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11. Agile Software Testing: A time guide for testers and agile teams

1, Agile Test Quadrant-the division of labor in each quadrant? Who will do it specifically? When do you do it? 2, soap opera Test 3, exploratory testing 4, session-based testing 5, WATIR6, Fit Fitnesse8, to ility testing (reliability, interactivity, scalability) 9, agile

The role that testers play in agile teams

and integration testing are written by the appropriate developer. The general work to be done at this time is: Evaluate the appropriate testing framework and tools for the project to identify and development discussion to build a test framework In the iteration, add the appropriate script for the corresponding user story use case Regular execution Role 6: Full stack EngineerThis i

Will testers disappear from the earth like dinosaurs? --on the impact of agile development on testing

Http:// With the rapid expansion and popularization of agile development, the question of whether Agile software development requires test engineers is being mentioned by more and more people, and the industry has two different views. I think: with the further promotion of agile development, from the perspective of fut

Will testers disappear from the earth like dinosaurs? _ Agile Testing

With the rapid popularization and popularization of agile development, whether Agile software development still needs test Engineer's problem is mentioned by more and more people, the industry also holds two different views. I think: with the further promotion of agile development, from the perspective of future trends, the role and status of

About automated testing, agile, and teams

The new pad was jailbroken for the first time and started to download and install apps that were previously hard to afford. It is estimated that it will take quite some time to adapt to these office apps. The members of the team have gradually adapted to the article I shared with you. After reading the article, you can integrate your own ideas and write down your blog. In agile transformation, each member is driven to think independently and have the

What exactly is agile testing?

Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams", which in 2010 had its The Chinese version [4], in the 1th chapter on the definition of agile testing, focusing on the

Agile Software Testing--the initial

-structured proposal. The idea of agile testing is a result-oriented, technical, collaborative, willing to learn, the courage to constantly produce business value.10 Rules for Testers10 Rules for Agile Testers: Provide continuous feedback Create value for customers Engage in face-to-head communication

Simple agile tools are more favored by Agile development teams

Implementing agile does not require a certain or recommended use of tools. Ideally, looking at the requirements on the index card, the development can be done through the command line. However, a number of tools have emerged in recent years that have contributed to the successful completion of agile development. Migan and Gaia recently conducted a survey to try to draw on the use of tools by

Modeling in the Agile era: what does the expansion of agile teams need in addition to code?

Agile methodologies have become the mainstream of current software development, and working code (and automated testing) is considered to be the most important output for the team. So is it no longer necessary to model it? Is the UML really dead? I don't think so. In this article, I will explore how the modeling approach still works and plays a key role in the agile

Introduction to Agile testing

Today, there is a discussion of such an old topic, does it feel like a cliché? Because Mr. Dening, who was Google's China Test manager two years ago (at the end of 2010), wrote an article on "What is an Agile software test" (Posted on the INFOQ website [1]), has already touched on this topic, "Agile software testing is more of an idea, not a process." In 2011, I

The ideal test organization in agile testing

organization should be how to build, can reasonable work division, give full play to everyone within the organization's strengths. That is, in the agile testing environment, we should use what kind of people, to do what kind of things, to achieve maximum efficiency. There are two things to consider when considering the organizational structure of a team: what to do and who to do it. In fact, many people a

Impact of leadership in Agile development teams on teams

himself suffering from this job, he cannot become a leader in the agile team. Only with great enthusiasm for the industry and rich experience can we lead the team forward. 2. Leaders must dare to take responsibility. A good leader should dare to take responsibility, so that team members can trust themselves and be willing to follow themselves. If you encounter any difficulties or failures, you will be responsible for others, and you will never be f

Version control between multiple agile teams control between multiple agile teamsIf we have multiple Agile teams working on the same code base, how can we minimize the risk of conflicting code with each other? How do you ensure that each iteration ends with a clean, published version of the software?

Common pitfalls in Agile software testing

corresponds to a guide to the test. A lot of people would think that Agile software testing does not require documentation, and in the Agile Manifesto there is a "working software above exhaustive documentation", although the Agile manifesto concludes with "The right item

Agile development performance management 4: setting external performance targets (target management and export-oriented performance) for teams)

This is the fourth part of agile development performance management. (One, two, three, four, five, six, and seven) I recently read Drucker's book and found that it clearly states the concept and statement "enterprise performance only exists outside, while enterprise internal cost only, next, let's talk about the performance appraisal of the agile development team.

Methods and practices of agile testing

Wen/Zhu ShaominOnce, after the developer completes the code for the current sprint task, the testers, developers, and product managers come together to browse the product and go through it, and the product manager discovers the problem and thinks it needs to make a big change to the functionality. At this time the developer estimated that it would take two days to complete the code, but the testers opposed

Agile practice of cross-iteration of mobile teams

, everything from the team's specific circumstances, tailoring the process model for the team is our ultimate goal to an efficient teamSumming up the agile practice of this cross-double iteration, the successful implementation requires the concerted efforts of all the roles, a sense of global awareness and a high sense of responsibility, and agile coaches and role managers can effectively manag

Agile Testing (4) based on story Agile Basics

need to write a good user story card and detailed description; (2) Then, PM will find Rd, QA leader to explain, and review,review people to raise questions and improve their opinions; (3) Then, PM and responsible for specific development of RD, Test QA for explanation and discussion, RD, QA ask questions, questions, PM answers, and modify the detailed description. (4) Finally, after all participants feel that there is no problem, PM auxiliary QA to supplement the detailed acceptance criteria

Briefly describe the importance of testing in agile projects

. "The impact of quality??" What is it? "That's your next question. In fact: Quality is required cost! What's worse: true high quality requires a higher cost! To really build quality, we first have to define it, and then we need to find it. Quality solutions are not possible without building quality into processes and technologies and not building complete levels of testing into our work. "Ah, finally caught you," the developer said, "we define the

Enterprise-level agile software development platform based on DOTNET component technology-agileeas. Net-document summary and Learning Guide

1. Introduction to agileeas. NET platform Agileeas. NET platform is a rapid development platform for application systems. It helps small and medium-sized software developers quickly build their own enterprise information management development teams to save development costs and shorten development time, to quickly adapt to market changes, agileeas. the. NET application development platform consists of four parts: basic library, resource management p

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