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WordPress specific articles for search engines hidden or only allow search engines to view _php instances

Hide specific articles on search enginesthe source of this problem is this: As we all know, with the search engine improvement, will increasingly reject collection and false original, especially Baidu also introduced the Origin algorithm, the collection station for K station and other measures. If labeled as a collection station, all efforts may be wasted. Believe that a lot of webmaster, but also want to

How to use advanced search commands of search engines to search for desired content faster and more accurately

Friends who access the Internet will basically use a tool to find what we want, that is, the search engine. When using the search engine, we can quickly find the relevant keywords by entering the keywords we want in the search box. Friends who access the Internet will basically use a tool to find what we want, that is, the s

Search advanced syntax for Baidu, Yahoo and Google search engines

To learn SEO, then we start from the most basic search engine grammar, following the collation of Baidu, Yahoo, Google three search engines for advanced syntax and application. Baidu Search Advanced Syntax 1, limit the search scope to the title of the page--intitle The pa

Search engines How many stories in ten years-search engine technology

With the rise and fall of the Internet, search engine also experienced 10 years of ups and downs, it is how to become the Internet in the future an important point of growth? Who has got the "four barrels of gold" of the internet?    1995-Directory Search prevalence On a simple home page, in the Keyword input box to enter the content to find, we immediately get the relevant information, this is the

Blog search engine listing | a brief comparison of blog search engines

Blog search engine listing | a brief comparison of blog search engines Today, I suddenly wanted to use the "blog search engine", so I found this article for translation. O (partition _ partition) o... Features (Fast pushing new articles): The purpose of the blog search engin

Common advanced search commands for major search engines

Put it here for your convenience :) From Common advanced search commands for major search engines Http:// authorMin Zhiyu Crawler-based search

The third law of search engines-search engine technology

The search engine has come today, it is a time to end the past and open up the future. To clarify my third law, let's look at the first and second laws first.   .....................................................................................Law of relativity of the first lawSounds like an academic paper, indeed, even the first, the second law of the reference has not before, but first, the content of the second law has been recognized in the indu

General principles of search engines-search engine technology

named "Demon Satan" to point to this page a, or give the source page of the link (B, C, D, E, F ...). The better, then page A will be considered more relevant when users search for "Demon Satan", and the ranking will be more forward. The principles of search engines can be seen as three steps: Crawl Web pages from the Internet → set up index databases →

"Auto turn" technology in search engines-search engine technology

, which is what we usually call the "Bridge page", and then submit this page to the search engine to get a good ranking. However, when the search user clicks the list of pages through the search engine's list of results, it is automatically turned to a Web site address that the user has no intention of accessing. Search

Also on the importance of search engines to search for bigger websites

I have been relying on their own through the mail, QQ Group, Post bar, such as local publicity, do stand for several years, just hard to pull the site tens of thousands of IP. Recently met a number of webmaster friends, after the exchange found that although they do the site than I am late, but the site's traffic is that I have endured several years of the site several times, carefully asked to know, are relying on the flow of search. Now that I know

search--use notes for search engines

address allinlinks: = Search links, excluding text and headings Draw Search Syntax:graph for + equation sub for x^8 for sin (x) + for x^8+y^8 plot x^3 Daily life If you see the weather, time, sunrise and sunset time in Guangzhou immediately weather/Time/sunrise/sundown Guangzhou Singer Music Search Jay Cho

Part 1: Improving the ranking of websites in search engines

As a Web site developer, getting search engine attention to your web site is one of the key factors to success. In this four-part series, you will learn the basic knowledge required for the organic Optimization of web sites. Part 1 will lay the foundation for search engine optimization, so that you can perform organic Optimization on web sites and create web pages that are useful, accessible, and friendly t

PHP functions for retrieving search engine keyword sources (support for search engines such as Baidu and Google)

Recently, in a project, the customer needs a function. The customer needs to know the way in which the user places the order for the sale of a product. The customer service software (53 Customer Service) and webmaster statistics can only meet the working hours, and take off work in the evening and take a rest on Saturday. The customer service is not online and the user does not know the specific source of the Order when placing an order. Therefore, you can only add a field through the website fu

Brief introduction to major overseas search engines-search engine technology

global television network in world's largest commercial search engine. It currently has 0.1 million stable advertisers and provides the popular "Pay-For-Performance" website logon service. More than 80% of U.S. users use the overture search is a famous meta search engine. When receiving a user

Full interpretation of vertical search engines

. Therefore, vertical search is not just a simple industry google. Users use google, baidu, and other general search engines by keyword. Semantic search results tend to produce knowledge, such as articles, papers, and news; vertical Search also provides keywords for

How search engines Arrange Web pages

third, how the search engine arranges the Web page Search for anything with your favorite search engine, and the search engine almost immediately picks up the ones that match your theme from millions of of the pages he knows to appear on your screen. These pages are arranged in a certain order and the most relevant are

Search engines and users can not be less than one

Search engines and visitors to the site in essence can be said to be the same reason, your content is attractive, then customers, traffic on the big, search engines naturally included you. In other words, whether it is from the search engine to the site's collection angle, o

World's major search engines-search engine technology

Why do we think the following services are the main? Because they are either very famous or widely used. For website managers, ranking on these famous search engines is crucial, because it may bring endless traffic to their websites. For information searchers, these well-known and commercial search engines ca

How search engines work-search engine technology

database, so the best way is to get some external links, so that search engines have more opportunities to find you and automatically your site included. When users search for information by keyword, search engine will be in the database search, if found with the user requi

The origins of search engines-search engine technology

The ancestors of all search engines were the Deutsch (Wheelan FAQ) invented by three students of McGill University (Alan Emtage, Peter Archie, Bill Archie) in 1990 by Montreal. Alan Emtage and so think of the development of a file can be used to find the system, so there is Archie. Archie is the first program to automatically index files on anonymous FTP Web sites on the Internet, but it's not really a

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