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User story-driven Agile Development (Planning chapter)

, one listing the requirements and estimating them on demand to derive the budget, and the other is the time and resource plan, which is often planned in phases. Agile development has only one project plan, which is to organize the time, resources and track of each stage according to the user story – this is what the user story-driven

User story-driven agile development –2. Create Backlog_ Agile Development

, configuration (source code) management, test management, code compilation, automated testing, Complete tool chain for research and development of operational dimension Integration (DEVOPS) for automated release and deployment of environmental management. Most of Microsoft's own products are using this platform for research and development management, which also provides good support for agile development. In the process of collating user stories, we

User story-driven agile development –2. Create a backlog

(source code) management, test management, code compilation continuous integration, automated testing, A complete toolchain of research and development Operations Integration (DEVOPS), including automated release and deployment of environmental management. Microsoft's own majority of products are using this platform for research and development management, which also provides a good support for agile development.In the process of organizing user stor

Udad User Story driven Agile development – a transcript of the presentation

Agile has been widely recognized in the software industry today, but most agile methods are specific methods or practices that have been summed up to address a particular problem, and there has been a lack of a system that can link the entire development process. User story-driven agile development (user Stories Drivin

How to use Leangoo to do demand management? (User Story map)

User stories are the main way to express demand in agile development, we have the concept of demand pool when we do agile development, in scrum this demand pool is the product backlog, the requirements pool is an entry requirement, each is usually a user story. As defined by scrum, the product backlog is a queue of value-based ordering, in which teams deliver req

ArcGIS online -- map template example (1)

Ii. About templates. After we create a web map on ArcGIS online, we often create a web application through"Program"To add some functions to this webmap to make it a complete and systematic application. For example, the simplest example is to apply a simple legend template to the previous "Beijing primary school and Internet cafe" application to make it a map ap

ArcGIS online -- map template example (2)

1, First Login site: This is a map story portal launched by ESRI in the United States. here we can see map stories of different content and different presentation styles. 2. There is a link to download the map template application on th

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