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VBS batch modification file, Bat batch file invoke execute VBS, and print return value (VBS run result) in CMD window _vbs

Findf.close () Exit Do End If Set R=fso.opentextfile (F, 2, true) R.write s D2=f.datelastmodified If D2>=d then Exit Do Loop End If Next Set Fs=flr.subfolders For each F in FS Traversal (F.path) Next End Function Traversal (Flrname) ' MsgBox ("done!" Count "Files were modified successfully.") WScript.Echo "Done!" Count "Files were modified successfully." ' Value popup by ' WScript.Echo ' Can is received by. Bat easily Wscript.Quit count ' This variable ' c

Iisweb. vbs iis website management script usage introduction, iisweb. vbs website management

Iisweb. vbs iis website management script usage introduction, iisweb. vbs website management Application to: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows Server 2003 with SP2 Iisweb. vbs: IIS website management script Create, delete, and list websites on a Server running Windows Server 6.0 with Internet Information Service (I

Implementation Code of the vbs Regular deletion function and vbs deletion implementation code

Implementation Code of the vbs Regular deletion function and vbs deletion implementation code Refer to code 1:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Function DeleteLog ()Dim objFSO, objFolder, strPath, targetFSO, subFSO, DirPathDirPath = createobject ("Scripting. FileSystemObject"). GetFile (Wscript. ScriptFullName). ParentFolder. Path "\ Log \"Set objFSO = CreateObject ("Scripting. FileSystemObject ")Set targetF

Vbs Script Programming Tutorial II-how to start the first vbs script?

This article from the csdn blog, reproduced please indicate the source: ◎ Vbs Script Programming Tutorial II-how to start the first vbs script? Like most computer tutorials !"ProgramStart our exercises. What? What does it mean? That is to say, the beginning of most computer programming tutorials is to write a small program. The resul

Methods for including other VBS files in a VBS _vbs

Include file in ASP contains other files In VBS Copy Code code as follows: Option Explicit On Error Resume Next Sub include (VBS) Dim Fso:set fso = CreateObject ("Scripting.") FileSystemObject ") Dim p:p = Split (wscript.scriptfullname, "\") P (UBound (p)) = VBS p = Join (P, "\") Dim F:set f = fso. OpenTextFile (P) Execute F.readall () ' Exe

◎ One of the simple vbs Script Programming tutorials-Why use vbs?

(?) ? Vbs is a Windows Script. Its full name is Microsoft Visual BASIC script Editon. (Microsoft Visual BASIC script version), vbs is an abstract subset of Visual Basic and is built in the system. The script code written with it cannot be compiled into binary files, it is executed directly by the Windows System (it is actually an interpreter of the source code of the host and executed), which is efficient

How to include other vbs files in a vbs

Include File in ASP contains other files In vbs CopyCodeThe Code is as follows: Option explicit On Error resume next Sub include (vbs) Dim FSO: Set FSO = Createobject ("scripting. FileSystemObject ") Dim P: P = Split (wscript. scriptfullname ,"\") P (ubound (p) = vbs P = join (P ,"\") Dim F: set f = FSO. opentextfile (P) Execute F. readall () 'Execut

VBS enumeration Process VBS lists the detailed list of processes _vbs

What's the use of using a VBS (VBScript script) to enumerate the Windows operating system's processes today? For example, it's useful to have a process that you sometimes want to monitor for whether it's running. Example: Enumerating processes with the VBS script ' Enum.vbs Dim wmi,objs,process set Wmi=getobject (' winmgmts: ') set OBJS=WMI. InstancesOf ("Win32_Process") process= "for each Obj in

"VBS" Debugging a VBS program using Visual Studio

First make sure that the visual Stuido is installed on the machine,then open a command-line window to execute the following command, which pops up the confirmation window for debugging using Visual Studio. Point "yes" for debugging. WScript.exe [VBS file full PATH] [parameter 1] [parameter 2] [...] [Parameter n]//d//x WScript.exe Command Description: WScript.exe C:\Test.vbs par1 par2 par3//d//x Parameter description: D Open the d

VBS script encryption/decryption VBS script (easy to kill version 1.1) _vbs

Dim Wshshell,fso On Error Resume Next Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject ("Wscript.Shell") Set FSO = CreateObject ("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set Args = wscript.arguments Ver= "1.1" Closetime = 5 FileName = WScript.ScriptName Filefullname = Wscript.scriptfullname FilePath = FSO. Getparentfoldername (Filefullname) Inspath = FSO. GetSpecialFolder (1) Insfullname = FSO. BuildPath (Inspath, FileName) copyright= "Scrap Iron" Qq= "qq:415736" Email= "" Institle= "Encrypt/decrypt

