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Step-by-Step wuziqi AI [3] cornerstone-alpha-beta tailoring beyond the boundary

Note: The evaluation method is updated today. It mainly adds a set of variables to record the number of sunspots or whitelists on each vector, so as to selectively use the corresponding template for matching, this causes changes to the pos class. In

Software Version Ga, RC, Alpha, beta, build meaning

(1)RC :( Release Candidate) Candidate indicates a candidate and is a candidate version in software. Release. Candidate. Is the candidate release version. The biggest difference from the beta version is that new features will always be added in the

Alpha Test and beta test

A cursory look at the alpha and beta tests.1.Alpha TestAlpha testing is a test performed by a user in a development environment, or it can be a test conducted by a user within the company in a simulated actual operating environment. The purpose of

Turn: Minimax search method, negative value maximum algorithm and Alpha-beta search method

Turn from: Minimax search method, negative value maximum algorithm and Alpha-beta search method1. Minimal Maximum search methodGeneral application in game search, such as: Go, Gobang, chess and so on. There are three possible outcomes: victory,

Enter the world of smart beta

Enter the world of smart betaHttp:// Investments in the 2017-06-18 Smart Beta investment strategy is a kind of way between active investment and passive investment. According to Morningstar

Jar Package Version Introduction (beta,alpha,release), software version Introduction

Alpha (Alpha)This version indicates that the software is only a preliminary product, usually communicated only within the software developer, and a small portion is released to professional testers.In general, this version of the Software Bug

Ubuntu9.04 last Alpha beta release

Article title: Ubuntu9.04 last Alpha Beta release. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. The code

Poj 3317 stake your claim (extremely small search + alpha-beta pruning)

Reprinted please indicate the source, thank youHttp:// --- cxlove Question: Give a matrix of N * n. Find an empty grid and place the two in turn into 0 and 1. Finally, we can see that there are

Basic trigonometric functions and applications

1. Coordinate system:Flash coordinate system and mathematical coordinate system: the X axis is the same, and the y axis is the opposite.[Mathematical coordinate system][Coordinate system in Flash]2. Conversion between Angle and Radian:(1) radians:

TIPS: Software Version: What is Alpha, beta, and RC?

1. Software Version Stage Description * Alpha version: This version indicates that the software is mainly used to implement software functions at this stage. It is usually only communicated within the software developer. Generally, this

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