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Introduction to all popular Chinese galgame games I have played

Note:This should be the first blog to be written. This blog was initially engaged in such content I will continue to restore the classic network of the year. This article is a masterpiece I have played seriously. None of the minor works will mention All the Games introduced here are completely Chinese. This is not a collection of Chinese galgame, nor does it cover all

Computer Graphics learning methods and related books, games, GIS, VR, and 3D engines can all be viewed.

Computer Graphics learning methods and related books, games, GIS, VR, and 3D engines can all be viewed.This book referred to the Preface:Based on my current level, I learned three major credits for 3D graphics:A. Space ry mathematics: Space ry transformation, acceleration algorithm, Polygon technology, curves and surfaces, intersection testing, and collision testing.B. Illumination coloring system: illumina

Computer Graphics learning methods and related books, games, GIS, VR, and 3D engines can all be viewed.

course) 16) david h. Eberly's 3D Game Engine Design: A Practical Approach to Real-Time Computer Graphics 17) Alan H. Watt, 3D computer graphics (3rd edition) 18) Computer Graphics of James D. Foley and others: Principles and Practice in C (2nd edition). Let's take a look at this Bible when it's okay. Part 4: Where can I download the materials? My csdn resources are available. I will upload them one after another. You can also search for them online. Computer Graphics learning methods and re

At Intel™The processor transplanted OpenGL * games to Android * (Part 2)

defined by extensions, so they are different on each platform. Unfortunately, all Android devices only support the Ericsson texture compression (ETC1) format (except for the first generation devices, the first generation devices do not support OpenGL ES 2.0 ). ETC1 only supports 8-bit precision per pixel, and does not support alpha. Most games use compressed textures with alpha, which is a serious obstacle

Stop talking, start doing. You can also make 2 games in 10 days

Original article, reprinted Please note:Reprinted from All-iPad.netLink:Stop talking, start doing. You can also make 2 games in 10 days An article from Karnak games: Stop talking, start doing. postmorten of how I made 2 games in 1

General evaluation 2--j kindergarten small class dance games

expensive> S Car comparison highlights: The whole upgrade process of hellland baron will only consume gold coins, in addition, it takes only six times to complete the transformation from the RA level to the RS level! (The whole upgrade process of the second gold coin is under special pressure) 650) This. width = 650; "src =" "border =" 0 "/> cold coffee summary recommendations: Fatalah is probably the only one who does

Speed Challenge-2 hours to complete HTML5 puzzle games __html

scrambling algorithms, I use the most brutal method, that is, random upset. This algorithm is simple and bad in the likelihood of irreversible phenomena. In response to this problem, there is a matching detection of whether the algorithm can be reduced, the specific algorithm theory I borrowed the lufy of the Great God's comments: The key to this kind of game is to see if the sum of the number of reverse order is even when it is disturbed.Suppose you scramble after each small tile in the array

Seven animation effects of the WPF series of games (2)

Original: The seven animated effects of the WPF series of games (2)The previous article has animated the Close window icon, which will handle the display and closing effect of the window interface. Since all animations are for the canvas of the window interface, add some Rendertranform properties for it, which do not fill in any effects, and are later provided by

The ccf Question Bank eliminated games in December 2, 2015.

The ccf Question Bank eliminated games in December 2, 2015. The questions are as follows: Problem description: elimination games are popular games that are played on a game board containing n rows and m columns, there is a colored chess piece on the square of each column in each row of the board. When one row or column

Homemade Unity Games tankhero-2d (2) Making enemy tanks

engine finds only those event functions that are farthest from Monobehaviour at the inheritance level, and then no longer cares about the same name function on the other layers.Why is it the farthest? Because of a gameobject, it has normalbulletfly this component, meaning that this gameobject has an instance of type Normalbulletfly. Naturally, Unity will select the Update method in this type of method table . The method table of its parent class is only available if it does not exist in the no

