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Released Open Source CMS alfresco 1.0

Alfresco is an open source, open standard content knowledge base. compatible with JBoss portal 2.0 and JSR-168. Java Server faces graphical interface framework. Accessible to CIFS/SMB and so on. Alfresco is mainly developed based on spring,

CentOS 7 Install Alfrasco ECM

Alfrasco is a Java based Electronic Content Management tool, that's available with an Open Source license. This open platform helps your regain control of critical business content, strengthen compliance, optimize processes and MA KE collaboration

The story behind Ubuntu

Generally, small stories refer to things that happened a long time ago, but the little stories in this article are the stories that have just happened recently. The story is a story. We don't need to drill this horn. Next, the story begins. In the

Share this book "Activiti" and links to several workflows

Now make the work flow, open source many use Activiti, but the related Chinese book actually not much, in when when found a copy, temporarily did not download to PDF piracy, read the catalogue is good, especially from the probation chapter

BPMN2 new Norm and Activiti5

After the 90 's, with the establishment of the WFMC Alliance, the BPM market crowded in full swing, the workflow technology has been developed rapidly, including IBM, Oracle and other large software vendors in the field of work flow of the banner of

Analysis: whether open source is a bubble or a cash tree _ MySQL

Author: Fang Kai [eNet] the open source business model is booming in the software industry, and the development momentum is so prosperous that some experts suspect that it is a broken bubble. Some industry officials warned at last week's open source

Linux flowers bloom everywhere in April

Linux flowers bloom throughout April-Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. The long-awaited Beta version of Ubuntu March 20 is about to be released in the Spring Festival of

Linux flowers bloom everywhere in April

The long-awaited beta version of ubuntu March 20 is about to be released in the Spring Festival of Beijing in 8.04. Why are people so eager to expect? As you know, the source code and related documents of the software program can be freely obtained.

Ubuntu8.04 expand the enterprise-level server operating system market

With the release of Ubuntu8.04 long-term support (LTS) server version, Ubuntu, a Linux vendor, has been very firm in positioning the long-awaited enterprise-level server operating system in the world's business computing. Technically, this version

Ubuntu10.04 download and publish Canonical to discuss how to make money

Ubuntu10.04 was officially released today. I like Ubuntu10.04 most, but as a Linux expert, it is a little too simple for me, but it is very suitable for Linux beginners. Linux distributions can be downloaded and used for free, but this time, the

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