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How do I make the Linux user-defined command alias permanently effective? __linux

How to make the user-defined command alias for Linux permanently effective. The alias (Chinese called "Alias") allows you to redefine the Shell command in Linux with a shorter name, simplifying the command line input. If you often deal with the

Windows Powershell alias _powershell

Brief descriptionIn Windows PowerShell, aliases are alternative names for cmdlets or other commands. Detailed descriptionAliases are cmdlet or commands (for example: functions, scripts, files, executables.) Alternative name, or a nickname. You can

How do i make Linux user-defined command alias permanent?

alias(Chinese is called"aliases"allows a shorter name to be used to redefineLinuxin theShellcommand, which simplifies the input of the command line. If often withCLIdeal with, then usealiasnot only will save time, but also can improve efficiency,

My new understanding of alias: Using alias to make rm safer, aliasrm

My new understanding of alias: Using alias to make rm safer, aliasrm Rm's tragedy always happens inadvertently. Therefore, whether in shell scripts or interactive bash environments, you should always think twice before executing rm commands. As a

Describes how to set alias in linux and how to fix the failure after the alias command is restarted.

How to set up alias in linuxSetting alias in centos is relatively simple, for example:Vim/root/. bashrcSample code:AddAlias rm = 'rm-I'Detailed description of alias commands for setting commands in Linux aliasFunction description: sets the alias of

Alias function varibales in Linux/gnu and MAC alias command detail

In detail, in ancient classical Chinese is "spy suitors words", now become "detailed explanation" of the abbreviation.Alias is the counterpart of Doskey in Ms-doc Cmds, which means "alias" or "pseudonym"Alias is powerful in that it can be reduced to

On the setting of alias of Linux Alias

AliasCommand: AliasFeature Description: Set the alias of the commandSyntax: alias [command]= ' other commands 'Cases:[[email protected] data]# aliasAlias cp= ' Cp-i 'Alias l.= ' ls-d. *--color=auto 'Alias ll= ' Ls-l--color=auto 'Alias ls= '

Command alias in Linux

The command alias function of a Linux system the command alias function will use a large number of commands during the management and maintenance of the Linux system, and some long commands or usage are often used, repeated and frequent input of a

Linux Command aliases alias usage

Command alias: Alias Alias displays all aliases defined in the current shell [Root@zabbix_agentd zabbix]# AliasAlias cp= ' Cp-i 'Alias egrep= ' Egrep--color=auto 'Alias fgrep= ' Fgrep--color=auto 'Alias grep= ' grep--color=auto 'Alias l.= ' ls-d. *

Mysql SQL Alias usage and Alias (Alias) syntax

SQL Alias syntax SELECT column_name (s) FROM table_name AS alias_name  Column SQL Alias syntax SELECT column_name AS alias_name FROM table_name  Alias instance: use the table name Alias Suppose we have two tables: "Persons" and "Product_Orders ". We

"Linux Command Details" 11, command alias-[Alias/unalias]

11, Alias/unaliasYou can use the alias command to define an alias for a command, and if there are spaces in the command, you need to use double quotation marks (such as spaces between commands and options), and use the Unalias command when the user

Set command alias in Linux

Recently, a Django site needs to frequently access the varwwwsitemycitsm Directory. every time you have to repeat the input string, you have recently created a Django site, the/var/www/site/mycitsm/directory needs to be accessed frequently. it is

Basic tutorial on using table alias and field alias in MySQL,

Basic tutorial on using table alias and field alias in MySQL, MySQL table Alias (Alias)SQL table aliasIn an SQL statement, you can specify an Alias (Alias) for the table name and field (column) name. The Alias is a standard SQL syntax and is

Linux alias command details, linuxalias command details

Linux alias command details, linuxalias command detailsDetailed description of alias commands in linux Description Set the alias of the command. In linux, if the command is too long and does not conform to the user's habits, you can specify an

Usage of the alias command

Aliases alias alias The Linux system assigns aliases to commands under the alias alias command usage:In a Linux system, if the command is too long and does not conform to the user's habits, then we can assign an alias to it. Although it is possible

MySQL SQL alias usage and alias (alias) syntax

SELECT column_name (s) from table_name as Alias_name SELECT column_name as Alias_name from table_name Suppose we have two tables: "Persons" and "Product_orders" respectively. We assign them the alias "P" and "Po" respectively. Now, we want to

Use alias to get an alias for Common commands

As an iOS developer, it is often necessary to use command lines. Sometimes a long string of commands is really annoying, especially some common commands. We need to repeat the keyboard over and over again. However, laruence is generally not so

Linux command alias and ln (alias and link command) usage

The alias command is used to set the name of the directive. We can use this command to simplify some of the longer commands. When using alias, the user must use single quotes ' to cause the original command to prevent special characters from causing

Alias commands in Linux

In Linux, you often need to switch directories, Which is troublesome. Then you think of the alias command, which can be used to convert a long command into a short command that we like. sort out the usage of this command for future

18-docker Network Fourth Lecture-Network alias (Docker series)

This article is from the "Knowledge Forest" In the previous example, the communication between the container and the container is done through the IP address in the network, which is obviously unreasonable, because the IP address may change when the

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