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Dangdang: second-level domain reflection XSS transformed to storage XSS in all domains

1. Is the XSS reflection in the second-level or third-level domain very weak? 2. Can only xx xss be better? (For example, you can change the user-agent dialog box, you know) 1 + 2 = storing XSS in all domains. It's just for fun ~~ Detailed

Java combined with jquery to achieve data acquisition across domains _java

One, what is a cross-domain? Because of the security concerns of browsers, the use of the same source policy limits makes it impossible for jquery to manipulate objects or data directly across domain names. For example: Under the domain name

Applied Windows Live custom domains (1)-Overview

Applied Windows Live custom domains (1) Overview Windows Live custom domains (wlcd) is simply a kind of configuration that allows you to register and configure top-level domain names, then you can enjoy the convenient and programmable interface

How does PHP make different domains point to the same page

I am a front-end, contact background not long time, see today there are two top-level domain names, the input domain name is the same page opened, but the address bar has not changed, do not know what this principle, who knows? Reply content: I

Yii2 enables synchronous logon and exit for multiple domain names across domains, and yii2

Yii2 enables synchronous logon and exit for multiple domain names across domains, and yii2 During platform development, the project is divided into two parts: frontend and backend Bind two domain names, we know that the

In-depth exploration of the. NET Framework to understand how CLR creates runtime objects

Content on this page   The domain created by the CLR Startup Program (bootstrap) System domain) Shared domain) Default domain) Loader heaps) Type Principle Object instance Method table Base instance size Method slot table) Method

Top-down bottom-up mini-languages ages (little language) Fluent-Interface DSL

Top-down bottom-upFor detailed descriptions, refer to Paul Graham's Programming Bottom-Up top-down design from top to Bottom: the traditional method, the initial requirements are segmented step by step, to the final implementation of the granularity.

From theory to practice, all-round understanding of DNS

From theory to practice, all-round understanding of DNS2015-11-23 Programmer's Home Selfboot Original: For DNS (Domain Name System) Everyone is certainly not unfamiliar, is not used to

From theory to practice, all-round understanding of DNS (theory)

For DNS (domain Name System) Everyone is certainly not unfamiliar, is not used to convert a site's domain name to the corresponding IP. When we find that we can go to QQ but can't browse the webpage, we will think that the domain name server hangs Configuration Guide (ii)

Create a second domain tree in the forestNew method for creating a second (or more) domain tree in the forest: First Spring Festival The first domain in this domain tree, and the method to create the first domain is implemented by the method of

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