[Vbs] writes an INI file to vbs.

step is to get the user input and write it to the specified INI and XML. I personally think that there are few ways for AI to play freely. Its custom actions (Custom Actions) can call EXE, JS, vbs, and other things, but JS and vbs have nothing to do with them, A little timid. To solve the problem in a familiar way, you can use C # To write an EXE, PASS Parameters through the main function, and write parame

One of the classic vbs Script Programming concise tutorials-Why use vbs

Http:// blog has a considerable number of vbs and WMI learning guides. Very good. In msdn this URL has a lot of WMI learning materials: Reprinted from: In Windows, it may be easy to learn computer operations, but many computers work repeatedly. For example, you may need to copy, paste, re

Script. vbs. Agent. AI Juan. vbs exclusive

Hkcu \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced \ showsuperhidden Value: Type: REG_DWORD, Length: 4, data: 0 HKLM \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced \ Folder \ Hidden \ Showall \ checkedvalueValue: Type: REG_DWORD, Length: 4, data: 0 Other aspects: Copies are automatically copied to c: \ windows \ % username %. vbs, c: \ windows \ system32 \ % username %.

VBS encryption 14: several types of VBS encryption-free discussion

Mobile phone typing is really troublesome, so I will not directly provide instances for some simple or too complex code. 1. Not a method-add commentsAdd unnecessary comments without signature. Code omitted 2. case-insensitive Mixing Ignore case sensitivity using VBS 3. Mixing branches and peers Use the colon (:) to connect multiple lines of code as one line 4. One row is divided into multiple rows Use the hyphen (_) to write a row into multiple ro

VBS encryption 14 method you will have several kinds of VBS encryption to avoid killing talking about _vbs

Mobile phone typing is really troublesome, so some simpler or too complex code I do not directly provide an example. 1, not the method of the method--Add notes Add some rules useless annotations without signatures. Code slightly 2. Mixed case and writing Use VBS to ignore case 3, the branch and the colleague mixes uses Use a colon (:) to connect multiple lines of code to one line 4, one line divided more than one line Use a continuation

You can convert a file to a VBS code for a VBS statement _VBS

Article author: xiaolu [BST] Source of information: Evil Octal Information Security team ( This is not exe2vbs all types of files can be converted, but limited to string size files cannot be too big I tested 3m files is OK Save the following code as: File2vbs.vbs Copy Code code as follows: ' Program by Xiaolu ' Name:file2vbs.vbs On Error Resume Next Do While 1 Fname=inputbox ("Enter file name (including path) to convert:", "Enter filename", "F:\hhh.exe") If Fn

A vbs script that converts Bat to a VBS file.

The following code is slightly modified. The original structure is that the script is executed synchronously with the released bat and the bat is deleted after the bat execution is completed. It is intended that no temporary files are left. Later, I thought about the poor universality. For example, if the bat file released for execution is a monitoring type of resident processes, VBS will wait endlessly and cannot exit, so it should be changed to asyn

VBS learning diary (2) Basic knowledge, vbs Diary

VBS learning diary (2) Basic knowledge, vbs DiaryVBScript BasicsI. Variables1,All content after single quotes is interpreted as comments. (Ctrl + m comments in vbsedit and ctrl + shift + m comments in reverse comments)2. In VBScript, variable naming rules follow standard naming rules. Note the following:Variables, methods, functions, and objects are case-insensitive in VBScript.. When declaring a variable,

You can convert the bat to the VBS script for a bit VBS file _vbs

The following code is slightly modified, the original structure is the script and the release of the bat synchronized execution and wait for the bat after the completion of the bat deletion, is not left behind temporary files. Then think about the common bad, such as releasing the execution of the bat file is a resident process of the monitoring type that VBS will be endless waiting and can not quit, so or instead of asynchronous execution, the script

Use VBS to send a message pick a fast broiler do VPN's VBS code 1TH/2 page _vbs

A Pick fast chickens to do VPN.When the young rookie transformation for the old rookie, you know to consider playing hacking while also try to ensure that not exposedMyself. Everything, Safety first! Otherwise do not know which day play to play is the police uncle brought tea ^_^.Therefore, as the old rookie of us, we should learn to hacking, more use vpn+ terminal and other springboard measures to protect themselves, as far as possible not to expose themselves directly to the place.However, due

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