Buildings Multi-school 2 games 1002

floor so it's Possible to place a window.Your boss XXY wants to minimize the maximum areas of all apartments, now it's Your turn to tell him the answer. Inputthere is at the most10000Testcases.For each testcase, only four space-separated integers,N,M,X,Y(1≤N,M≤8,nxm>1,1≤x≤n,1≤y≤ m) . Outputfor each testcase, print only one interger, representing the answer.Sample Input2 3 2 23 3 1 1Sampl

As3 RPG Game Engine Development log 2: understanding and analysis of RPG games

to move the map instead of moving the map.NPC. Here we divide the map into three layers: Background layer: it is at the bottom layer at any time, and I don't think it should have an animation (video clip), and the background is the largest in the whole map, it has a large animation that seriously affects the speed. If you need an animation, place it in the middle layer. Foreground layer: everything that exchanges depth with players is at this layer, where they participate in game

RPG Games Learn--2.rpgmaker Event Learning 1

B is on", the graph is still original, the starting condition is "decision key". In the second event page of the selection, do not forget to add the page on the Accept task when you open the Independent switch B.The number of independent switches is only four, and it is only within a single event that controls the page and cannot be called globally.The switch is the entire game's global control engine, which map can be used to determine whether the switch is on to execute the event content.Sele

Make games with Python & Pygame (2)

run to a maximum determined FPS value. The clock object will insert a small pause in the main game loop to ensure that our game program does not run too fast. If we don't have these pauses, our game will run as fast as the computer. It was really fast for the people who played the game. Calling the Tick () method of the clock object in the game loop will ensure that our game runs to a certain speed no matter how fast the computer runs. Create a Clock object with the following statement Fpsclock

How to Write 2D games with XNA on WP7 (2)

Prepare to write a series of articles on XNA designing 2D games. This is the first chapter. 1. hello world in XNA 1.1 create an XNA Game Development Project When we are new to a program, we always love to write a hello world to try it out. Writing hello world is the easiest way to understand a language or framework. So how can we use the xna game framework in wp7 (windows phone 7) to output hello world on the screen. In fact, Microsoft's development

Unity3d series tutorials-use free tools to develop 2D games in unity3d section 2 (I)

. now the texture file path should have been set to the same. the same XML Path. If you have already done the above steps, your texturepacker should look like: Now if you click Publish and return to unity, you can see a spriteatlases folder, sprite atlas and a data file are also included. We need to make some changes to sprite atlas in unity to make it look correct. 1. Select level.png in the project viewFilter ModeChangePoint.2. ClickOverride for Web

Unity3d series tutorials-use free tools to develop 2D games in unity3d section 2 (below)

Disclaimer: the translation categories of this blog post are personal translations, All rights reserved. For more information, see for more information, visit This section is followed by the previous section. Create an animated brick This Brick needs some animation effects when it is destroyed. So we need to make an animation. 1. Drag an animation from orthello> objects> sprites to the hierarchy v

Hdu 2177 Take (2 heap) game theory of stone games, Witzov, improve the problem, but the test data is extremely water

Take (2 piles) Stone gameTime limit:3000/1000 MS (java/others) Memory limit:32768/32768 K (java/others)Total submission (s): 1291 Accepted Submission (s): 764Problem description has two piles of stones, which can be different in quantity. The game began with two people taking turns to take stones. The game rules, each time there are two different ways, one can take away any number of stones in any heap, and two can take the same number of stones in

The speech of a Taiwanese headmaster shook all the Chinese 1th/2 page _ Inspirational article

' see ' The big things, not necessarily see the small things, this is a very important lesson. The story of the second paper, when the Asian Games at the end of Hiroshima, Japan, 60,000 of people in the Hall did not have a piece of waste paper. Newspapers all over the world exclaimed: ' Respectable, terrible Japanese nation! It is because there is not a scrap of paper that surprises the whole world. Look a

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