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J2se 1.5 In a nutshell Chinese Version

J2se 1.5 In a nutshell Chinese Version 2004-03-22 CLICK: 104 J2se 1.5 In a nutshell Chinese Version Article[H2] j2se 1.5 In a nutshell [/H2]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------According to the Translator's note: the understanding of the new featu

In a nutshell:

In a nutshell: -Monitor. Enter/exit and mutexes are commonly used for protecting objects From being used by two threads at the same time. Every thread acquires Mutex (resp. enters the monitor) before it uses the object, and no other Thread will be allowed to do the same until the mutex is released (resp. Monitor is exited); the monitor methods are faster and use less memory, Mutexes can be shared using SS Processes -The lock statement internally uses

Preface to "C #3.0 in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition"

Preface I recently read the book C #3.0 Core Technology in the library. I think it is quite good to read it. C #3.0 technology covers from basic syntax to new features, it is a good book to learn C #3.0. I wanted to download the electronic version from the Internet but couldn't find it, but I read the English version of C #3.0 in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition, also very good. I plan to take the time to learn something and write a few articles on my blog to

A nutshell of all computer programming languages

publishing.Vbsctip: Is the ASP default scripting language.LUA: is a small scripting language.Haskell: A standardized, general-purpose, purely functional programming language with unqualified semantics and strong static types.LOGO: is an early programming language and a programming language very close to natural language.ML: is a general-purpose functional programming language.Pascal: It's a high-level programming language for computers.Prolog: is a logical programming language.Scheme: A variant

C # 5 in a nutshell-delegate

1. What's delegate in C #?A delegate is an object, that knows how to call a method.A delegate type defines the kind of method that delegate instances can call. Specifically,It defines the method ' return type and its parameter types.The Followingdefines a delegate type called Transformer:delegate int Transformer (int x);Transformer is compatible with any method with an int return type and a singleint parameter, such as this:static int Square (int x) {return x * x;}Assigning a method to a delegat

summarize OSPF features in a nutshell

-id of this router in the Hello package Exstart: The initial state of information exchange, determine the master-slave relationship, who first initiate the exchange, determine the DD message sequence number. Exchange: Information exchange status, the interaction of DD messages Loading: Information loading status, exchanging LSA information via LSR, LSU Full: Fully contiguous state X. ROUTER-ID: Manual designation is the highest priority, if not manually specified, the active

Working with Threads-java In a nutshell, 6th

locked. Locking an object[] doesn ' t lock the individual objects.Locks a object[] array, and cannot lock every object within the array. Primitives is not mutable, so they can ' t (and don ' t need to) be locked.Native types are immutable, so they cannot (and do not need to) lock. Synchronized can ' t appear on a method declaration in an interface.Synchronization cannot appear on the method of an interface. Inner classes is just syntactic sugar, so locks on Inner classes has n

java = = and equals ()--java In a nutshell, 6th

distinguish between these, kinds of equality. One of the "identical" when talking about equality of references and the word "equal" when Talking about a distinct objects that has the same content. To test-nonidentical objects for equality, pass one of the them to the Equals () method of the other: All objects inherit a Equals () method (from Object), but the default implementa‐tion simply uses = = to test for identity of references, not equality of content. A classThat wants-to-allow ob

Java object-oriented features-a nutshell

to appear and replace, in the programming in fact many places are embodied, most oftenSee mapI don't quite understand why I wrote it until I saw the author's description in the book.Synthesis and aggregation principles, in fact, better words are combinatorial and aggregation, and now many concepts of the boundaries are actually not so standard or strict, we will inherit and hold,is generally held limited, holding is holding an instanceIn short, a succession of the birth of countless situations,

MySQL, Mysqli, PDO in a nutshell

MySQL, Mysqli, PDO in a nutshell comparison 1 MySQL extension (Note: original, poor) 2 MYSQLI extensions (process-oriented) (Note: More features than above) 3 Mysqli extension (object-oriented) (Note: More in line with object-oriented thinking than above) 4 Mysqli extension (Object-oriented) (Prepare statement) (Note: More performance and safety than

Java In a nutshell learning Notes

1, bytecode is always a big paragraph2, other languages run in Java, or implement a compiler similar to Javac, which interprets the language as a class file. Either, directly re-implementing the JVM, directly explaining the language3,java and C + + differences: Java's function call is virtual by default Java always passes the value of the Java does not support multiple inheritance Java does not have operator overloading 4,java ignores all whitespace, tab, line breaks, and so on,

JAVA8 Method References-java In a nutshell, 6th

The relationship between the JAVA8 function reference and the lambda expression => function Reference is a simplified lambda expression that infers only the function, parameter, and return value compiler that appears. > Actually this grammar and lambda expression is exactly the opposite, NBSP;LAMBDA expression represents an anonymous method, which is the absence of a function name, giving only parameters and method bodies. Then the existing function comes in handy, the existing function has th

Recursive Algorithms for data structures and algorithms C ++ and PHP, and data structures and algorithms Recursion

Recursive Algorithms for data structures and algorithms C ++ and PHP, and data structures and algorithms RecursionRecursive Algorithm: it is an algorithm that calls itself directly or indirectly. Implementation process: You can use a function or sub-process to complete recursive operations by directly or indirectly calling the code in a function or sub-process. (

Eight sort algorithms that must be known [java Implementation] (3) Merge sort algorithms and Heap Sort Algorithms

Eight sort algorithms that must be known [java Implementation] (3) Merge sort algorithms and Heap Sort Algorithms I. Merge Sorting Algorithm Basic Idea: The Merge Sorting method combines two (or more) ordered tables into a new ordered table, that is, the sequence to be sorted is divided into several subsequences, each of which is ordered. Then combine the ordered

Research Topic 2 of search engine algorithms: Analysis of hits algorithms and derived Algorithms

convergence thresholds until convergence. The HITS algorithm can also be extended to other similar sorting systems. Hits variants Most of the problems encountered by the HITS algorithm are because hits is a purely link-based Analysis Algorithm without considering the text content. after kleberger proposed the HITS algorithm, many researchers improved hits and proposed many variant hits algorithms, mainly including: Improvement on hits by Monika R. he

Analysis of 6 kinds of load balancing algorithms, Ngnix 5 kinds of algorithms.

Analysis of 6 kinds of load balancing algorithms, Ngnix 5 kinds of algorithms.?Floating SnatchHundred 03-21 10:06ConcernContent GuideIts actual effect is getting closer to the average allocation of calls to each server on the backend, which is the result of polling. The idea of the source address hash is to obtain the client's IP address, through the hash function to calculate a value, with this value to th

Osgi in a nutshell [note]

Osgi Specification L an open specification for the delivery of managed services to networked environment. L osgi services platform: osgi framework & a set of standard service Definitions   The osgi framework L osgi framework: sits on the top of

PHP uses memcache caching technology to introduce _php tutorials in a nutshell

A PHP with Memcache cache technology to improve the responsiveness of friends who need to refer to the reference. Connecting to a database The code is as follows Copy Code $memcache _obj = Memcache_connect ("localhost", 11

J2SE 1.5 in a Nutshell Chinese version

Java 2 Platform Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.5 (codenamed "Tiger") is an important change to the Java platform and language. Currently, J2SE 1.5 contains 15 JSR requests, the corresponding JCP results in nearly 100 significant changes.Seeing that this

The c#3.0 and net3.5 of "c#3.0 in a nutshell,3rd Edition" Basic introduction

Objective C#3.0 is an object-oriented programming language, which has many features such as multi-purpose and type safety. In order to realize the efficiency of development and learning, she has made great efforts in language simplicity, ease of

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