ajax accordion example in asp net

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Example of ASP. net ajax: Forum topic search

Example of ASP. net ajax: Forum topic search The last example is to modify the existing application. The first time I heard this idea was that Josh Ledgard imagined adding a feature to the MSDN forum. The goal is to help users find their own answers and limit the number of r

ASP. net ajax example: Document lock Program

ASP. net ajax example: Document lock Program This example is a simple document management system. Like any formal document management system, we must provide concurrency management. That is, we need a method to solve the problem of two users trying to edit the same document.

Ajax example: XML format processing in ASP. NET

{ _username = value; } }}Perform operations on existing XML documents What if I want to operate on an existing XML document file instead of generating a new XML document file using a program? The following example is part of the C # programming code: XmlDocument xmldoc = new XmlDocument();xmldoc.Load(filePath);XmlNodeList xmlnodelist = xmldoc.SelectSingleNode("Root").ChildNodes;foreach (XmlNode xmlnode in xmlnodelist){

ASP. NET Ajax programming I-volume server-side ASP. NET Ajax extensions and ASP. NET Ajax Control Toolkit trial reading and free book-giving activities

Thank you for your patience. ASP. NET AjaxProgramThe Design of ASP. NET Ajax extensions and ASP. Net Ajax Control Toolkit on the I-volume se

An example of an ASP. NET AJAX Call

@ Page Language="C #"AutoEventWireup="true"codebehind="WebForm1.aspx.cs"Inherits="Webapplication2.webform1" %>DOCTYPE HTML Public "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 transitional//en" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/ Xhtml1-transitional.dtd ">HTMLxmlns= "http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">Headrunat= "Server"> title>title>Head>Body> formID= "Form1"runat= "Server"> Scripttype= "Text/javascript"> functionGetResult (arg,context) {Page.ClientScript.GetCallbackEventReference ( This, "Arg", "Page_callba

ASP. NET uses ajax to implement pop-up window alarm prompts, mail arrival example

In web development, we often use some prompts. For example, if an email arrives, we will create a prompt box like MSN, pop up a prompt to the user, and then close it. In Asp.net 2.0's Ajax, This is not hard to do now. I just saw an article from a foreigner and explained it. The following is a summary. For example, if there is a database table that stores emails,

ASP. NET Ajax (1): Build an ASP. NET Ajax Development Environment

the site's root directory. By default, the file is placed on the drive: "Program Files" Microsoft ASP. NET "ASP. NET 2.0 Ajax extensions" v1.0.nnnn 4.2 Add ASP. net

Three group public conventions (herbal): ASP. NET Ajax technology alliance, ASP. NET technology alliance, and Wei Chen temple ASP. NET Ajax)

In order to maintain the order in the group, regulate part of the rules for technical discussion, exchange, inquiry and entertainment, and conduct a convention solicitation activity, which is in a fair, open, and just form, let Boyou and the masses vote and comment independently, spontaneously, and voluntarily, and now form the "ASP. net Ajax technology alliance

ASP. NET 2.0 Ajax Day 3: Understanding ASP. NET Ajax Architecture

The architecture of ASP. NET Ajax is based on ASP. NET 2.0 and is an extension of ASP. NET 2.0. This extension is implemented on both the client and server.

Learning ASP. NET Ajax (2) First knowledge ASP. NET Ajax

Ajax and ASP. NET The previous article briefly introduced Ajax-related knowledge. This article describes the application and relationship of Ajax in ASP. NET.

ASP. NET Ajax video tutorial

/A013asxc20070128.rar 14. Basic example of ASP. NET AjaxTelecom download: http://www.cnblogs.com/huangwen/admin/ftp://Anonymous@ download: http://www.cnblogs.com/huangwen/admin/ftp://Anonymous@ 15. alwaysvisiblecontrolextender of ASP.

Recommended in this week's ASP. NET English Technical article [09/23-09/29]: IIS 7.0, Facebook. net, ASP. NET Ajax, modalpopupextender, extension method, linqdatas

Summary There are 8 articles in this issueArticle: IIS 7.0 RC0 -- added many new features Starter Kit in vs.net -- Facebook. Net of Nikhil Kothari New project -- ASP. NET Ajax exception Logging Add animation effects to modalpopupextender Some common extension methods in

Download an ASP. NET Ajax video tutorial

of ASP. NET Ajax controlsTelecom download: http://www.cnblogs.com/yongheng178/admin/ftp://Anonymous@ download: http://www.cnblogs.com/yongheng178/admin/ftp://Anonymous@ 14. Basic example of ASP.

ASP. NET Ajax advance Tips & tricks (7) ASP. NET Ajax and urlrewriting

Preface: Recently, some friends who use urlrewriting sometimes encounter the problem that ASP. NET Ajax and Ajax Control Toolkit controls cannot work normally, which is quite tricky for developers who have no relevant experience. This article uses case studies and Relative Solutions to discuss some compatibility issu

4 ASP. NET + Ajax construct chat room articles and instances (good article about make chat room by ASP. NET + Ajax)

They are suitable for learning and have time to translate. Use ASP. Net with ajax to make your chat application; there are both good article and examples: Building an Ajax based chat room in ASP. NET Http://www.codeproje

More comprehensive learning and reference resources for ASP. NET Ajax (Atlas)

existing Web Service: Watch | download Use the Atlas textboxwatermark control extender: Watch | download Use the Atlas popup control extender: Watch | download Use the Atlas modalpopup extender control: Watch | download Use the Atlas alwaysvisible control extender: Watch | download Use the Atlas accordion control: Watch | download Use the Atlas client library controls: Watch | download Use the Atlas collapsible panel extender: Wa

Getting started with Ajax-installation and configuration of Ajax and ASP. NET Ajax documentation

There is a lot of information on the concept of Ajax online for reference. However, it is still a little difficult for new users to apply Ajax. Therefore, we will introduce how to install and configure Ajax here, at the same time, how can I make Ajax documents run on your server.First, describe my server environment:1.

The father of ASP. NET is strongly recommended: ASP. NET AJAX

easily. The best thing about asp.net ajax is that it can be extended to more advanced application scenarios. You can use the JavaScript library of the asp.net ajax client to construct the encapsulated simple JavaScript code, so as to establish an Asynchronous Network callback for the server to implement an extremely rich user interface. You can see the following examples: http://www.pageflakes.com /). Deve

ASP. NET + jquery. Ajax details 8-core $. Ajax

Directory (updated articles will be connected, and an article will be updated every two to three days starting from March 13, July 25 ): ASP. NET + jquery. Ajax details 1-opening section (published on February 25) ASP. NET + jquery. Aja

Differences between Asp. Net and AJAX. Net page 1/2

Original article:Http://www.microsoft.com/china/msdn/library/webservices/asp.net/us0501ASPNETPerformance.mspx? Mfr = trueApplicable:AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)Microsoft AJAX. NETMicrosoft ASP. NET Abstract:Learn how to use AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) in your Microsoft

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