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Optimization of 64 K Alpha hybrid algorithm using MMX

Since cloud wind started using the Pentium 200mmx CPU in March this year, it has been considering how to use the MMX technology to accelerate the Alpha hybrid operation, especially for the currently commonly used high-color mode. previously, a

Naming rules and formats for Version Management in program development

Preface: Naming rules for software released on the Internet. Although you can name your own released software, you still have a lot of conversations about the rules. Article 1: Version 1 1.1 Official version Enhance: the enhanced version or

Version number naming specification

Recently written documents have been abused ... Ah, fall. The teacher is not satisfied, but also embarrassed to criticize me directly, make oneself very ashamed ... So I decided to strengthen my writing skills. First of all, from the file management

Software Version Number

Various software version numbers are archived and constantly improved for reference. You are welcome to provide corrections. Alpha (alphal) This version indicates that the software is only a preliminary finished

Summary of five commonly used picture formats and whether they have data compression

Summary of five commonly used picture formats and whether they have data compressionDisclaimer: Reference Please specify source This article focuses on the five most common and most commonly used image

Week five Homework

1. PSP Date Category Task Start time End time Interrupt Time Total time 3.31 B Standing meeting 19:30 19:50 0 20 C Write a blog

[Redis] Five data types for Redis with key-value/server-related commands

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------String (String): The simplest data type.Set age 18(set Age ex 5) # Set expiration time 5 secondsSetex age 5 18 # Effect Same as above, use TTL to see the remaining

Redis Learning Note Five frequently uses PHP functions

The installation of Phpredis is here: operation$redis=new

Redis Learning note Five commonly used PHP functions

The installation of Phpredis is here: operation$redis=new

Image processing (22) Bayesian cutout Figure-CVPR 2001

Bayesian cutout Original address: Author:HJIMCE first, related theories Many people may mix image segmentation with cutout. My point is that the image segmentation and image cutout algorithm is

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