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Introduction to Ajax

Basic IntroductionAJAX refers to asynchronous JavaScript and XML (asynchronous JavaScript and XML).Domestic translation is often the same as "Ajax" and the Ajax football team. Web App interactions such as Flickr,backpack and Google have made a

Crossing Borders: Ajax on rails

Transfer from IBM technical website The hype of Ajax, a technology that makes web pages more interactive, has become overwhelming. The strength of the perfect integration of Ruby on Rails and Ajax has contributed to the prosperity of the framework

Ajax Technology One, Ajax technology _php Tutorial

Ajax Technology One, Ajax technology I. Overview of AJAX 1. Historical origins In 1998, Microsoft's Outlook Web Access research team integrated a technology in the then IE browser that could send HTTP requests to the server without a flush from the

Java open-source Ajax framework

DWR (Direct Web remoting) is a web Remote Call framework. using this framework can make Ajax development very simple. using DWR, you can use JavaScript on the client side to directly call the Java method on the server side and return the value to

How Ajax Works

first, the background ofAjax Technology It is undeniable that the popularity ofAjax technology has benefited from Google's strong promotion, it is because of Google Earth, Google suggest and Gmail, and other Ajax technology for the wide application,

Image upload and Echo Ajax asynchronous chapter

Image upload and Echo Ajax asynchronous chapterHow does the image upload to the server without a refresh? After the first two articles, we come to the actual combat how to upload images asynchronously without a refresh, let's look at the effect

How to manipulate Ajax in the JavaScript jquery library explain _jquery

Java software Development, in the background, we can through a variety of frameworks, such as SSH, and so on code encapsulation, to facilitate our Java code writing, for example, Struts,springmvc from the foreground to the action of the process of

Jquery ajax getting started instance ($. ajax $. get $. post $. getJSON $. getScript

In jquery, ajax can be classified as $. ajax $. get $. post $. getJSON $. there are several types of getscripts. I have found some examples to share with you. It is estimated that jquery ajax is really simple after reading them. What Is AJAX? AJAX =

Ajax polling and long polling

Just network about polling knowledge, must get their own here to do a backup!In fact, before using Ajax polling to do a timely update of data, just did not know that is polling.First of all, when do we think of using polling technology?In general,

Introduction to jquery Ajax Walkthrough ($.ajax $.get $.post $.getjson $.getscript)

What is AJAX? AJAX = asynchronous JavaScript and XML. AJAX is a technique for creating fast Dynamic Web pages.AJAX allows Web pages to be updated asynchronously by exchanging small amounts of data in the background with the server. This means it

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