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Introduction to Alpine Linux usage __linux

Introduction to Alpine Linux usage Directory: A brief introduction of Alpine Second, alpine Local installation Third, alpine under the Docker operation Iv. configuration and use of Alpine 4.1 Network related files 4.2 Update the domestic source 4.3 Basic use of package man

How to Use Alpine in Linux to access Gmail in the command line

How to Use Alpine in Linux to access Gmail in the command line For example, if you are a command line enthusiast, I am confident that you will use this powerful work environment to execute even a tool for a daily task and cheer for it, for example, from scheduling, managing finance, getting Facebook, Twitter, and other tasks. (LCTT Note: another premise for reading this article is that you can still access or know what Gmail is .) In this post, I will

Use the Alpine tool in Linux to access Gmail tutorials at the command line

In this post, I'll show you another nifty use case for Linux command lines: Visit Google's Gmail service, and for that, we'll use Alpine, a ncurses-based multi-function command-line mail client (don't confuse Alpine Linux). We will configure Gmail's IMAP and SMTP settings in Alphine to receive and send mail in the terminal environment via Google's mail server. At the end of this tutorial, you will find that

Docker inside Docker based on Alpine Linux

"Https://${dind_commit}/hack/dind"; chmod+x/usr/local/bin/Dind; APK del. Fetch-depscopy [""]cmd []Dockerfile with the Docker part installedFrom Alpine:3.7RUN apk Add--no-Cache CA-certificates#SetUp nsswitch.conf forGo'S "Netgo" implementation (which Docker explicitly uses)#-HTTPS://

DNS server hosting via Docker, Alpine Linux, and Unbound

a subnet, with proxy server to achieve traffic redirection. In this case , you need to customize the DNS rules to match the server hostname to the intranet IP one by one. through Docker, Alpine and the Unbound Quickly create micro DNS ServerDocker After the advent of this embarrassing situation is coming to an end, and now we can pass Docker , Alpine and the Unbound Fast Implementation DNS the server is ho

Try to build your own Alpine-based Docker base image and component mirroring

Installing ubuntu14.04And then#获取root权限sudo su#安装dockerApt-get Install Docker#准备基础镜像Docker Pull AlpineDocker run-a stdin-a stdout-i-T alpine/bin/shExecution enters the container/#Exit launches container interiorDocker Ps-aCONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES573010aaf72d alpine:latest "/bin/sh" 4 minutes ago Exited (1) seconds ago Sad_coriDocker Attach 573010aaf72dFATA[0000] cannot attach to a stopped container, start it firstThe conta

Docker--docker Micro container Alpine Linux

Alpine Linux's official website:官方Https:// #官方提供的安装包查询When you use Docker to create a container, the underlying image typically chooses Ubuntu or CentOS, regardless of the size of the image above 100MB.Alpine Linux is a security-oriented, lightweight Linux distribution.Alpine Linux employs musl libc and busybox to reduce the volume and runtime resource consumption of the system.While staying sli

Nginx image created with dockerfile based on Alpine

1. Download Alpine image[email protected] ~]# Docker pull alpineusing default tag:latesttrying to pull repository ... la Test:pulling from completedigest:sha256 : 621c2f39f8133acb8e64023a94dbdf0d5ca81896102b9e57c0dc184cadaf5528status:downloaded newer image for Alpine:latest[[email protected] ~]# docker imagesrepository TA

Alpine's Go app, how small do you think he can be?

need to have separate kernels and other system files, so as long as you install what you need on top of it, will we need Python to run the Go service? This is not a difficult question to answer. Micro-base image First we want to abandon the idea of using Ubuntu or Debian as a base image, and we look at lighter choices. Alpine Linux is a miniature Linux distribution that can be used to build a base container with a volume of only 5 m, which is based o

Alpine Linux 3.5.0 released, lightweight release

Alpine Linux 3.5.0 released, lightweight releaseGuideAlpine Linux 3.5.0 is released. Alpine Linux is a Community-developed operating system designed for x86 routers, firewalls, virtual private networks, IP address phone boxes, and servers. It implements the security concept during the design, including some active security features such as PaX and SSP, which can prevent software vulnerabilities from being e

