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Activiti Basic Tutorial--01 (Introduction, 25 Tables of code generation Activiti, activiti configuration file Activiti.cfg.xml generate 25 tables, install Activiti plug-ins on eclipse)

First, IntroductionThe Activiti project is a new, Apache-based, open-source BPM platform built from the ground up to provide technical implementations that support the new BPMN 2.0 standard, including the Support object Management Group (OMG), and the opportunity to face new technologies such as interoperability and cloud architecture.Founder Tom Baeyens, a project architect for JBoss JBPM, and another architect Joram Barrez, joined in the development

Share this book "Activiti" and links to several workflows

assigned to a task, and each task can be divided into multiple activities. As a daily example-the next step in online shopping, you first need to search for the item you want to buy, then add it to your cart, and then fill in your mailing address and pay. Each action in this example can be called activity, which is the smallest component of a business process. Many activities in English must be in the plural form, that is, activities, and finally, a complex simplification of the collection of a

Alfresco official news: alfresco 3.3 community edition released, features include environment editing, integration with IBM Lotus quickr, etc.

Alfresco released todayCommunity 3.3, which provides new improvements in content services and web-related functions. AlfrescoCommunity 3.3 features AlfrescoCommunity 3.3 provides many different tools for selection. Integration with IBM Lotus social Provide a preview for the upcoming Google doc Supports the cmis1.0 standard, which will be released next month Provides real-time online content editing through an extensible Web Edit

Alfresco development documentation

Reprinted from Here is a brief introduction to the alfresco project. Many people may not know much about what alfresco can do and what features alfresco has compared with other open-source products. Product Positioning Alfresco is a content management system for enterprise-level ap

"Activiti: Application of Knowledge" "chapter three" Activiti HelloWorld procedure (Activiti Modeler drawing teaching)

The first two chapters"Activiti:" The first chapter of the workflow core API"Activiti: Apply to the Knowledge" "Chapter two" Activiti the configuration file XML integration with 100,000 whyThis chapter begins with a simple HelloWorld program to warm up your son and get excited ....First of all, let's draw a flowchart (I use the Beijing Edge network to provide onl

Alfresco Cluster load balancing Configuration

Two machines:Server A: Used for the alfresco server (cluster node 1)Used for database servers, file servers (Sharing ), Server B: Used for the alfresco server (cluster node 2)Server Load balancer Step 1: create a shared databaseInstall MySQL on server a: and create a database named alfresco;# Create database

The SVN revision numbers for alfresco

Alfresco community Editon (Last Update Time) ====================================== V4.2. B Release date: Public SVN revision number for alfresco community 4.2. B is 43047 and is tagged communitytags/v4.2b Http:// B _Release_Notes ××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××× ××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××× * V4.2.a Release date:

Public Service in alfresco

Public Service================================ Org. Alfresco. Service. TransactionTransactionservice Org. Alfresco. Service. namespaceNamespaceprefixresolverNamespaceservice Org. Alfresco. Service. LicenseLicenseService Org. Alfresco. Service. CMR. WorkflowWorkflowservice Org.

"Activiti: Applying to Practice" "chapter Three" Activiti HelloWorld program (Activiti Modeler drawing teaching) __activiti-modeler

First two chapters "Activiti: Applying to the Work" "Chapter One" workflow Core API "Activiti: Applying to the Activiti" "chapter II" configuration file XML integration with 100,000 why This chapter begins with a simple HelloWorld program to warm up the child, excitement .... First, we will draw a flowchart (I use the online process designer provided by the Be

The error "isnotallowedtoconnectto" is returned when the alfresco service is started.

