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Ajax and XML: Use Ajax for chat

Learn how to use Asynchronous JavaScript + XML (Ajax) and PHP to build a chat system in a web application. Your customers can discuss website content with you and other customers without the need to download or install any specialized instant

Using AJAX to implement chat functions

Introduction: Want to chat with asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax)? Do you want to pop up a dedicated, open source Web Chat feature to respond to system events and make you aware of what is going on, such as performance below the service

Django+ajax implementing an online chat room

Django+ajax implementing an online chat roomOne of the small projects is a simple chat roomDemand: To speak after registering for the login Initial display of recent messages in a chat box Sending messages using AJAX to complete the

Ajax Resource Collection

Csdn blog AjaxArticleSearch:Http://search.csdn.net/search/ajax/1/blog/ Topic: Ajax technology application developmentHttp://www.51cto.com/html/2005/1121/11736.htm Http://www.edufans.com/html/Ajax/Ajax tutorialAjax skillsAjax instanceAjax

Django + ajax implements online chat rooms, djangoajax

Django + ajax implements online chat rooms, djangoajaxDjango + ajax online chat room One of the small projects is a simple chat room.Requirements: Registration and login before speaking Displays the most recent message in the chat box. Use ajax

Ajax long polling _javascript tips for JavaScript and jquery for real-time web chat

Introduced As we all know, HTTP protocol is an object-oriented protocol belonging to the application layer, there are five characteristics of HTTP protocol: 1, support client/server mode; 2, simple and fast; 3, flexible; 4, no connection; 5,

Laravel 5.3 New features Laravel Echo use: Live chat room

1, what is Laravel EchoEcho is a tool that allows us to easily implement WebSockets in Laravel applications (about websockets working principles and mechanisms to refer to this article: WebSocket combat) while simplifying building complex websockets

Ajax application Demo and source download site Classic Convergence

ajax| Download | Application Demo | site Ajallerix:ajax, simple, fast Web image gallery demo; At Novell Ajax-microlink pattern tutorial:a MicroLink are A link that opens the up content below it. Ajax BBC News RSS Reader:demo by Nigel Crawley

The relationship between JavaScript, jquery and Ajax _javascript skills

In the previous article to introduce a JavaScript jquery ajax summary, and then introduce JavaScript jquery and Ajax relationship, interested friends to study together Simple summary: 1, JS is a front-end language. 2, Ajax is a technology, it

Popular Ajax application demos and source code downloads

70 popular Ajax application demos and source code downloads, including: greybox, lightbox, thickbox, etc. The rich content is a rare learning and research material and many things can be used directly, it is time to make full use of the come

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