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Mahjong game data structure and AI Algorithms

Parameter 1: the ID of each card, that is, the subscript in the paicaption Array Parameter 2: the status of each card,-1 = "no card, 1 =" normal card, 2 = "Touch card, 3 =" Eat card, 4 = "dark bar, 5 = clear bar 3. Temporary data architecture It is mainly used to record the temporary data that triggers the trigger, and record it with a dynamic array. With these basic architectures, the status of all cards and players' hands is clear, making it much easier to develop computer

Billiard game core Algorithms and AI (2)

Objective:Recently studied the box2dweb, feel oneself to write HTML5 edition billiards game time ripe already. This is also a round of their own a desire, a dream.To undertake this sequence of related blog posts:• Billiard game core Algorithms and AI (1)Combine HTML5 's learning notes at the same time:Box2dweb Study Notes--sample explanationThis article specifically explains the box2d model abstraction of b

Billiard game core Algorithms and AI (1)

refers to "Nehe's OpenGL Chinese tutorial 30th lesson Collision Detection and model movement". Of course, the realization of billiards game, may not really need the algorithm, many developers directly use box2d can be perfect and easy to implement. Refer to "Implementation using Cocos2d-x box2d". Follow-up articles that want to tell how AI is designed and implemented under billiard games. Hope to work together.Written at the end:  If you think this a

AI machine Learning-decision tree algorithms-Concepts and learning processes

characteristics of the learning, so that the classification is not allowed, for example, a special feature as a category of judging criteria, so that does not have a particular attribute of the data into this category. This is called fitting, English is called overfitting literal translation is over-matching, that is, matching is too thin, a bit too. To solve this problem, it is necessary to simplify the decision tree, to remove some of the characteristics too refined, the reaction in the tree

AI top-Level Meeting list

, hosted by ACM, opens every year. This is going to be a smaller circle now. . Information retrieval should not be AI, but because there is a growing use of machine learning, in recent years even a little machine science The taste of the application conference, so put it in the list. SIGKDD: The best conference on data Mining, hosted by ACM, opens every year. This meeting is a short history, after all,

List of Top 50 AI periodicals sorted by SCI Impact factor

Appendix II: List of the top 50 AI periodicals sorted by SCI Impact factorPublication name, Impact factorIEEE transactions on FUZZY SYSTEMS, 6.701International Journal of Neural Systems, 6.085IEEE Transactions on PATTERN analysis and Machine INTELLIGENCE, 6.077IEEE transactions on evolutionary Computation, 5.908INTEGRATED computer-aided ENGINEERING, 4.981IEEE transactions on Cybernetics, 4.943IEEE transacti

(self-hing ai) pythony list

How to create a list:a=[1,2,3,4,5]Use a bracket like this to enclose an element in a comma-delimited list of elements, which is represented as a listing.Common actions in the list:1. Element Assignment:a[0]=10Added a 10 to the list index of 0, overwriting the original 1.Results: a=[10,2,3,4,5]2. Add elements:A.append (6)Here we use a method append (), the Append

Self-hing AI------------the basics of Python entry (2) list and Ganso

the tuple is also a sequence, you can access the element in the specified position in the tuple and also intercept an element in the index3. Meta-set built-in functions:1) Len (tuple) for calculating the number of tuples2) max (tuple) used to calculate the maximum value in a tuple3) min (tuple) is used to calculate the minimum value in a tuple4) tuple (SEQ) to convert list to Narimoto GroupCode is more secure because tuples are immutable. If possible

Linked List of JavaScript data structures and algorithms, data structures and algorithms

Linked List of JavaScript data structures and algorithms, data structures and algorithms Linked List Overview A linked list is a common data structure and also a linear table, but it does not store data in a linear order. Instead, the pointer of the next node is stored in ea

Presentation of linked list creation and chain list traversal algorithms _c language

for this node, and P-pnext to refer to the next node (not with p++ Oh!). ) - 4. If empty, the arrival tail node is indicated the */ the the 94 voidTraverse_list (Pnode phead)//How to traverse, is not the same as before with the array, thought the array is continuous, here discontinuous the { thePnode p = phead->Pnext; the 98 while(NULL! =p) About { -printf"%d", p->data);101p = p->Pnext;102 }103printf"\ n");104}Run:To recite a poem:The spirit of the hundred refining, front sharp no

Java data structure and algorithms note-ch5-List-4 implementing a stack with a linked list

