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Dell Desktop Installation Ubuntu 16.04 considerations (Alienware R6)

Before the Asus notebook successfully installed the dual system win + Ubuntu Kylin 16.04, thought it was easy to install on the Dell, the results found that the Dell computer has a lot of pits. Dell Alienware, GPU 1080Ti, SSD, HDD,UEFI+GPT partition Follow the installation steps for the problem: First, FAQ: Install ubuntu Kylin 16.04 64bit, to the Grub interface, click Install, the System black screen Problem reason: Ubuntu support for NVIDIA graphi

Watch the 2014 World Cup in Brazil on the Linux desktop!

Watch the 2014 World Cup in Brazil on the Linux desktop! Football is the most widely used and most popular sport in the world. Modern Football originated in Britain. Football players run more than six miles per game on average. There are nearly 1 billion of viewers in the last World Cup in South Africa, and the number of viewers is expected to increase this year. The 20th World Cup was held in Brazil from t

First-generation reporting tool qlik sense desktop in 2014

The qlik sense desktop case shows the effects of several report cases that have just been viewed and completed (if the image is not displayed normally, refresh the page again) -I personally feel that the report design process is very simple and convenient, and the report interaction is also very strong, it is easy to analyze and view data information from various dimensions. I guess many people have heard of qlikview, and we can see that qlik has rank

December 2014 desktop OS share statistics

December 2014 desktop OS share statistics Every month, Net Applications will publish statistics on the desktop operating system shares of the previous month. This data helps us discover the overall market trend. According to this statistics, the market share of Windows 7 declined slightly in January this year, from last December in 56.26% to 55.92%, and the ma

2014 Latest Desktop installation configuration recommended

The following is a small series from Changsha warm technology collection of 2014 desktop installation configuration recommended, I hope everyone can be useful! Computer Entry Configuration If you usually only look at stocks, surfing the internet, watching movies, playing ordinary online games, this set of configuration can be fully qualified. cpu:intel-g1610¥260 Motherboard: Gigabyte b75m-d3v¥460 Memor

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