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What is alpha channel?

Image processing (alpha channel, RGB, ...) ) Qilian (Adobe Series tutorial) Shcheyan UI CourseA question that may be silly, what is alpha in image processing? the Alpha Channel is a term in computer graphics that refers to a special channel, meaning

Alpha test, deep test, template test, and cut test in OpenGL

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Direct-X study notes--alpha color blend

Alpha blending is often useful. Wait for me to study hard.I. INTRODUCTIONFirst look at the alpha channel, the alpha channel is the computer to store the image transparency information channel, it is a 8-bit grayscale channel, with 256 levels of gray

Perfect Combination: Ten cool uses of Siri + Wolfram Alpha

After reading the ten "serious" usage of Siri, the powerful functions of the "Siri + X" combination must be visible to everyone. If you carefully consider the ten "serious" usage we have introduced, it is not difficult to find that the combination

Wince/VC efficient PNG texture, custom Alpha Algorithm

At work, PNG images are required for some dazzling interfaces. Microsoft also provides support for PNG images in wince, but the Alpha mixing speed is relatively slow, therefore, we have implemented an Alpha hybrid operation interface, which is four

Secrets! Unique Technical Analysis of Alpha Wireless Router

At present, Alpha wireless routers are widely used and the market performance is still good. So I have studied some unique technologies of Alpha wireless routers. I will share them with you here, I hope it will be useful to you. As a network and

Top 10 Technologies of Alpha Wireless Router

Alpha wireless routers were also popular in the market for a while. I don't know why, but Alpha went bankrupt. However, many technologies of Alpha routers are worth learning from many router manufacturers. Exclusive cheats for Alpha wireless routers

OpenGL Alpha hybrid

Original article: Lesson 8: BlendingTranslated by: cker The vast majority of effects in OpenGL are related to some types of (color) mixing. The definition of the mixed color is to combine the color of a certain pixel with the color of the

Probe into the original technology of Alpha wireless router

Router as a network and communication infrastructure product, it has never been known to families and individual users. With the advent of the Internet and wireless age, wireless routers are starting to enter the home. Slowly routers are not just

Annoying IE7, 8, translucent filter (filter: alpha) failure, png translucent failure solution, ie7png

Annoying IE7, 8, translucent filter (filter: alpha) failure, png translucent failure solution, ie7png In the project, I used IETest to test IE7. 8. I found that the background transparency settings were invalid. I then asked an article to solve the

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