Background: Install Alfresco in Linux and configure the database to connect to MySQL on other nodes. When the alfresco service is started, the log reports "HOST ***** isnotallowedtoconnecttothisMySQLserver ", this is because your MySQL database does not allow remote login from the account, but only on localhost. Solution: 1. Repair Background: Install Alfresco in

Alfresco community 4.0.d installation Diagram

First download from alfresco-community-4.0.d-installer-win-x32.exe Alfresco c4.0.d environment requirements: DB: MySQL 5.5 or PostgreSQL 9.0.2APP server: Tomcat 6.0.29JDK version: 1.6 u20 x 64 After the download, run the installation file: 1. the startup interface has multiple languages and has no Chinese characters. Select English and click OK. 2. Pr

Install JBoss jbpm process designer for alfresco

Install JBoss jbpm process designer for alfresco 1. Download jbpm-installer-3.2.6.SP1.jar Http:// 2. RunJava-jar jbpm-installer-3.2.6.SP1.jarSelect jbpm3 standalone only. Other options are available. 3. install it in eclipseThere is a designer directory under the installed jbpm-3.2.6.SP1 directory that contains a zip file.Select the composer Installation option from the eclipseinstallation interface, and import

Alfresco updates Lucene 2.1.0 to 2.4.1 files

Alfresco updates Lucene 2.1.0 to 2.4.1 files M projects/3rd-party/. classpath D projects/3rd-party/lib/lucene-analyzers-2.1.0.jarA Projects/3rd-party/lib/lucene-analyzers-2.4.1.jarD projects/3rd-party/lib/lucene-core-2.1.0.jarA Projects/3rd-party/lib/lucene-core-2.4.1.jarD projects/3rd-party/lib/lucene-snowball-2.1.0.jarA Projects/3rd-party/lib/lucene-snowball-2.4.1.jar D projects/3rd-party/src/lucene-2.1.0-src.zipA Projects/3rd-party/src/lucene

Introduction to ehcache in alfresco

1. Introduction to ehcache in alfresco To improve system performance, alfresco uses many different methods, and using cache is one of them. Alfresco uses ehcache as its cache. The latest version of ehcache is ehcache-core-2.0.0.jar There are two types of ehcache in alfresco: one is that the beanname used for the transa

Alfresco permission Control

The default permission set of the platform includes the following eight common application permission sets, Read Permission readproperties, readchildren, readcontent Write write permission writeproperties, writecontent Delete Delete permission deletenode, deletechildren Addchildren add subnode permissions createchildren, linkchildren Execute execution permission executecontent Checkin check-in permission unlock Checkout check-out permission lock Cancelcheckout unlock the check-ou

Alfresco system data copying and Restoration

AlfrescoSystem data copying and Restoration Data Copying and Restoration: AlfrescoUseMySQLStorage Data, which only needs to be used for copying and restoring data.MySQLAnd restore. Description:(The color part indicates the numeric value, and the content in the picture indicates the selected value.): Data copies UseMysqldumpCopying data(Login requiredMySQLServer) Run the doscommand in c: \ alfresco \ mysql \ bin \ mysqldump.exe. Mysqldump

Workflow learning-overall understanding of Activiti step 2, activiti Step 2

Workflow learning-overall understanding of Activiti step 2, activiti Step 2 I. Preface In the previous article, we learned the concept of workflow, the past and present of activiti, and the comparison between activiti and jbpm. In this article, we officially learned activiti

Activiti 5.17.0 Released (2014-12-18)

This document is synchronized to: Activiti 5.17.0Activiti 5.17.0 Released (2014-12-18), highlights of this release are noteworthy: We introduced a fully tested and completely new Async executor (asynchronous actuator), which replaces the old job executor. The new async executor uses fewer database queries to perform asynchronous work and has better p

Discovery after May 1-alfresco Open Enterprise Edition source code

First glance at the title: alfresco Enterprise Edition goes 100% open source, very excited. In the impression, alfresco has two versions: enterprise and community. The former has more functions than the latter, for example, the cluster and so on (it seems that there is a comparison table, so I am too lazy to check it). Now it's all open-source, isn't it all usable? DetailsArticleI found that this is not the

Alfresco is also worth noting

Alfresco has released version 1.2 recently, with many enhancements. However, the current version is still focused on document content management and has almost no features in terms of documentation. Alfresco has dug a Vice President and several core developers from interwoven, a famous company in the web content management industry. This year, alfresco plans to l

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