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Comparison of software development modes (waterfall, iteration, spiral, and agile)

emphasizes the risk analysis neglected by other models and is particularly suitable for large and complex systems.At the beginning, the "Spiral Model" was very small. when the project was defined better and more stable, it gradually began to expand.The core of the "Spiral Model" is that you do not need to clearly define everything at the beginning. You can easil

Five typical development cycle models (waterfall, V, prototype, spiral, and iteration)

interact with each other. In this way, the development of one or more models alone cannot meet the project's requirements for many aspects, as a result, the spiral model is derived. The reason why the spiral model is suitable for large-scale software is that it pays more attention to risk control, and emphasizes risk

Agile development from concept principles to business models

Masters should not only sum up some theories about agile methods, but also have practical methods to operate and cooperate with the corresponding business models. Otherwise, they will always say that agile declarations are principles, practices, or experiences, there is no theoretical or business model support, and there is nothing to talk about when it comes to

Agile Software Development-principles, models and practices

After thinking about it, I decided to record the course of reading in the form of a date. The comments will be part of the discussion and Thoughts on reading. 2005-06-01: I am very happy to have time to read these good books due to my lack of project tension in the past few days. I once again picked up Agile Software Development-principles, models, and practices.

The whole framework of agile development Knowledge system

stand-up meetings are designed to allow the team to unify goals and to coordinate internal issues, not progress reports. Generally no more than 15 minutes. What did you do after our last meeting? What are you going to do before our next meeting? How much time is left for each of the tasks you're responsible for? Is your work hindered? Taskpad (Task Board) Provide a convenient tool for the project team to manage their work Is the team members of this spri

Using the principles of agile development to develop their own college campus blog system

completion stage, this part is not included in our consideration. 9 Only with constant attention to technology and design can we become more agile In the process of carrying out the project, we continue to learn new technology, but also constantly self-reflection, to improve the design of software. 10 It is important to keep it concise and to simplify the workload as much as possible As far as possible

Agile development practices 2: planning and design (large R & D team, learning team, 139 team, mentoring system, design review, predicate statement, joint estimation, and playing card estimation)

effective co-Anonymous estimation (this article also details ). 2. Acceptance Criteria In order to establish a Joint Estimation Based on the same goal, and to prevent the requirement from gold plating or the final software from meeting the requirement, the master and apprentice should establish a common understanding of the requirement. The simple method is to join the estimation meeting with the two (in fact, the master and multiple apprentices) and listen to the PO to explain the story. Howev

Practice 5 of agile development "loose programming": code check (large R & D team, learning team, 139 team, mentoring system, code review)

, software quality depends on the worst part, not the best part. Code review does take time to make the best part worse, but it makes the worst part much better, thus improving the overall quality. ------------------------------------------------------------ At the work level, the code check ensures that the quality of the Code, especially the structure quality, can be achieved by the master, thus ensuring the success of the project. From the perspective of learning, code check allows the appren

Enterprise-level agile software development platform agileeas. Net Based on DOTNET component technology-System Architecture

This article is an architectural supplement to the introduction of the agileeas. NET application development platform and the agile parallel development method of agileeas. net. It is used to explain the architectural design ideas of the agileeas. NET platform. Speaking of the system architecture, I cannot give a def

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