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Algorithm Analysis (2): Merge sort-found a bug on a wiki

The core idea of merge sorting is to merge the already sequenced A[p~q], and A[q~r] (where A is an array, p, Q, r array subscript) into a single sorted set of A[p~r]. The implementation code is as follows: void _merge (int * Input,int * output,

Let's talk about the TCP Nagle algorithm and the TCP_CORK option.

Event playback uses OpenVPN to transmit virtual desktop traffic. The terminal screen is obviously refreshed frame by frame, and the network environment is a 10-Gigabit LAN.Analysis 1. First, change OpenVPN to the TCP mode, because the difference

"Turn" Paxos algorithm 1-Algorithm formation theory

--turn from: {Old yards ' column}The difficult understanding of the Paxos algorithm is as admirable as the popularity of the algorithm, and from my personal experience, the difficult reason is not that the algorithm is so advanced that the IQ is not

Data-intensive Text Processing with mapreduce chapter 3rd: mapreduce Algorithm Design (1)

Great deal. I was supposed to update it yesterday. As a result, I was too excited to receive my new focus phone yesterday and forgot my business. Sorry! Directory address for this book Note:

Paxos algorithm 1-algorithm Formation Theory

The difficulty in understanding paxos algorithms is as admirable as the algorithm's popularity. From my personal experience, the reason is not that the algorithm is too advanced to have insufficient IQ, lamport is too obscure to express this

Reproduced WIKI MVC pattern

The MVC pattern (model-view-controller) is a software architecture model in software engineering, which divides the software system into three basic parts: model, view and controller.The MVC pattern was first proposed by Trygve Reenskaug in 1978 [1]

Computational science (transferred from wiki)

Computational Science , also known as Scientific Computing , is a research field related to mathematical modelling, quantitative analysis and the use of computers to analyze and solve scientific problems. In practical application, computational

A very easy to misunderstand TCP congestion control algorithm

BodyA lot of people think that a good TCP congestion control algorithm will accelerate the connection, which is wrong. On the contrary, all congestion control algorithms are designed to allow TCP to pull back when greedy, most of the time.

C + + implementation of Gaussian fuzzy algorithm

2008 in a PS discussion group, there are netizens puzzled Photoshop's Gaussian blur in the radius of what meaning, so I wrote this article:A summary of the algorithm for the Photoshop Gaussian blur filter;In that article, we mainly explain the

"Machine Learning Algorithm Implementation" KNN algorithm __ Handwriting recognition--based on Python and numpy function library

"Machine Learning Algorithm Implementation" series of articles will record personal reading machine learning papers, books in the process of the algorithm encountered, each article describes a specific algorithm, algorithm programming implementation,

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