Docker Alpine a tutorial on building a Nginx environment

Docker Alpine Construction Nginx 1,pull a base image As for how to pull own mirroring and build mirrors can refer to Docker hub simple use can also pull the Docker hub in this chapter of the Mirror [Root@gitlab conf]# Docker Pull Marksugar/alpineUsing default Tag:latestLatest:pulling from Marksugar/alpine E110a4a17941:already exists92c6475c18dd:pull CompleteDigest:sha256:5ae1b32053247f3d251fe5ee56aa817d

A non-dockerfile method for installing dotnet core using the Alpine Docker image Dind

1. Download the dind imageDocker Pull Docker:dind2. Perform the imageDocker run-it--privileged--name some-docker-d docker:dind3. In-mirror processing--no-cache Icu-libs4. Download the Dotnet tar packageHTTPS:// Very clear for theHTTPS:// Dotnet-sdk-2.1.302-linux-musl-x64.tar.gz5. Copy to the ho

Alpine Linux Docker installation lxml error resolution.

I used to use Alpine to deploy services in Docker.tiangolo/uwsgi-nginx-flask:python3.6-alpine3.7 This image was recently used when deploying flaskSomeone else wrote the flask image, which includes the Uwsgi NginxIt's easy to use.However, it is always not installed when installing the lxml library.Multiple queries.Discover that the system library in the mirror is missing something.RUN apk add--no-cache gcc musl-dev libxslt-devInstalling GCC Musl-dev Li

Create an APK timed automatic packaging system Article 1-ant multi-channel packaging and specify the packaging directory and packaging date

Tags: HTTP ar art html ef htm. Net Program TT ? During team development, an APK package is output every day for testing and verification by colleagues in other departments. Packaging is almost a daily task. If you use ide to output APK, the speed is very slow. If you still need APK packages from different channels, the programmers will go crazy. Of course, ant tool is also used. This tool can quickly package APK, but it still needs to be output in th

Basic packaging types in javascript and javascript Packaging

Basic packaging types in javascript and javascript Packaging To facilitate the operation of basic type values, ECMAScript also provides three special reference types: Boolean, Number, and String. These types are similar to other reference types described in this chapter, but they also have special behaviors corresponding to their basic types. In fact, every time a basic type is read, an object of the corres

Unity automatic packaging tool and Unity packaging Tool

Unity automatic packaging tool and Unity packaging Tool At first, I came up with the idea of writing packaging tools because I saw a picture shared by Wang Weifeng of the Three Kingdoms. They had a dedicated "tool programmer" to develop various tools. (Ps: Speaking of Wang Weifeng and his founding team members, I used to be in the same company as me. The company

Bat script packaging for Android Packaging

Android packaging can be directly packaged using eclipse, while eclipse packaging is actually the execution of a series of Packaging Commands. Since the command is executed, the command line is also competent, so with the bat script packaging. The packaging process is roughl

Gradle packaging android (implement external import signature file, multi-channel packaging, import ant script)

Gradle packaging android (implement external import signature file, multi-channel packaging, import ant script) Android automatic packaging has been completed recently. Previously, it has completed packaging in the form of command lines, the original ant script packaging, an

Feng Sheng Packaging: The production process of food packaging bags

Packaging bags are filled with all aspects of our lives, and in the major supermarkets we often see a variety of food packaging bags, some people will think of these beautiful bags how to do it? Let the following to introduce you to the packaging of food packaging bag production process! In fact, the production proce

Computer World C/asm (OS), Lifetime II (API), mfc/com--packaging technology programmers will lose a lot in the future, because they do not understand the nature, once the packaging is obsolete will be eliminated

Daosh One, life two, two born Vientiane. Oo's idea is abstract, Vientiane, and complex as a simple. 99% of programmers use OO, or the so-called Class library is designed to be useful, without having to know the internal implementation can directly achieve the desired results. A progress in productivity, A pipeline half-part production process. The programmer is only the last worker to assemble the screw on the assembly line (strictly speaking, the yard farm). C + + is a powerful tool for abstrac

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