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Aircrack-ng wireless cracking summary, aircrack-ng

Aircrack-ng wireless cracking summary, aircrack-ngIn linux, I use the ubuntu environment. For ubuntu installation, you can directly use sudo apt-get install aircrack-ng Linux should be able to use yum-y install aircrack-

Aircrack-ng's Airmon-ng command

Description The airmon-ng is used to convert the wireless interface between the managed and monitor modes. Enter the Airmon-ng command without parameters, and the current interface state is displayed. usage Airmon-ng Or: Airmon-ng Where: usage Examples 1. View the status of each interface: ~# airmon-

Full tutorial aircrack-ng crack WEP, WPA-PSK encryption weapon

In fact, the content of the basic knowledge of wireless is still quite many, but because this book focuses on the use of BT4 own tools to explain, if you carefully talk about these peripheral knowledge, this is like to tell the DNS tool also to the DNS server type, working principle and configuration to tell the same, haha, It is estimated that the thickness of the whole book needs to be doubled one or twice times. Well, the basic knowledge of wireless network advice you can refer to my previous

Aircrack-ng tutorial

Aircrack-ng tools are also available in Windows, but I can't capture packets in Windows, so I can only discard Windows from Linux, in addition, the APS scanned in Windows are much less than those in Linux. In fact, Windows does not fully support TCP/IP protocol families, and some protocols are not used for Windows directly to discard. The network was originally a Unix world from the beginning, and Windows w

Aircrack-ng Official document translation [Chinese-English control]---airdecap-ng

Aircrack-ng Official Document Translation---airdecap-ng Description "Introduction"With Airdecap-ng you can decrypt WEP/WPA/WPA2 capture files. As well, it can also is used to strip the wireless headers from an unencrypted wireless capture.It outputs a new file ending with "-dec.cap" which is the decrypted/stripped vers

Tutorial: aircrack-ng kit-Based on Windows

Version: 1.01 September 25,200 9By: darkaudax Translation: Gao Jian Introduction First, due to a lot of restrictions, windows is not suitable for wireless activities. However, these restrictions are not imposed by the aircrack-ng suite, so please do not ask me to enhance its functionality in windows. The following is a brief description of Windows limitations: 1. Few wireless network adapters are supported:

Mac system installation aircrack-ng hack WiFi password (2)

Our last article said how to use aircrack-ng, to crack the route password using WPA/PSK encryption method, this article describes the use of aircrack-ng to crack the use of WEP encryption route password;The difference between WEP and WPA/PSKWPA/PSK encryption is more secure than WEP encryption, WEP is an old-fashioned

Aircrack-ng on OSX from zero-starting detection

Continue with the previous article, after installing the aircrack-ng, you need to learn how to detect the target. Find a tutorial followed by learning it. In fact, online about the use of Aircrack-ng tutorial is still a lot of, I also refer to a lot, but finally the official tutorial as the standard is better. The appr

An error occurred while setting the listening mode for Aircrack-ng.

An error occurred while setting the listening mode for Aircrack-ng.An error occurred while setting the listening mode for Aircrack-ng.In some cases, an exception occurs when you use the airmon-ng command in the Aircrack-ng tool set to the listening mode. For example, SIOCSIF

Aircrack-ng on OSX installation starting from scratch

Today, I saw in the evil1m0 on the understanding of a wireless network intrusion on the post, aroused I also want to toss the idea. In fact, the idea has been long-standing. Now the WiFi is everywhere, the security hidden danger I really feel too big. Really need public opinion to popularize for everybody, although last saw CCTV has dragonfly water of popularity, but for most people is too insignificant. This time to learn about the wireless network crack, I think I can also do a WiFi honeypot .

