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What does the Apple airpods mean airpods how to read

Note: Airpods only supports the latest iOS 10, watchOS 3, MacOS, or Sierra system versions of the device. According to a US Science and Technology blog website, Airpods does not use any magic wireless technology, but is the Bluetooth technology used in most wireless headphones, but the Apple has been enhanced, such as the built-in W1 chip, and then through speci

Apple mobile phone Airpods headset Use tutorial Introduction

Apple is finally officially on the Airpods wireless headset, but do you know how to recharge it and connect it with the iphone? We gave you a tutorial to help you use headphones faster and better. Connect Airpods to the iphone Click the home button to unlock your iphone 2– Open the Airpods headphone box and clos

"Apple" App Store status list "App Store"

Developer rejected and when your binary are re-submitted, the review Process would start over from the beginning. Pending Contract (Yellow)Appears when your application has been reviewed and are Ready for Sale but, your contracts are not yet in effect. I check the progress of your contracts in ITunes Connect by clicking on the contracts, Tax banking Information Module. Pending Developer Release (yellow)appears when the version of your app has been approved to

What if the Apple 4 App store won't open? iphone4 App Store can't open solution

1. The following image of the Apple 4 interface is not the same as the iphone5s, we click on the phone "settings" to enter. 2. Again we find "Wireless LAN" click it into the. 3. Then we click on the right blue arrow on the right side of the wireless network that we are connected to, and enter as shown in the picture. 4. And then into the DNS column we click DHCP below the DNS, and then set the end of the article to tell you the DNS address ha

Apple App Store how to switch to other countries App store cut to New Zealand/Australia method

The next option is to recreate a appleid because you choose the country when you create it. You choose that country right now, specifically as follows. 1, first off the computer's itunes login account (in the case of the iphone, the ipad is similar): set to find the itunes store and the App Store point to go in and then point to the account, log off. 2, then enter the App

Apple Mac App Store can't open Mac can't open App Store solution

1, we in the Apple Computer click on the "Network icon" shown in the picture and then open we then find "Open Network Preferences" in the pop-up screen click "Advanced" as shown in the picture 2, now we switch to DNS, we click Next to the + button, enter a new DNS address 3, the general situation will have more than one DNS we put this address is located on the top. Then click on "Good" other then add down on it,

What about Apple App Store screen? The App Store can't open the solution.

I believe many users have found that sometimes open the app Store, only to see a screen of whiteness, nothing else. There's nothing you can do to download a point. If you encounter the screen of the App Store, you'll only need three simple ways to handle it. Method One: Forced Refresh method If the App Store has a screen/open situation, you can press

How to refund the Apple store? Refund process within the App Store

APP Store Refund Graphics Tutorial: 1. Record the order number 2. Submit a refund Application Note: There is a time limit for applying for a refund, which must be made within 90 days of the purchase of the application. Website revision, many of the online tutorials have not been applicable, I hope this post can be helpful to everyone Step One: Query order number To apply for a refund, you first nee

iOS8.4 The App Store appears screen/can't open iOS8.4 Apple Store can't open the solution

Force refresh of the app Store If there is a screen/open situation in the App Store, there may be a network problem that we can click a few times, or switch from WiFi to 4g network for a try. Re-login to the app Store In addition to the forced Refresh method, we can also try the following settings. 1. We click "Settings" on iOS8.4 desktop-clic

What about Apple 6 that can't connect to the itunes Store? Iphone6 not connected to the itunes store problem

Apple 6 cannot connect to the itunes Store solution:One: Network settingsUnder "Settings" found under "General" in the iOS desktop Find "restore network Settings" below find "restore" and then restart the iphone.Two: Reset Access restrictionsTry it in Apple 6. Find under "Settings" under "General" find "Access restrictions", open the access limit for 5 seconds, a

What if IPhone5 can't connect to the App Store? Apple 5 cannot connect to the App Store solution

Recommended methods: After the "set" –> "WiFi" –> enters the current WiFi entry, click the next exclamation mark, and then click DNS to delete the original setting 88.8.8 is OK. 1 The easiest way is to restore the network to try Click "Set" on the Apple phone desktop to find "General" and then click "Restore" –> "Restore network Settings" and restart the phone. 2) Reset Access Restrictions Also click "Set" –> "General" –> "Access Restrictions" on

What about the Apple App Store opening slowly? APP Store can't open solution

1. Below we take the Apple computer as an example, we open the Internet icon on the Apple Computer, and then click "Open Network Preferences" to enter 2. In the Open Network window, we click on the "Advanced" below the active window to enter it as shown in the picture. 3. Then in the open interface we click on the DNS column as shown in the figure. 4. After entering into the DNS panel, we click on

Publish iOS app (XCODE5) to the App Store (Apple Store) for detailed analysis

first Step-submit application notes to itunes connect websitein the Apple world, each application has a different name, in order to give its application the first to get a future position on the platform, to ensure that the name of your application can be used after the development of the project, developers can first register in the App Store sounds good name. But it will be morally reprehensible to not be

Request the Apple Store to view the version number of the store online version

//request the Apple Store to view the version number of the store online version[[[Nsurlsession sharedsession] Datataskwithurl:[nsurl urlwithstring:@""] completionhandler:^ (NSData * _nullable data, Nsurlresponse * _nullable response, Nserror *_nullable Error) { if(!error) {Nsdictionary*responseobject =[nsjsonseri

Can the Apple App Store use fingerprints? How does the App store use fingerprints?

First step, enable the APP Store fingerprint function 1. If we take IPhone5S's iOS7.1.1 as an example, we click "Set" to enter. 2. Then find the touch ID and password in the Settings column entered, note: The other version of the iOS system is in the "set-general" 3. Friends who do not believe that fingerprint identification is used in the app Store should not have the lock screen password turned on.

Apple itunes Store Apple Stores can not enter what to do?

The itunes Store is an Apple store in itunes, and we usually find that the itunes store won't open, and here's a look at the solution to the problem. Method one, which may be cached files We delete all files of our own username directory, as specified below 1, if your username is the administrator we entered to

79 reasons the app was rejected by the Apple App Store "turn"

As an iOS developer, it is estimated that many have experienced app submission to App Store rejection, and then the reasons for these rejections are varied, and today Dapps collects common reasons for rejection so that more developers can understand it.Various reasons the app was rejected by Apple AppStore1, the program has a major bug, the program can not be started, or midway exit.2, bypassing Apple's pay

Text tutorials for submitting new apps to the Apple App Store (GO)

When you've finally developed your app to overcome the difficulties, the next step is to submit the app to the App Store, what should you do? Is my app really ready to submit? I'm sure these questions will float right into your mind. Based on this tutorial, I will show you a complete submission process.IntroducedWe all know that the Apple audit process is like a "black box" operation, but this does not prev

Apple App Store developer account from application, verification, to release app (2)

App Store PaymentThe App Store ID has already been registered, and the App Store is billed based on the registration below. after the registration is successful, you will receive an email. 1. Receive mail Thank for submitting Your enrollmentDear * * *,Thank your interest in the IOS Developer program. Your enrollment request has been received and is being process

Apple App Store developer account from application, verification, to release app (4)

Apple App Store in app payment (In-app Purchase)IAP Introductionthe full name of the IAP is In-app Purchase, in-app billing. This business model allows users to download the trial for free, choose to consume the items that are available in the app, such as buying game props, purchasing game levels, etc. In the case of a fully charged application, an in-app pay-as-you-go scenario will not deprive a good appl

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