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How to Analyze problems related to Internal Errors (ORA-600) and Core dumps (ORA-7445) using My Oracle Support (document ID 2604 59.1)

Tags: des http os io for art CTI AROracle database-enterprise edition-version and later information in this document applies to any platform. **checked for relevance 06-apr-2010 **checked for relevance 17-apr-2013 * * Checked for relevance

About the JSON dump and dumps

Tags: Pre module log get PYc python about object spanThe basic features are explained first:Dumps is converting dict to str format, loads is converting str to dict format.Dump and load are similar functions, just combined with file operations.Look

How to easily get dict data and dumps into JSON when using SQLAlchemy

Tags: Clipboard python object ext problem top mil case blank aboutUsing SQLAlchemy can easily read the data from the Python object in the form of a database (spit slot: To tell the truth, the form of the object is not much convenient, as I have

How to Hanganalyze and systemstate dumps

Label:Oracle Support Request Hang analyst and System state dumps when rasing SR.One 10.1 or higher versions login asSqlplus-prelim/as SYSDBATo do a hanganalyzeOradebug Setmypid;Oradebug Unlimit;Oradebug Hanganalyze 3;Wait 60–90 seconds and run the

Debug core dumps of the Go language

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Translate the original link reprint/reprint please indicate the source English original link "go, the Unwritten parts" published in 2017/05/22 author JBD is a member

Thread dumps

Although the integrated development environment (IDE) can provide good debugging settings for a graphical application, it does not allow you to debug multithreaded Java server programs. Fortunately,

JSON is processed as strings, main functions, dumps and loads

Tags: data print read character name Pytho import type pen#JSON data exchange, cross-language data exchange. first JSON processing plus ' ' into a string # Json.dumps encapsulated into str,json.loads take out#Pickle is the python internal data

Using Nginx+uwsgi+redis to realize the game GM chat function

Original demand A customer service GM can add all the players in the game to be friends and chat. The specific functions are as follows:* GM up and down* Add game players as friends* Delete Game players as friends* GM sends chat messages* Player

MySQL database failed to start example of data recovery

Friends familiar with Oracle know that when the Oracle database does not start properly, you can save data and reduce loss by dul or other tripartite tools that directly read data from data files. If you use the InnoDB engine in MySQL, you can also e

mysqldump Command Import Export database method and instance Rollup _mysql

Use of the mysqldump command 1. Export all libraries System command Line Mysqldump-uusername-ppassword--all-databases > All.sql 2. Import all libraries MySQL command line Mysql>source All.sql; 3. Export some libraries System command Lin

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