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2018 newest and most complete--ai + Big Data high-end training tutorial-ai video Tutorial

cases, so that the students to the machine learning to the level of engineering application, can carry out basic algorithm evaluation and optimization, this stage of learning to be competent data mining analysts, Intermediate Machine Learning Development engineer and other positionsPhase IV: Algorithmic levelThis phase will have a deeper understanding of the algorithm, combined with the learning of the relevant machine learning framework and deep learning Framework (scikit-learn\tensorflow), si

Yi Hundred tutorial ai python correction-ai unsupervised learning (clustering)

is a measure of the distance between each point in a cluster and the points in an adjacent cluster.Analyze Contour FractionsThe score range is [-1,1] . The following is an analysis of this score- A score of 1 points-close to +1 points indicates that the sample is far from the neighboring cluster. A score of 0 points-a score of 0 indicates that the decision boundary between a sample and two adjacent clusters is or is very close. A score of-1 points-a negative score indicates tha

Yi Hundred tutorial ai python correction-ai data preparation-preprocessing data

types of standardization available for machine learning-L1 standardizationIt is also known as the minimum absolute deviation. This normalization modifies these values so that the sum of the absolute values is always at most in each row 1 . It can be implemented in the following Python code, using the input data above-# Normalize Data ' L1 ' )print("\nl1 normalized data:\n", DATA_NORMALIZED_L1)The above line of code produces the following output:L1 normalized data:[[0.22105263 -0.2 0.57894737][

Yi Hundred tutorial ai python correction-ai supervised learning (regression)

variance score = 0.34R2 score = 0.33Now we will create a 10-order polynomial and train the regression. and provide sample data points.polynomial = polynomialfeatures (degree = ten== [2.23, 1.35, 1.12== linear_ Model. Linearregression () (x_train_transformed, y_train)print("\nlinear regression:\n", Reg_linear_mul.predict (datapoint))print("\ Npolynomial regression:\n", Poly_linear_model.predict (Poly_datapoint))Linear regression-[2.40170462]Polynomial regression-[1.8697225]

Yi Hundred tutorial ai python fix-ai data preparation-tag data

this procedure to check performance by decoding a random set of numbers. The following Python code can also do the same thing--Now, it will be printed as follows-= [3, 0, 4, 1]print("\nDecoded labels =", list(decoded_list))PythonNow, the decoded value will be printed as follows-= [‘white‘, ‘black‘, ‘yellow‘, ‘green‘]Tagged and unlabeled dataUnlabeled data is primarily made up of samples of natural or man-made objects that can easily be obtained from the real world. They include audio, video, ph

Tutorial on auto-focus custom settings of AI Servo for Canon 7D

I will give you a detailed analysis and share with you the tutorial on customizing auto-focus settings for AI Servo of Canon 7D.Tutorial sharing:Types and features of auto focus modeChoosing the most suitable auto-focus mode based on the situation of the subject is the basis for auto-focus shooting. I hope you can understand the functions of each mode and select the appropriate mode for flexible use.Speed c

A tutorial on solving the problem of changing fuzzy image of Ai source files to Photoshop

To the users of Photoshop soft armor to the detailed analysis to share the AI source files to Photoshop image to solve the problem of fuzzy solution tutorial. Solution Tutorial: When I get an AI source file, there are multiple pages in a document, I directly export as PSD, then layered, change the i

PS and AI timely textures-PS tutorial

This tutorial is to introduce PS to PHP's Chinese network friends in combination with AI to map the process in a timely manner. The tutorial is really good. I can use animations to explain it to you and learn it intuitively. The tutorial is very practical. let's take a look at it. PS, combined with

Turn AI Tutorial logo

Copyright statement: The original author of this article Flying House Studio, thanks to the original studio workshop to share!This AI making logo tutorial is a very useful tutorial. Through this tutorial, flying special friends will learn the AI production logo process and l

Chess game AI algorithm of chess and board source building tutorial

independently, but for a game like the landlord, players are grouped, Ai robot and when the farmer's card strategy should be different.(2) Note cardAi Bots are able to respond to cards already played by individual players for future decision-making. At the same time, you should also provide an interface for server cheating. For example, Mahjong games, AI robots in the decision-making can secretly look at o

