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About data loading (transfer) of easyui DataGrid)

This article only talks about the data loading of jquery easyui DataGrid, because this is also the most talked about. In fact, easyui DataGrid has only two ways to load data: one is Ajax loading the JSON data returned by the target URL; the other is

Use ajax to implement a new page without refreshing the DataGrid (ajaxgrid)

Use ajax to implement a new page without refreshing the DataGrid (ajaxgrid) The DataGrid feature is powerful. We only need to write a few lines of code to display complex page data. When there is a large amount of data, it is inevitable to display

[JS] [easyui] Simple Analysis of jQuery EasyUI Datagrid VirtualScrollView

[JS] [easyui] Simple Analysis of jQuery EasyUI Datagrid VirtualScrollViewZookeeper We all know that the advantages of the EasyUI Datagrid component in loading large data volumes are not very obvious. Compared with other frameworks, if the data

JQuery Easyui's DataGrid

1. Dynamic creation of the DataGridAdd a div or table tag to the page, then use jquery to get the tag and initialize a DataGrid. The code is as follows:(1) Adding div tags to the pageid= "DataGrid">div>(2) dynamic initialization with JS:$(function ()

AJAX-based DataGrid Control Programming

Introduction In traditional Web development, each time the DataGrid Control is filled or updated, it returns data to the server. However, with the help of AJAX technology, we can fill the DataGrid Control without submitting and refreshing the

An example of a DataGrid implemented using Ajax

Ajax technology is used to asynchronously call the Web service on the server to generate a DataGrid on the client page. First, let's take a look at our web servcie. It uses the passed SQL to generate a dataset, and uses the standard DataGrid Control

Detailed jquery easyui DataGrid usage Reference _jquery

This article describes the use of the jquery Easyui DataGrid, as follows: Creating a DataGrid Add a div or table tag to the page and then use jquery to get the tag and initialize a DataGrid. The code is as follows: div tags on the page:

Jquery easyui datagrid usage reference

Create a datagrid Add a div or table tag on the page, use jquery to obtain the tag, and initialize a datagrid. The Code is as follows: Div labels on the page: Js Code: $ ('# Magazinegri '). datagrid ({height: 340, url: 'url', method: 'post',

Easyui column editing of the DataGrid

Look at the picture and talk.Requirements: Insert two tables, the above table is the contents of the first table, the following two tables are the contents of the second detail table, with the ID of the first table associated withThe second table

jquery Easyui DataGrid implements a single line move up and down, and saves the moving result

1, the implementation of the row of the move up, down,Description1.1 The table generated by the DataGrid has a fixed format, for example, the class name of the table div is datagrid-view. For example, each line TR has an ID and a Datagrid-row-index

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