklists column will be updated directly in the future. Next I will talk about the "estimation Story". After the story estimation is completed, I will begin to consider how to carry out the acceptance test. Only when the story is accep

Agile development story Wall

After clarifying the requirement, se stuck all the stories on the story wall, waiting for developers to develop. The story wall template is: Analysis: After the requirement clarification is completed, se adds all the stories to the analysis stage. Waiting for development: After the developers and Se confirm the requirements and clarify what to do and how to

Story player, a small tool for agile business analysts

In an agile team, one of the main tasks of Ba (Business Analyst) is to analyze user stories. In general, we use paper cards to write and record them. After mingle was released, we began to use it to manage our story cards. Mingle is a handy agile project management tool. It is useful because it is customizable. You can use it to manage your projects, even if you

The story card limits agility

The way people use story cards is wrong. I know it's a bold thing to say, but I think the way most people use story cards is really wrong. There is no doubt about the teams I work and mentor. Don't get me wrong, the story card (storycards) has improved a lot compared to the traditional specification documents we used t

Agile development practices 2: planning and design (large R & D team, learning team, 139 team, mentoring system, design review, predicate statement, joint estimation, and playing card estimation)

effective co-Anonymous estimation (this article also details ). 2. Acceptance Criteria In order to establish a Joint Estimation Based on the same goal, and to prevent the requirement from gold plating or the final software from meeting the requirement, the master and apprentice should establish a common understanding of the requirement. The simple method is to join the estimation meeting with the two (in fact, the master and multiple apprentices) and listen to the PO to explain the

Card trees-New Features of Agile Project Management Tool mingle2.0

Mingle is an agile software development and management tool that will be released soon. Many new features are added in this version. Of course, the main function is card trees. You can establish parent-child relationships between various types of cards. These relationships use a tree structure to demonstrate the complexity of a project. You can build different trees for different purposes or for differe

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