Photoshop combines AI to create retro, stylish, cool, and beautiful posters-PS tutorial

This tutorial is intended to introduce Photoshop and AI to a friend of PHP's chinnet to create retro fashion and cool-looking posters. the posters created in this tutorial are very beautiful and difficult. we recommend that you use the PHP chinnet, if you like it, let's take a look at today's tutorials to recommend a little-known Illustrator built-in filter. By t

PS is a dynamic blessing for AI creativity-PS tutorial

This tutorial is mainly used to share with friends of PHP's Chinese network the dynamic blessing method of PS combined with AI for creative production. The tutorial is really good, and the dynamic blessing made is very beautiful and difficult, let's take a look at it. this tutorial is mainly to share with friends of PH

Combining Photoshop with AI to create ultra-realistic stereo retro radio-PS tutorial

This tutorial is intended to share with my friends how to use Photoshop and AI to create a super-realistic stereo retro radio. The Radio produced in this tutorial is very lifelike and worth learning. we recommend you to my home, let's take a quick look. this tutorial is intended to share with my friends Photoshop and

Ps+ai design to make retro neon font effect tutorial

Radim Malinic to share with us: How to give your headline a "group of mocking" aura without 3D software and Plug-ins-attracts everyone's attention. As a designer or illustrator, I often like to find some unusual techniques to add color to my work. Recently, in a dig in the west of London, I found a unique element of the 17th century architecture, For the art neon advertisement, I applied this element to my newest work. In this tutorial, I will incor

Ps+ai Tutorial! Teach you how to create a low polygon Galaxy poster

Preface Brushes, textures, and even Photoshop noise filters can make a galaxy look, but I don't think it's nearly enough. It may not be direct enough, and it is difficult to express it completely in any shape. So, the galaxies we're drawing seem to be just the galaxies in the concept. This tutorial will teach you to use AI and PS to create a Galaxy poster, of course, if you use the stars to do the backgrou

March 2018 Python Biography podcast AI Basic Employment class full video tutorial

information, more information please pay attention to this public number, information continues to update.About the data sharing groupIn order to better the information collected by the author to share the needs of the small partners, so the establishment of this group, the author will not regularly share relevant information/videos/articles for the group members;Group name: PM Inn information Sharing Group 01Special Reminder : If the two-dimensional code failure, please add the author (dandan-

Ai+ps to make digital smoke effect tutorial

the edge of the gray line. Then a curve appears between the two curves. Use the blending tool to go to: Object blending options. There, change the spacing to a specified number of steps, and the steps are set to 200 steps. The other pair of curves also repeats the above operation. Step 3 Now the work in the AI is over, we are going to go to Photoshop to continue, copy the two shapes inside the illustrator into Photoshop, each layer. Step 4 He

Code Building tutorial Mahjong AI algorithm and data structure chess card

) = Arrpai (i) + 2Jiang = 0End IfIf i > then HU = False:exit FunctionIf (I Mod Arrpai (i) = Arrpai (i)-1Arrpai (i + 1) = Arrpai (i + 1)-1Arrpai (i + 2) = Arrpai (i + 2)-1If hu (Arrpai) = True then HU = True:exit FunctionArrpai (i) = Arrpai (i) + 1Arrpai (i + 1) = Arrpai (i + 1) + 1Arrpai (i + 2) = Arrpai (i + 2) + 1End IfHU = FalseEnd FunctionSeven pairs, 13, all do not rely on the HU card type belongs to the special case, write the algorithm alone.The algorithm of eating, touching and bar can b

AI and PS make Lenovo Music Phone interface Tutorial

This tutorial teaches the triple course of graphic learners to use AI and PS to make Lenovo music phone interface, the tutorial is not very difficult, the production of the mobile UI is very beautiful, although it is an imitation, but I learned from this tutorial a lot of things, here thanks to the

"AI Tutorial (Zhang Hisen)" (iv)

examples to form conceptual descriptions.2) Discover learning. Can be divided into empirical discoveries (laws and laws found in empirical data) and knowledge discovery (discovering new knowledge from observed examples).7. Interpretation-Based Learning belongs to a kind of deductive learning method. The general descriptive framework is:1) Given: domain knowledge dt; target concept TC; training example te; operability criterion oc.2) Find out: Sufficient conditions for the TC to meet OC.First of

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