Aircrack-ng Wireless Hack Summary

Test environment under the Linux platform, I use the Ubuntu environment. Ubuntu installation can be directly with sudo apt-get install Aircrack-ngLinux should be able to be installed with yum-y install Aircrack-ng, if you download its installation package, there is no fangqian, very slow.----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Some study notes and questions about aircrack-ng

Recently, I accidentally got some wireless technical materials and found a fast Wi-Fi penetration method. Although this method is not as stable as Reaver, I personally think it is much faster than Reaver in terms of time. The reason may be that the notebook for the experiment is too old. There are several problems on the way. If you have any colleagues, please give me some advice. Here we will first record these major commands for memo. If the environment is BT5, a higher version is installed

Aircrack-ng cracking Summary

Method: 1. Make sure that your wireless connection is Enabled: ifconfig checks whether wlan0 is enabled or other wireless adapters are enabled. If not, the subsequent steps cannot be performed. You can use ifconfig-a to check whether there is a wireless adapter, and then run the ifconfig wlan0 up command to start the wireless adapter (wlan0 is the name of the wireless adapter found in ifconfig-) 2. Enable the NIC to be in the listening mode: sudo airmon-ng

Mac system installation aircrack-ng hack nearby WiFi password (1)

Tag: Sig Routing command does not have BSP FFD COM follow principleFirst step, install Macport, install XcodeInstalling macport Macport is a tool for tool management software packages, and we can also install Aircrack-ngin other ways, but Aircrack-ng is installed by macport the fastest, (Mac system requires the installation of Xcode, you can refer to Macport's ho

Raspberry Pi (raspberrypi) installation aircrack-ng,reaver and WiFi hack tutorial [finishing]

Original link: Please specifyHardware environmentRaspberry Pi B + one (I'm using the Debian environment)One PC (or other device to directly operate PI on the line)Wireless card (can be used on the line, but the powerful wireless card will do less, I use 3070) Find Note: Wireless network card is not any line, need to support the listening mode can be, the support list can be viewed here:

Detailed description of attack modes in Aircrack-ng 6

wifi0 -4 chopchop attack mode, used to obtain an xor file containing key dataAireplay-ng-4-B ap-mac-h my_mac wifi0 -5 fragment: fragment attack mode, used to obtain PRGA (files with the suffix xor of the key)Aireplay-ng-5-B ap_mac-h my_mac wifi0Packetforge-ng data packet manufacturing ProgramPacketforge-ng-0-a ap_mac-

Aircrack-ng installation Detailed

1. First of all we need to install Libssl-dev, if we do not install this file, we run Aircrack when there will be errors. 1 Apt-get-y install Libssl-dev libnl-3-dev libnl-genl-3-Dev Ethtool 2. Next, make sure your computer or raspberry pie is connected to the network and follow the line steps. 1 2 3 4 5 wget

Get the password for nearby WiFi using the Aircrack-ng tool

the first row below the station column in the lower-middle part. Mon is the value obtained from the previous step. After execution:Observe whether the contents of the Red section appear in the window that we did not close in step 2. If it doesn't appear, wait a few more minutes to execute the command in this step again until it appears. If you have performed more than 30 times or if the time is longer than 30 minutes, it is recommended that you change to an interesting network.The content in th

Aircrack-ng Wireless Audit Process (simplified first draft)

Ready to work: Make sure the wireless card supports promiscuous mode and works properly. (Self-brought network card does not support promiscuous)Ifconfig command If you cannot see the wireless card, use Ifconfig-a to view all the adapters, find the corresponding assigned name of the wireless network card (such as Wlan0), Ifconfig wlan0 up enabled.1.airmon-ng Check detects the process that consumes the NIC and kills it to ensure that the network card i

The NIC listening mode of kali2.0 when using aircrack-ng to crack the wireless password

When you use the following command to crack the password when using kali2.0 aircrack-ng, you will find that the NIC listening mode cannot be enabled.Airmon-ng start wlan0An error is returned after you execute the following command:Airodump-ng mon0The above problem occurs because the system itself is faulty, and the NIC

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