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Virtual Machine Migration Technology: Part 1 (implementation of migration of KVM virtual machines between physical hosts)

Preface The migration technology of virtual machines provides a simple method for server virtualization. Currently, popular virtualization products VMWare, xen, hyper-V, and KVM all provide their own migration tools. Among them, the Linux platform's

Virtual Machine migration technology, part 1

Preface System migration refers to moving the operating system and applications on the source host to the target host and running properly on the target host. In the era when there is no virtual machine, the migration between physical machines

Yii spiritual path (1) @ Migration data Migration-php Tutorial

Yii spiritual path (1) @ Migration data Migration Data Migration refers to the migration of database tables created by the team to synchronize information between teams and unify data.Database Migration General steps: 1. in The migrate of yii2, it

yii2.0 Database Migration Tutorial "multiple databases synchronizing data simultaneously" _php instance

This paper describes the method of yii2.0 database migration. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Create a migration Use the following command to create a new migration: Yii migrate/create The required

Virtual machine online migration without shared storage conditions in OpenStack [go]

Original link: (migration) is the move of a virtual machine from one physical host to another, and dynamic (live) is that the virtual machine works during

Yii Framework official guide series New version 27-use database: database migration

Note: yii supports the database migration feature only after version 1.1.6. Like the source code, the database structure continues to grow as we develop and maintain database-driven applications. for example, during development, we may want to add a

OpenStack Virtual machine cold migration and thermal migration

One, virtual machine Migration Analysis OPENSTACVK Virtual machine migration is divided into two ways: cold migration and thermal migration. 1.1 Cold Migration : Cold Migration (Cold migration) , also called static migration. power off the virtual

Yii Framework Official Guide Series Supplemental Edition 27--use database: Database migration

Note: Yii does not start to support database migration features until after version 1.1.6. Like the source code, the structure of the database continues to grow as we develop and maintain database-driven applications. For example, during development,

MySQL migration solution in different scenarios _ MySQL

Summary of considerations for MySQL Migration Solution overview I. Why is MySQL migration a task of DBA routine maintenance. Migration is to remove an existing object to ensure its integrity and continuity. Why migration is required in the

MySQL migration scenarios under different scenarios

MySQL migration scenarios under different scenariosPosted in MySQL and tagged MySQL, data migration, scheme on Sep 15, 2015. viewd 2684 times. 文/温国兵A catalog A catalog Second why migrate Three MySQL migration Scenarios Overview

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