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Use ngxtop to monitor web server access in real time

With regard to the real-time monitoring of nginx web server access, I wanted to implement it a long time ago. Although there are some status extensions provided by nginx, they are global and cannot be subdivided into vhost, in addition, metric is rarely provided. In addition, at present, the nginx status is obtained ev

About network status monitoring real-time, creating a single Network Monitor (not real-time)

corresponding processing[Operationmanager.reachabilitymanager setreachabilitystatuschangeblock:^ (afnetworkreachabilitystatus status) {Switch (status) {Case Afnetworkreachabilitystatusreachableviawwan:[Self alert:@ "2g/3g/4g Connection."];[Svprogresshud showsuccesswithstatus:@ "2g/3g/4g Connection."];Dnlog (@ "2g/3g/4g Connection.");BreakCase Afnetworkreachabilitystatusreachableviawifi:[Svprogresshud showsuccesswithstatus:@ "WiFi Connection."];Dnlog (@ "WiFi Connection.");BreakCase Afnetworkrea

Open-source: Real-time collection, real-time indexing, and real-time retrieval of video search engines are officially open-source. A single machine supports full-text indexing on 30 million web pages.

Open-source: Real-time collection, real-time indexing, and real-time retrieval of video search engines are officially open-source. A single machine supports full-text indexing on 30 million we

Zabbix Monitor the status of the website URL Discovery Real-time monitoring

URLs to complete monitoringSolution: As mentioned above, URLs change frequently, but other states do not change, this is enough to be able to use the Zabbix low level discovery function to achieve this demandIdeas:1) Since there are a lot of URLs that need to be monitored, we can write the URL domain address into a configuration file to facilitate subsequent call monitoring2) Zabbix There are no templates and monitoring items to monitor URLs, so you

PELR Scripts monitor the connectivity of critical network devices and servers in real time

device needs to be monitored, modify the iphost.txt file, and then through PHP to display the test results on the web side, and periodically refresh, PHP code as follows In fact, the test code is very simple, the results of this test can be and cacti a piece to determine whether the device is working properly, greatly improve the accuracy of monitoring. In addition, in the actual use of the process, you can also include in the perl script mail alarm

Linux system real-time monitor Apache running status and automatically restart HTTPD service

In order to achieve a highly available based on the Apache web site environment, in Apache for a variety of reasons automatically stop running, want to immediately restore site access, this requires a tool to monitor the operation of Apache real-time and can automatically restart the HTTPD service, on the Internet to f

"Go" ios real-time stutter monitor

] initwithconfiguration:config]; nsdata *data = [Crashreporter Generatelivereport] ; plcrashreport *reporter = [[Plcrashreport alloc] Initwithdata:data error: null]; nsstring *report = [Plcrashreporttextformatter Stringvalueforcrashreport:reporter Withtextformat:plcrashreporttextformatios]; nslog (@ "------------\n%@ \ n------------", report); When the card detected immediately, grab the stack information, and then do some filtering on the client, you can escalate

Oninput and onpropertychange monitor changes in the input box values in real time

Oninput and onpropertychange monitor changes in the input box values in real time The traditional listening input box is usedkeyup,keydown,keypress, OrchangeEvent,keyup,keydown,keypressAn event is triggered after a key-down event is completed, regardless of whether the value of the input box changes or not. You cannot right-click the event [Clipboard]And [Paste]T

[Real-time web series] Real-time web Overview

With the advent of the social Internet boom, real-time web is becoming more and more important. On the one hand, from the perspective of business scenarios, real-time message notifications greatly improve the friendliness of the system; on the other hand, from the perspectiv

Use zabbix to monitor the number of lync online users in real time

We all know that Windows performance monitoring generally relies on performance counters, The number of lync real-time online users is the number of real-time connections of the SQL database. Use Windows performance monitor to monitor

Linux shell script Real-time monitor network card traffic

Through the/proc/net/dev can be viewed to the network card traffic, according to the changes in the value of the file in conjunction with while loop write a real-time monitoring network card script, by specifying the network card name as parameters to monitor the traffic of the specified network card #!/bin/bashWhile ["1"]TodoEth=$1rxpre=$ (Cat/proc/net/dev | gr

Real-time Web communication and real-time web communication

Real-time Web communication and real-time web communication Learning SignalR starts with the http://www.cnblogs.com/insus/p/5619422.html of real-t

Install iftop under redhat7.2 to monitor the real-time traffic of the system Nic

Install iftop under redhat7.2 to monitor the real-time traffic of the system NicDate: 2004/07/30 Author: zcatlinux Source: zclinux In the CU above found an article can monitor the network card, at that time very excited, easily find the installation package iftop-0.16, in re

Use the VI command to delete all the content in the log and monitor the log in real time.

Many times we apply ProgramYou need to view log files for troubleshooting. However, there are usually many logs generated by our previous applications. When there are too many other logs, sometimes it is a little effort to look at the logs generated by the current application. At this time, we may want to clear the previous logs to make the current logs clear: VI test. Log : 0, $ d: WQ Note: 0, $ d Indicates deleting the 0th rows to the last row

[Real-time web series] Real-time web message propagation mode

) Compared with the unicast protocol, there is no error correction mechanism and it is difficult to make up for packet loss errors, but it can be compensated through a certain Fault Tolerance Mechanism and QoS.2) Although the current network supports multicast transmission, it still needs to be improved in terms of customer authentication and QoS. These shortcomings have mature solutions theoretically, it only needs to be gradually applied to existing networks. I learned about the three transmi

Node.js use Log.io in the browser to monitor the log in real time (equivalent to tail-f command) _node.js

Today, took the time to browse the next node.js, haha, read a primer article (http://www.nodebeginner.org/index-zh-cn.html), the sense of self is getting started, but inside a sentence, quite has the sentiment: Copy Code code as follows: These are, after all, front-end technologies, although it always makes sense to use jquery when you want to enhance the page, but in the end, you're the most JavaScript user, not the JavaScript develo

Monitor real-time network card Traffic

Article Title: monitors the real-time traffic of NICs. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. Real-time traffic of NICs in Linux/Unix Monitoring Systems Iftop is a good c

Highchart real-time curve example: highchart real-time curve, Java Web

Recently, the data transmitted from sensors is displayed on the front-end of the web in the form of real-time curves. After finding and finding the data on the Internet, the basic functions are finally implemented. I will share with you some ideas, it is very helpful for beginners ~~ Web Front-end: VaR data;Highcharts.

How to monitor real-time network traffic?

LAN traffic similar to the use of network resources, enterprise LAN intranet devices, with how much network traffic, where are these network traffic? Whether it is related to work, this is essential to the management of Internet behavior of enterprises. So monitoring the local area network of computers (mobile phones, mobile devices) occupy how much traffic, these traffic in the network where is the necessary network management tools.This time we intr

Install Apachetop tool to monitor Apache operation in real time

options:Two parameters must be supplied. Default: [-T 30]-h hits keep state only to how many clicks-T secs hold state only to how many seconds -D secs Refresh delay time [5] -H This Help When executed, there are also commands to toggle the display status: One-touch COMMANDSD: Toggle urls/referrers/hosts display Mode switchN: Toggle hits bytes or return code switchH or? : Help InformationP: (un) pause display (freeze update)Q: Exit ApachetopUp/down:

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