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Alienware 14 Reviews

Today's notebook market, are in the pursuit of ultra-thin, ultra-light, ultra-portable. Look at the hundreds of notebooks on the market, is not some feel that there is no characteristic? In fact, in the notebook field, there is a force that can not be ignored, it pursues performance, the pursuit of appearance, volume, weight is not in the slightest consideration, that is the Dell Alienware (alien) Series game Notebook, Tank products in the notebook se

Alienware Aurora R5 Game This depth evaluation

Alienware Aurora R5 Gaming desktop evaluation. In fact, Alienware Aurora R5 is a product designed for VR devices, and we all know that VR-display devices such as Oclus rift often require a higher hardware configuration, so Aurora R5 is equipped with i7-6700k overclocking processors and dual GTX 1070 SLI's unique hardware mix is sufficient to meet the needs of VR devices and most games. Perhap

Alienware X51 New Evaluation

Let's start by giving you a shot, which is one of the most expensive gaming desktops we've recently tested. For many users, a perfect PC host can be said to be the ultimate goal, it needs to be as small as possible, can be placed next to the TV and not seem out of place, but also have a strong performance, good upgradeable. The hard part is that the general power of a desktop PC is difficult to achieve in a compact fashion, but Dell's Alienware X51 di

Alienware 13 Configuration How is it worth buying?

Dell's new version of Alienware 13 is an example of what it claims to be the world's first 13-inch Vr-ready notebook. The starting price for Alienware 13 is not high--at least for the brand--but 1200 dollars (about 8105 yuan). This cost allows you to get the Intel Core I5-6300HQ processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics, 8GB ddr4-2133 memory, 180GB m.2 SATA 6Gbps SSD, killer 802.11c Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1

New Alienware 17 listed

If you're a traditional gamer who likes to use desktops to play games, then Alienware's 17-inch new Alienware 17 gaming notebook may be able to meet your requirements. The new Alienware 17 starts at $1499 (about RMB 9173) and is powered by Intel's fourth generation Haswell Core i7 processor. In addition to custom-made, Alienware 17 also has a low, medium and h

Alienware-15-r3 installed Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS

Preface: Alienware-15-r3 the system installed by default is WIN10. Now uninstall Win0, install Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS.One, download ubuntu 16.04.3 lts image file,: Https://, make USB boot disk with Uitraiso1, uitraiso:, Uitraiso registration code (PRO-Test available):, install Uitraiso, click Free to use, or after registering, make USB boot disk. For

Alienware WIN8 System Installation

Original author net name alienware-Small to:My aliens are always faking system errors. I think it's a good write. Take the original author's things.For Win7 system users want to experience the next win8.1 system, or the original win8.1 system installed solid state after reinstalling win8.1 system of alien users, with the original win8.1 English system disk directly installed win8.1 system can be.Preparation: win8.1 original system disk (with original

Dell Desktop Installation Ubuntu 16.04 considerations (Alienware R6)

Before the Asus notebook successfully installed the dual system win + Ubuntu Kylin 16.04, thought it was easy to install on the Dell, the results found that the Dell computer has a lot of pits. Dell Alienware, GPU 1080Ti, SSD, HDD,UEFI+GPT partition Follow the installation steps for the problem: First, FAQ: Install ubuntu Kylin 16.04 64bit, to the Grub interface, click Install, the System black screen Problem reason: Ubuntu support for NVIDIA graphi

Single Chip microcomputer growth path (51 basics)-006 development of 51 single-chip microcomputer under Linux burning and writing environment

There is no IDE like Keli in Linux to develop 51 single-chip microcomputer, development environment can only build themselves.First step: Install the cross-compilation toolA) Install SDCCsudo apt-get install SDCCb) Test SDCC is available, this is a simple test.c on the Internet to find the code of the running lights, to test1#include"8051.h"2 3 #defineUINT unsigned int4 #defineUchar unsigned char5Uchar tab[8] = {0x01,0x02,0x04,0x08,0x10,0x20,0x40,0x80

