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C # Open-Source Projects

Transferred from the first Open Source Network www. open001.comaggie Aggie is a desktop news aggregator (C #) More Aggie InformationAspect # Aspect # is the extension of Castle. dynamicproxy. In essence, Castle. dynamicproxy uses reflection, emit,

Unity comprehensive interview questions (including answers) and unity interview questions

Unity comprehensive interview questions (including answers) and unity interview questions 1. What is a collaborative program? Enable another logic processing when the main thread runs to assist in the execution of the current program. The coroutine

Unity's comprehensive face test (including answers)

This is the unity I just organized the interview questions, in order to help everyone to interview, while helping everyone to better review unity knowledge points, if you find anything wrong, (including typos and knowledge points), or find out where

Fourth. String manipulation with regular expressions (5)

4.6 Presentation of regular expressions (from the book PHP & MySQL Web Development)PHP supports two forms of regular expression syntax: POSIX and Perl.Purpose: Complete complex pattern matching.Difficulty: Difficult4.6.1 Basic knowledge

Flash code (2)

30. Q: How can I optimize Flash animation to make files smaller and smoother? A: Flash is a professional software developed by Macromedia for webpage production and animation creation. It is easy to operate and has functions.Powerful and has become

"Reprint" Arcball two-dimensional control three-dimensional rotation

Original: most of the current display is two-dimensional, to control the rotation of three-dimensional objects appear less straightforward. Arcball is a method of mapping two-dimensional

The integration of Unity3d face test

The first part1.Please describe the difference between a value type and a reference typeAnswer: difference:1. The value type is stored in the memory stack, the reference type data is stored in the memory heap, and the memory unit holds the address

The most understandable tutorials for PHP regular expressions

Basic knowledge CharacterPOSIX Extended Regular Expression functionsPerl-compatible Regular expression functionsFrom the message verification. The format of the message: Where Tenssun is the user name, is the server name

Familiar with some CSS syntax attributes

CSS syntax Manual (I) font attributes   1. Font-family Function: used to change the font of HTML labels or elements. You can set a list of available fonts. The browser selects fonts from front to back. Powered by Syntax: {font-family: font

PHOTOSHOP 7 Filter description (bottom)

Filter VI, pixelate (pixel) filterPixel filter is mainly used to different extents of image processing, so that the image decomposed into the naked eye of the pixel particles, such as square, irregular polygons and dots, and so on, visually

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