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One of the CTO club series: Why is csdn a CTO club?

Visit the csdn homepage, with a CTO link above, pointing to the CTO Club ( ). So far, there have been more than two thousand members in the club. More than three hundred members log on to the club every week. In Beijing, the CTO Club held nearly 10 events. Just last week, the CTO

After the double National Day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the new version # cmdn club # The Mobile developer club will provide two offline activities in a row

It seems that I haven't heard the # cmdn club # sound for a long time. In the past four months, I have investigated three technical conferences in the United States and visited two non-csdn technical conferences in China, we held an iOS devcamp and Android devcamp event and, as always, focused on offline activities on topics such as mobile Internet, mobile entrepreneurship, and app sharing held by many colleagues in the industry. Beijing, Shanghai, an

CTO club Series 4: CTO club activities for 3G and mobile Internet

After the Spring Festival, the number of members is increasing at any time. We plan more large-scale offline activities of the CTO club. 3G is a hot topic. Therefore, the CTO club invited two lecturers, one of whom was the head of the Apsara stack project and Huang Xiaodong, a senior Microsoft consultant. He was also the product manager of wangyi Popo bubble. One is Chen Shi, vice president of ucweb. The lo

Southwest Jiaotong University Microsoft Club _ Microsoft

Microsoft technical Lecture at Southwest Jiaotong University (club pre-establishment lecture) Note: You have any questions about the club, suggestions, comments, can be put forward. Club members to join: Personal profile, contact details, hobbies, expertise, sent to Time: April 15, 2005 (3 o'clock in the afternoon---5 o'clock in the afternoon) Ven

Rhythm Master Club Can ' t Handle me skills

Rhythm Master Club Can ' t Handle me is the newest song of the game, do players have any idea about this song? Small knitting today brings to everybody is the Rhythm Master Club can ' t Handle me the skill analysis. Club Can ' t Handle me the requirement is great no more than 5% of the total number of notes, this requirement compared to limit the number of gre

Shenzhen University City Roller Skating Club for everyone to provide 100M free universal space _ free universal space

Shenzhen University City Roller Skating Club to provide you with 100M free all-round space. Please see the following introduction: Unconditional Application for free spaceThe space description is as follows:Type of space: UniversalIndependent web Space 100MSupport Domain name binding subdirectory Number UnlimitedMSSQL Database UnrestrictedMySQL Database UnlimitedSimultaneous number of online (IIS) unlimitedWeb site, post office real-time openingOnlin

Select the basic elements of snooker club

1) snooker club type There are three types of club size charts available on the market: one piece cue (segment), center joint cue (two-segment), and 3/4 jointed cue (3/4-segment. One piece cue (A Piece Of Style) is one of the most traditional and longest-history ones. It is currently used by several contestants, such as jonh Higgins, Steven Lee, and Peter ebdon, according to the golfers who use one piece

The Wuhan. Net Club held an event in 10.28. You are welcome to sign up!

The Wuhan. Net club has not been held for about half a year. This time, Microsoft and Wuhan Si Yuan are preparing to run the club once. We hope that Wuhan. NET will register for the club. The details are as follows: Microsoft. NET the club is a private organization supported by Microsoft. It consists of a large nu

Software testing club Charter

I. Purpose Create a communication platform for software testing technology; Build up software testing elites and build the best organization in the software testing industry; Promote and guide the development of software testing technology. Ii. Organization The club is headed by the Executive Committee of the Club (hereinafter referred to as the Executive Committee). The secre

How can we run the Xi'an. NET club?

I will discuss with Haidong about Xi'an. some things of the NET club are put here for discussion and a look at Xi'an. NET club how to deal with it is better, hope that everyone can batch, please also in other regions. the owner of the NET Club gives more comments. (Dudu: although it is not a technical article, I hope I can understand all the things about Xi'an. N

Recruitment of csdn university club lecturers from colleges and universities nationwide in the fall of 2014

The csdn University Club (hereinafter referred to as the "club") is a it Technology Learning Organization initiated by csdn, the world's largest Chinese IT technology community, and attended by students from all colleges and universities nationwide. Csdn serves as a bridge between the industry and the campus, providing various club learning services such as indus

Every day, cool runs the club store and contributes to quick currency acquisition.

What are the coins contributed by cool every day:As the designated currency of the club store, the contribution currency has been closely linked with the club since its birth. In daily games, according to your contribution to the club, at the same time, the system will reward a certain contribution currency. With the contribution currency, we can easily purchase

One alliance and one dream-online press conference of Microsoft. NET Club

One alliance and one dream -- Microsoft . Net Online club Press Conference Abstract:Microsoft. the online press conference of the net club was held from two o'clock P.M. to on Friday, September 1. You can join the event through the msdn Chinese network broadcast, make sure that live meeting has been installed. Click here to attend this lecture. users who are not on the msdn Chinese network broadcast

What the hell is the Sdt-luck club that has recently blown fire?

Super single dog game from last night online to now very hot, a large number of players to enter! Today we are going to take a piece of this blockchain to the center of the game is what ghost? Super Single Dog is the first blockchain-centric game of Luck Club, a world-renowned game development company. SDT is the most comprehensive application product since the development of blockchain.As we all know, since the development of blockchain, we have expe

Xi'an. Net club's recent development plan

To better serve club members, we will plan the club as follows: 1. Expand club organizations: Note: 1. The Chairman manages the overall work of the club with the assistance of the Vice-Chairmen; 2. The Vice-Chairman is in charge of the external and technical aspects. The Vice-Chairman is headed by Wu Xiaojun,

Xinjiang Microsoft. NET club in action

Xinjiang Microsoft. NET club in action-- Club lecturers were invited to give lectures at Xinjiang Industrial College. Microsoft in Xinjiang. since its first successful launch at Xinjiang Vocational University in November 26, the net club has aroused great repercussions in the IT industry in Xinjiang, especially in the software development industry. In just one m

Zhengzhou DOTNET Club "close contact with DOTNET" activity invitation

The Zhengzhou DOTNET Club was established with the enthusiastic support of everyone. It was established in March and has received several registrants, from the first to second persons to dozens of registrants, our club team is growing, and our membership enthusiasm is soaring. We are a non-profit organization established under the initiative and support of Microsoft, blog Park, and csdn. Our aim is to make

Chengdu programmer club events [continuously updated]

Tech2007 (Microsoft) Chengdu programmer club technical Annual Meeting Summary Http:// New club membership cardHttp:// to Zhu yongguang on his MVP electionHttp:// to the sixth activity of the clubHttp://

Xiamen. Net club activities and preparations for deep training of micorsoft techready-Visual Studio team system

When I came back from Xiamen, I deeply felt the passion of the Xiamen. Net club. Several core members of the club were full of enthusiasm and invested a lot of energy in club activities. The Guangzhou. Net club was founded by me. I also know the hardships of inviting lecturers to look for venues and arrange various mat

How to register a NetEase Adventure Club registration method and FAQs

How can I register a NetEase adventure club?STEP 1 qualification applicationLog onto the NetEase pass on the official website and leave a valid mobile phone number to apply for the test qualification. Click here to applySTEP 2 get the activation codeStarting from January 1, December 28, eligible gamers will receive a text message about the test invitation. (Contains the club link and activation code .)STEP

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