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WordPress Cache Plugin Wp-super-cache Installation use

Wp-super-cache plug-in use: (Wp-postviews plugin will not be counted) ① premise is fixed link is not available by default, upload Wp-super-cache plugin, do not rush to enable. ② grants the following permissions: Add Write permission to the

Best WordPress Cache plug-in: WP Super Cache

Document directory WP Super Cache Status Super Cache Compression Mod Rewrite Rules Expiry Time and Garbage Collection Accepted filenames, rejected URIs Rejected User Agents Cache Contents Lock Down Directly Cached Files Configuration

Blog Program selection: ZB and WP which is the weight

When everyone is loyal to download station, information station, Amoy passenger station operation, and for this tireless, I think any one webmaster should not forget the blog this form of the site, although compared to the previous, the function of

Wordpress wp Super Cache plugin installation tutorial

There are many WordPress static Cache plug-ins. Now we will talk about the basic usage of a very common static Cache plug-in WP Super Cache, including plug-in installation settings and disabling deletion of Cache.This plug-in is always on the

Blog Program Selection: ZB and WP

When joy is loyal to the operations of download sites, news sites, and taoke sites, and is so tireless, I think no webmaster should forget the form of a blog, although compared with the previous users, the function of a blog website is somewhat

WordPress plugin--WP Baidu submit structured data plug-in and fast and full to Baidu submit Web page, wordpress--wp_php tutorial

WordPress plugin--WP Baidu submit structured data plug-in and fast and full to Baidu to submit a webpage, WORDPRESS--WP First, WP BaiDu Submit Introduction WP Baidu submit to help with the Baidu Webmaster Platform link Submission Rights of users

Android's garbage collection mechanism (Android refbase class (sp wp ))

From:   SP and WP implementation process ~~I personally think SP and WP are actuallyAndroidAutomatically implemented for C ++JunkReclaimMechanismTo be specific to the internal implementation,

Wordpress tips for use-wp-config.php skills

Wordpress tips-wp-config.php tips if the functions. php file is the most important file in the WordPress topic, what is the most important for the entire WordPress? It should be a wp-config.p Wordpress tip for Big use-wp-config.php tip If the

WP Loading research: How to create a game that lets people spend money

The game is the best to do and the most difficult to do the project, the game is now directly from the data to speak, Windows phone game application is also impossible to escape from the industry guidelines, to say that in the market to do good,

Birth and death of the previous application of WP

Cause Because I bought a WP mobile phone, I still like Microsoft's WP system very much, but the software quality is not high. before the Chinese New Year, I bought a WP developer account, which is not very expensive, I also want to make some

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