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iOS development-Get all apps installed

Can be used for non-jailbreak equipment, but through audit, if you need to implement this function, you find ways to bypass the audit it.Here's how to get all the apps installed:#include iOS development-Get all apps installed

Android gets all installed apps for the system

1. Get all installed applicationsListPackageInfo>Packages=Getpackagemanager (). Getinstalledpackages (0); for(intI=0; Ipackages.size (); I++) {PackageInfo PackageInfo=Packages.get (i);AppInfo Tmpinfo=NewAppInfo ();Tmpinfo.appname=PackageInfo.applicationInfo.loadLabel (Getpackagemanager ()). ToString ();Tmpinfo.packagename=Packageinfo.packagename;Tmpinfo.versionname=Packageinfo.versionname;Tmpinfo.versioncod

iOS apps can't download, apps can't be installed at this time

Cannot install appApp developer, do the program test, retry not yet, repack,Personal, change the DNS of WiFiIn the "Settings" –> "WiFi" –> enter the current WiFi access after clicking next to the exclamation mark, and then click on DNS to delete the original settings 88.8.8 can do it.1) The simplest way is to try to restore the network.Click "Settings" on the Apple phone desktop to find "General" and then click "Restore" –> "restore network Settings" after restarting the phone.2) Reset Access Re

Android-get apps installed on mobile phones

Android-get apps installed on mobile phones In the previous blog posts about Android, I introduced some common practical functions in several projects. In this blog, I will introduce you to how to obtain the mobile app installed in the Android mobile phone. All the shoes used by Kingsoft mobile guard or 360 mobile Gu

Android--Get mobile apps installed

+ ", packagename=" + PackageName + ", isuserapp=" + Isuserapp + "]";}}2. Get the business class of the mobile app AppinfoserviceThis class primarily implements the main business functions of acquiring applications installed in the phone. Encapsulates how to get a phone-installed application.Detailed implementation code such as the following:Package Cn.lyz.mobilesafe.engine;import Java.util.arraylist;import

Android Launcher: get the list of apps installed on your mobile phone. Android launcher

Android Launcher: get the list of apps installed on your mobile phone. Android launcher The most important of Launcher is to obtain the entries and icons of all application lists. Generally, there are two methods to obtain them: PackageInfo ResolveInfo Run and obtain the Launcher of all

Obtain information about installed apps on android devices.

Obtain information about installed apps on android devices. This article describes how to obtain information about installed applications on a device, including the Application name, package name, and icon. After obtaining the information list, you can select a record to start the corresponding application! 1. Code Implementation Package com. example. showappl

Android Query phone installed third-party apps

1. Get the app name and package name for third-party apps installed on your phone and print private void Queryfilterappinfo () { Packagemanager pm = this.getpackag Emanager (); //query all installed applications list Collections.sort (Listappcations,new applicationinfo.displaynamecomparator (PM));//Sort //third-party

Detects apps installed on iOS

Method 1: Method 2: Method 3: Method 4: http://www.iphonedev

Android pre-installed Google Apps or upgraded from 9 to 20 and Android 20

Android pre-installed Google Apps or upgraded from 9 to 20 and Android 20 Summary: According to Google's new contract with OEMs, these OEMs may be preinstalled with 20 models on their new Android devices.GoogleYour own applications. Of course, these pre-installed applications cannot be detached, that is, they occupy some space on these devices. For users, this is

How and how Android apps are installed

How and how Android apps are installedFour kinds of installation methods:1. System Application Installation-complete on boot, no installation interface2. Network download application installation-completed through market application, no Installation interface3.ADB Tool Installation – no installation interface.4. Third-party application installation-through the APK file installed in the SD card, there is an

Use the ADB command to start viewing Versioncode, Versionname for installed Android apps

List the apps you've installedADB Shell PM List PackageC:\USERS\CJTDEV003>ADB Shell PM List

Android lets apps automatically install to phone memory and determine if the app is installed in SDcard

empty, the installation is unsuccessful.Preferexternal:The program is installed on the external storage media, but the system does not guarantee that the program will be installed on the external storage media, and when the external storage media is not available or empty, the program will be installed in memory. If the program uses the forward-locking mechanism

Get Name,bundleidentitifer for apps that have been installed on your phone

Get Name,bundleidentitifer for apps that have been installed on your phone Class c =nsclassfromstring (@ "Lsapplicationworkspace"); ID s = [(ID) C performselector:nsselectorfromstring (@ "Defaultworkspace")]; Nsarray *array = [s performselector:nsselectorfromstring (@ "allinstalledapplications")]; For (ID item in array) { NSLog (@ "%@", [Item performselector:nsselectorfromstring (@ "Ap

[Android] teaches you how to get resolveinfo for apps that aren't installed

why, but since know this piece of code so good to run. That is to get the packageparser.package through reflection and then encapsulate it into intentfilter. Solution: Directly on the code. Because it's all just a reflection and rewriting the code once. try {//Get parse Class Packageparser and instantiate class Packageparserclass = Class.forName (""); Object Packageparser = Packageparserclass.getconstructor (String.

Android apps can be installed on SD cards during development

Before Android 2.1 Program It can only be installed in the body memory (RAM). This feature prevents Android development from some point of view, because Ram has limited space, therefore, this feature limits the size of the application and the functionality of the application. Since Android 2.2, the android system has introduced an all-new feature, app2sd, which allows the Android system to allow applic

Get App version number, version name, package name, AppName, icon, whether it's a system app, get all apps in the phone, all processes

Packagemanager Packagemanager = Getpackagemanager ();PackageInfo PackageInfo; = Packagemanager.getpackageinfo ("Com.kimliu.mobilesafe", 0);drawable icon = PackageInfo.applicationInfo.loadIcon (Packagemanager);String PackageName = packageinfo.packagename;String AppName = PackageInfo.applicationInfo.loadLabel (Packagemanager). toString ();int versioncode = Packageinfo.versioncode;String versionname = packageinfo.versionname;Get App version number, version name, package name, AppName, icon, whether

View a list of apps installed on Android system

You can use the ADB shell PM list PackageWe can use the System-provided tool pm to hide some applications, such as: PM Hide and PM DisablePM Disable (e.g. PM Disable "Package/class") (Disable the specified package, but the components of getcomponentenabledsetting the package are still enabled.) Disable-user the same principle) requires root accessGetactivity (). Getpackagemanager (). setapplicationenabledsetting (Getactivity (). Getpackagename (), packagemanager.component_e

Use python to compile a script to uninstall android apps installed on mobile phones in batches

This script is used to uninstall all third-party applications installed on android phones. it mainly uses the adbshellpm and adbuninstall commands, if you need this script, you can refer to it to uninstall all third-party applications installed on your android phone. the script mainly uses the adb shell pm and adb unin

Newly installed WIN7/WIN10 system, all drivers are not installed, inserting a USB stick does not recognize the solution

I use the old hair pick installed system, the results are installed, only to find that all the drivers are not installed, such as USB, NIC driver, etc.The solution is to first download the driver into the system installation disk, and then again into the installation system interface, the equivalent of reinstalling the

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