} $ } - - /** - * Stack A */ + classLinkstack { the Privatelinkslist linklist; - $ PublicLinkstack () { the This. linklist =Newlinkslist (); the } the the Public voidpush (LinkS l) { - This. Linklist.insertfirst (l); in } the the PublicLinkS Pop () { About return This. Linklist.deletefirst (); the } the the Public BooleanIsEmpty () { + return This. Linklist.isempty (); - } the Bayi PublicString toString (

Java data structure and algorithms note-ch5-List-5 using a double-ended list to implement the queue

. Link.insertlast (l); - } the Publiclinkq Remove () { the return This. Link.deletefirst (); the } the PublicString toString () { - return This. link.tostring (); the } the Public voiddisplay () { the System.out.println (toString ());94 } the } the Public classLinkqueuedemo { the Public Static voidMain (string[] args) {98Linkqueue queue =Newlinkqueue (); About for(inti = 0; I ) { -LINKQ l=NewLINKQ (i);101 Queue.insert (l);102 Queue.

Common operations of list and time complexity of algorithms

= = listsize-1) {A[i].next=NULL; fprintf (stdout,"%d\n",cur->v); Break; } A[i].next= a[i+1]; fprintf (stdout,"%d",cur->v); } fprintf (stdout,"\ n"); returnA;}voidLISTPRT (ListNode *p) {ListNode*cur =p; while(cur! =NULL) { if(Cur->next = =NULL) {fprintf (stdout,"%d\n\n",cur->v); Break; } fprintf (stdout,"%d",cur->v); Cur= cur->Next; }}intMainvoid) {ListNode a[listsize]; ListNode*tmp =NULL; ListNode*ai = Listinit (a[0], +); TMP= Listquick (

Data structure and algorithms-linked list

) {printf ("%d", node->data); node = node->Next } }/*Function to insert a node at the begining of the linked list*/void Push (struct node** head_ref,IntNew_data) {/*Allocate node*/struct node* New_node = (struct node*) malloc (sizeofstructnode));/*Put in the data*/New_node->data =New_data;/*Link the old list off the new node*/New_node->next = (*HEAD_REF);/*Move the head to point to the new node*/(*head_ref)

Java data structures and algorithms-List of links

has a specific value, and once found, you can display, delete, or otherwise manipulate the node. The new node can be inserted in front of or behind a node of a particular value, first to traverse to find the node. The double-ended list maintains a reference to the last node in the list, which is usually the same as the header, called Tailer. Double-ended lists allow data items to be inserted at

Python data structures and algorithms--list and dictionaries

implements this comparison. Note that we perform the same non-operation number in container . The difference is that line 7th x is a list, and the 9th line x is a dictionary.ImportTimeitImportRandom forIinchRange (10000,1000001,20000): T= Timeit. Timer ("Random.randrange (%d) in X"%I,"From __main__ import random,x") x=List (range (i)) Lst_time= T.timeit (number=1000) x= {J:none forJinchrange (i)} d_time= T

Circular chain List of algorithms

. println ("-------------------"); System. out. println (O.obj); while(Count 1) {o= (OBJ) m.Get(o.address); System. out. println (O.obj); Count++; } } Public Static voidMain (string[] args) {looplinklist L=Newlooplinklist (); L.creatlist (Ten); Looplinklist Loop=Newlooplinklist (); OBJ o= Loop.NewOBJ (); o= (OBJ) L.getele (4); L.loop (o); } Public voidCheckinti) { if(i0){ Throw NewRuntimeException ("not valid parameters"); } } //to

JavaScript data structures and algorithms reading notes > Chapter III list

. listsize; return This. listsize; }; This. Find =function(ele) { for(vari=0; i This. listsize; i++){ if( This. datastore[i] = = =ele) { returni; } } return-1; }; This. add=function(ele) { This. datastore[ This. listsize++] =Ele; }; This. Insert =function(Ele, Afterele) {varindex = This. Find (Afterele); if(Index >-1){ This. Datastore.splice (Index, 0, ele); This. listsize++; return true; }Else{ return false; } };

Fundamentals of Algorithms and Data Structures 3: implementation of a simple single-linked list class

Simple single-linked list implementation, the data type is defined as an int, if you want to be generic, you need to change to a template class, and then slightly modified to the next.List.h#include Main.cpp#include "List.h" #include Output:There are some features not implemented, such as the insertion of elements in the specified location, linked list search, etc., because there is no iterator, with index

---List of javascript data structures and algorithms

are called elements. In JavaScript, the elements in a list can be any data type. How many elements can be saved in a list without prior agreement. However, the number of elements in actual use is limited by program memory.Now that we want to design a list, we can think about implementing a list, what properties and me

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