51 Single-Chip Microcomputer timer simple example, 51 Single-Chip Microcomputer Timer

51 Single-Chip Microcomputer timer simple example, 51 Single-Chip Microcomputer Timer The first time I wrote a blog, I don't know. Forget it. Just stick the Code directly. 1 # include

Windows 10 (51) and 51

Windows 10 (51) and 51 [Download source code]Backwater world war I Windows 10 (51)-control (Collection class): ItemsControl-item template selector, Data grouping Author: webabcdIntroductionControls for Windows 10 (Collection class-ItemsControl) Item template Selector Data Group Example1. ItemsControl's item template SelectorControls/CollectionControl/ItemsCon

Thinking logic of computer programs (51) and thinking 51

Thinking logic of computer programs (51) and thinking 51 The previous section describes EnumMap. This section also describes the implementation class EnumSet for the Set interface of the enumeration type. Similar to EnumMap, there is a special implementation class for enumeration types, mainly because it can implement the Set interface very efficiently. The implementation class HashSet/TreeSet of the Set in

51 is how to develop

9 years ago in Ma Yun founder of the Chinese Yellow Pages as a salesman, not be known by Ma Yun Pang East, after eight or nine years in the field of Internet, now is doing a thing by Ma called "His dream to do" things-- Has the second largest dating community website, and by another internet wealth Big Brother Shi Yuzhu of the favor, in early July this year, the Shi Yuzhu 51 million dollar strategic

51. com: not playing games for many years

It's better not to ask which competitor Pang Shengdong's looks like. He is still a little excited to tell you that video authentication, group dating, and other functions are not only the first in their domestic counterparts, but even earlier than Myspace, not to mention facebook.CEO Pang Shengdong believes that the current SNS website market structure has been finalized, and SNS websites will be homogeneous in the future. How to mainta claims to push "new color red" denies strategic contraction Since last month Tencent official announced will vigorously combat illegal plug, first to the production operation Rainbow QQ denied, and then issued a statement to admit that the Rainbow plug-in is indeed the company. Does this revocation mean strategic contraction, no longer involved in illegal plug-in? "The

Millet 5 How one key change machine? Millet 51 Key Change Machine use method

Millet 51 Key Change machine Preparation tools: Millet 5 Mobile phone one, old millet mobile phone. This article to Millet 4, Millet 51 key Machine For example, that is, small set before the use of Millet 4 mobile phones, bought a new millet 5, the need to the Millet 4 on the data are transferred to Millet 5. Millet 51 Key Change machine function Use tutorial Alliance Giants: Tencent faces severe challenges

Since last December, the six or seven-month-old third-round financing plan has finally come to an end. From the previous opinions to the current dust settles, as a heavyweight cooperation, the giant Shi Yuzhu and the 51-East hand to attract the industry's eyes. July 1, giant network and announced that the two sides have reached a final investment a

"Turn" what is called 51 single-chip microcomputer minimum system

Single-chip microcomputer minimum system, or the smallest application system, refers to the system which is composed of the least component and the microcontroller can work. for the 51 series microcontroller, the minimum system should generally include: single-chip microcomputer, crystal oscillator circuit, reset circuit. a minimum system circuit diagram for a 51 microcontroller is given below. Descripti

51.COM the establishment of IM division and Tencent Positive competition

Sina Science and technology news December 26 morning, according to 51. COM to confirm that the company has in November this year, the IM project Team independent of the site, the game is tied to one of the three business departments, will begin to exert the IM market next year. That means the 51 that started out as a social network. After Tencent's foray into social networks, COM also tried to massively bu CEO Pang East: I underestimated the difficulty of entrepreneurship

New September 14 10:30, CEO Pang in Sina Technology Silver era, Internet entrepreneurship, SNS, blogs and other topics and exchange with netizens. The following is the full text of the transcript: Moderator: Good morning to all of you netizens, Today, we are invited to the Silver Age of the guests are 51.comCEO Pang, is a personal network of a blog

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