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WIN2D official article series translation-pre-multiply Alpha

This article is a personal blog backup article, the original address: are two ways to represent the opacity of a color value in a computer drawing. Both methods are used in win2d. This article aims

Implement Alpha overlay learning notes in ddraw in wince6.0

Record and learn how to use the overlay surface of ddraw to implement the Alpha function under wince, so as not to forget it later.   The program was modified based on the ddraw mosquito program.   Change the original program overlay keycolor to

Step-by-Step wuziqi AI [3] cornerstone-alpha-beta tailoring beyond the boundary

Note: The evaluation method is updated today. It mainly adds a set of variables to record the number of sunspots or whitelists on each vector, so as to selectively use the corresponding template for matching, this causes changes to the pos class. In

Unity3d Tutorial Shader: The 12th Alpha test

reprinted from the Wind Yu Chong Unity3d Tutorial CollegeIntroduction: This and the next talk mainly about alpha is transparent channel related content. RGBA, where the final display on the screen is only RGB, which is a red-green-blue color, and

[Feng yuchong] unity3d tutorial book shader: 12th Alpha Testing

If the original article needs to be reproduced, please note: Reprinted from Fengyu Chong unity3d tutorial Institute  Lecture on shader 12thAlpha Testing Introduction: this and the next sections focus on Alpha, that is, the content related to

Probe into the original technology of Alpha wireless router

Router as a network and communication infrastructure product, it has never been known to families and individual users. With the advent of the Internet and wireless age, wireless routers are starting to enter the home. Slowly routers are not just

UIView Alpha, hidden, opaque in depth

Reprinted from: These properties puzzled me for a while, by looking through the official documents and StackOverflow and other online resources, they have a certain understanding, is now

Depth sorting and alpha blending "go"

Translation: Li HunminLast modified: 2012-07-03Original: Depth sorting Alpha blended objectsFirst off, I wanted to answer a common question on the Creators Club forum, but I didn't get a satisfying answer on the Internet.The problem itself is simple,

Depth sorting and alpha blending

Original: Li HunminLast modified: 2012-07-03"Why are my transparent objects drawn in the wrong order, or why are some of their parts missing?" ”When

Deep sorting and Alpha Mixing

Translation: Li Xianmin Last modified: 2012-07-03 Original article: Depth sorting Alpha blended objects I wanted to answer a frequently asked question on the creators club forum, but I couldn't find a satisfactory answer on the Internet.

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